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quarta-feira, junho 16, 2010

PSOE Rioja presenta una Ley de no discriminación a transexuales que incluye derecho a CRS por Sanidad
El PSOE de La Rioja ha presentado una proposición de Ley de no discriminación por motivos de identidad de género y de reconocimiento de los derechos de las personas transexuales que incluiría, en su desarrollo, que el Servicio Riojano de Salud costee operaciones de reasignación de sexo.

Las organizaciones LGTB impulsan y defienden la Ley de no discriminación a las personas transexuales en la Asamblea de Madrid
Cada vez sentimos más cerca la igualdad real, social y legal de las personas transexuales residentes en la Comunidad de Madrid. Las asociaciones COGAM, Arcópoli, El Hombre Transexual y Fundación Triángulo se han reunido el lunes 14 de junio con los distintos grupos parlamentarios en la Asamblea de esta comunidad autónoma para defender el PROYECTO/PROPOSICIÓN DE LEY DE NO DISCRIMINACIÓN POR MOTIVOS DE IDENTIDAD DE GÉNERO Y DE RECONOCIMIENTO DE LOS DERECHOS DE LAS PERSONAS TRANSEXUALES.

Reflexiones del Congreso Mundial de Barcelona, por Andrés Rivera, activista trans del Colectivo OTD de Chile
Con la participación de 67 países y unas 150 personas trans, se realizo en Barcelona España, del 4 al 6 de junio el Primer Congreso de personas trans, una instancia en donde podríamos discutir y sentar las bases de un trabajo internacional de apoyo e incidencia.

Details of Liverpool's first 'LGBT Pride' festival announced
The details of Liverpool’s first Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender Pride festival have been announced, and kick-started by a "Pride March" through the city on Saturday 7th August.

A lot of people assumed I was gay
For the first time in my life, I feel completely at home with myself physically. I’m 49 but I was only diagnosed with gender identity disorder (GID) in 2003. It’s a clinical condition but even trying to get a diagnosis was absolutely horrendous.
I went online and saw words such as “transgender” and “transsexual”. It wasn’t long before I was going into seedy places on the internet. But I knew that what I read wasn’t representative of me or of most of the people I know with the condition.
I went to see a clinical psychologist because I wanted an honest assessment of where I was coming from. I knew for certain that it wasn’t a sexual thing with me.
(Photo: Daragh Mc Sweeney - Sara-Jane Cromwell: 'Despite my best efforts to hide my feminine traits, people noticed more and more that something wasn't right.')

Beneath the galabiya: Intersex operations in Assiut
Assiut--In the realm of sexual taboos in Egypt, the issue of "intersex individuals"--or those born with "ambiguous genitalia"--is certainly somewhere near the top of the list. While medical professionals take an impartial approach to treatment and surgical operations, social and cultural factors pose a challenge for affected individuals and their families.

Undue attention
Security operatives were dispatched to Salmiya Sunday evening after the Operations Room received news about several Kuwaitis gathering around three transvestites.
Upon arrival, the officers dispersed the crowd and took the cross- dressers into custody. They have since been referred to the concerned authority for necessary action.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
The Great Recession Job Market Sucks Even Harder If You're Trans
It's hard finding work right now, but for transfolk it's even worse. A 2009 study concludes transgender people are "twice as likely to be unemployed as other Americans, and face even higher rates of unemployment if they're people of color." And don't even get us started about applying for health benefits.

Transgender inmate’s healthcare trial to go forward
A transgender federal inmate currently being held in Massachusetts won a major victory in court last week – in her fight to receive treatment for Gender Identity Disorder. Vanessa Adams was diagnosed with GID after she became incarcerated. But under what’s known as the “freeze frame” policy at the Federal Bureau of Prisons, because she did not ENTER the prison system with the diagnosis, she was not entitled to treatment for it.

Budget Cuts Put Those In LGBT Shelters On Streets
Experts Fear For Safety Of Gay, Lesbian, Transgender Youths Because, In Many Cases, Society Has Turned Its Back.
[Photo: Hundreds of gay, lesbian and transgender young people descended on Union Square on June 14, 2010, to protest budget cuts that have put many on the streets.]

Saying it with pride
They said it with balloons, sequins, wristbands, stickers and song: "Life's not worth a damn until you can say, hey world, I am what I am."
Gay Pride Week concluded Sunday with a parade and a concert in Washington Park. This year's events also mark the 40th anniversary of the Capital District Gay and Lesbian Community Council, the oldest continually operating group of its kind in the country.

People polarize on Pride march
The city's second annual LGBT pride march elicited public comments from a few of its supporters and opponents at Monday's council meeting.
The event, which is scheduled for Saturday, has been at the center of a debate since Spartanburg Mayor Junie White issued a proclamation last month in support of gay pride, declaring June 19 LGBT Pride Day.

Struggling Youth First Texas forced to cut summer hours, issues call for donations
Staff writer David Taffet will have much more on Youth First Texas in Friday’s Voice, but frankly this situation sounds almost too grave to wait three days. YFT’s Board of Directors has issued a statement that hints the 10-year-old organization for LGBTQ youth is in somewhat dire financial straits.

[Puerto Rico]
Puerto Rico panel to investigate hate crimes
A special committee to investigate hate crimes has been created in Puerto Rico, where advocates say gay and transgender people are the victims of an "epidemic" of violence.

[Puerto Rico]
Acusan al ya asesino confeso de la mujer transexual de Puerto Rico, Ashley
Luego de varias semanas de haber confesado haber cometido el horrendo asesinato de la transexual Ashley Santiago Ocasio, finalmente se le radicaron cargos criminales a Emmanuel "Mangüi" Ayala Adorno, foto, por los hechos ocurridos en Corozal.