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quinta-feira, junho 24, 2010

'Orgullo Trans' tomará centro de Madrid del 24 de junio al 4 de julio con actividades culturales, sociales y lúdicas
'Orgullo Trans' tomará el centro de Madrid del 24 de junio al 4 de julio con actividades culturales, sociales y lúdicas. El SÁBADO 3 de Julio será la Gran Marcha por la IGUALDAD TRANS
El 'Orgullo Trans', que este año centrará las celebraciones del colectivo LGTB, tomará las calles del centro de Madrid entre el 24 de junio y el 4 de julio con actividades culturales, sociales y lúdicas repartidas en seis escenarios, que se instalarán entre Chueca y la plaza de España. El

Asamblea de Madrid debate hoy proyecto de no discriminación a las personas transexuales
La Asamblea de Madrid debatirá hoy un proyecto de ley sobre la no discriminación por motivos de identidad de género y de reconocimiento de los derechos de las personas transexuales, que presentará el Grupo Parlamentario Socialista, según informaron hoy los impulsores de la ley.

Sanidad convocará a expertos para un protocolo de atención a transexuales
Para la FELGTB el hecho de que no se incluye en la cartera de prestaciones de la Seguridad Social el proceso 'transexualizador' en algunas comunidades crea transexuales de segunda

Transsexual who waged five-year spying campaign on neighbours faces jail
A woman who argued with her next-door neighbours launched a sinister five-year 'cold war' of surveillance against them.
Jan Krause, 44, videotaped the family and posted the recordings on YouTube, crashed into their cars and erected a roof-mounted device which emitted a high-pitched whine in their direction.
(Photo: Jan Krause is facing jail after waging a five-year campaign of harassment against her neighbour.)

Sex-change man wins pension battle
A married man who became a woman has won her fight to receive a pension from the age of 60, five years earlier than if she had stayed a man.
Transgender woman wins right to claim pension at 60 in landmark British court ruling
Sex-swap dad wins a woman’s pension
Sex-change woman wins pension fight
Woman who had sex change wins legal right to pension at 60
Trans woman wins right to backdated pension

A New Agender: Irish Gov drops Foy Appeal
Yesterday afternoon, word was excitedly spreading that the Irish Government had withdrawn its appeal against the 2007 High Court decision which held that the Irish State had breached the European Convention of Human Rights by refusing to allow for the applicant–Dr. Lydia Foy, a transgendered person–to obtain a birth certificate reflecting the sex appropriate to her gender.

Shobha meets sexual minorities
Former minister Shobha Karandlaje assured sexual minorities that she would protect their rights in the coming session of state legislature. She was interacting with more than 250 transgenders who had gathered at an interactive meeting at Dasarahalli on Tuesday.
Transgenders seek their rights

Queer-Pride Keralam 2010
Keralam is celebrating its first Queer Pride at Thrissur on July 2nd. Queer Pride is celebrated around the world by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people and their supporters. Queer Pride is a celebration. It is about loving who we are, whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, hijra or straight and affirming every-one's right to be respected.

Police urged to charge Bekasi boy killers with premeditated murder
Excerpt: The next day, the police arrested the two suspects, Zaenal, 30, and Fauzan, 28, who admitted that they had killed the third-grader after they had sodomized him.
The two transsexual suspects ran a beauty salon together in the house where the murder took place.

Hillary Clinton Says Gay Rights Are Human Rights
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that gay rights are human rights and pledged to defend those rights at home and abroad.
“Just as I was very proud to say the obvious more than 15 years ago in Beijing that human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights, well, let me say today that human rights are gay rights and gay rights are human rights, once and for all.”

CU students want non-discrimination policy to protect 'gender identity'
A group of University of Colorado students are advocating that the school add "gender identity" and "gender expression" as protected classes in the school's non-discrimination policy.
CU students will push for the addition at Thursday's Board of Regents meeting on the Boulder campus, saying the current policy doesn't go far enough.

Capital Trans Pride entertains and empowers
"We need to say basta! We don’t have the luxury of being lazy," Diego Sanchez, senior legislative advisor to Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said at the Capital Trans Pride event June 12.

New York State Senate Approves School Anti-Bullying Bill
At the end of a day when a long-stalled LGBT rights initiative suddenly jumped to the front of the line, the New York State Senate on June 22 passed the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA).
The anti-bullying measure, already approved by the Assembly and supported by Governor David Paterson, provides protections based on a number of categories, including sexual orienation and gender identity.

Dallas transit board approves expansion of nondiscrimination policy without 'except'
Removing any ambiguity about their intentions, Dallas Area Rapid Transit board members voted unanimously Tuesday night to expand the agency's nondiscrimination policy to protect transgendered employees and applicants.

[Dominican Republic]
Homosexualidad: bajo el terror
La organización Transsa Siempre Amigas, que organiza a jóvenes de orientación sexual diversa, incluyendo a quienes hacen trabajo sexual en determinadas avenidas, denunció que en República Dominicana se incrementa el número de crímenes contra las personas “gays”.