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sexta-feira, junho 18, 2010

WPATH identity recognition statement
The Board of Directors of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), in the interest of the health and well-being of transgender and transsexual people world-wide, issued today, 16 June 2010, the following identity recognition statement:
No person should have to undergo surgery or accept sterilization as a condition of identity recognition. If a sex marker is required on an identity document, that marker could recognize the person’s lived gender, regardless of reproductive capacity. The WPATH Board of Directors urges governments and other authoritative bodies to move to eliminate requirements for identity recognition that require surgical procedures.

European Parliament Says the EU Should Do More for Transgender People’s Rights
The European Parliament adopted today a strong position in favour of safeguarding transgender people’s fundamental rights.
MEPs officially acknowledged discrimination on grounds of gender identity, called for accessible gender reassignment procedures, and insisted that future EU gender equality initiatives should address issues linked to gender identity and gender reassignment.
European Parliament sends strong signal that the next EU gender equality strategy needs to include transgender people
EU-Parliament endorses trans people human rights

Projecto de Lei do BE relativo à Identidade de Género entregue no Parlamento
Foi entregue ao final da tarde de ontem, na Assembleia da República o projecto de lei do Bloco de Esquerda relativo à identidade de género.
O projecto trata apenas da questão do registo civil, visto os deputados do bloco considerarem esta uma questão essencial, por estar na base de muitas das dificuldades e discriminações das pessoas transexuais – do acesso ao emprego aos cuidados de saúde, do acesso a um contrato de arrendamento a todas as questões que quotidianamente exigem a identificação da pessoa.
BE apresenta projecto de lei para permitir nova identidade a pessoas transexuais

Visão: Porque é que eu mudei de sexo (áudio)
Sílvia Dias, 30 anos - que nasceu menino - conta-nos a sua história. Um relato feliz, espelho de uma realidade que está a mudar em Portugal: os casos de transexualidade revelam-se cada vez mais cedo.

Travesti rouba chocolate em loja de conveniências e acaba com ferimentos
De peruca, salto alto e mini-blusa, um travesti furtou uma loja de conveniências de um posto de combustíveis em Porto Alegre, no Rio Grande do Sul.
O travesti foi preso por pessoas que passavam pelo local. As testemunhas disseram que o travesti entrou na loja, comprou um chocolate e colocou outros na bolsa, sem pagar.

Big birthday for sex-swap Tanya
Self-titled Queen of Middleton, Tanya Bainbridge, is set to celebrate her ‘fifth’ birthday.
Although Tanya is in fact 60 years old, it was five years ago that her sex was officially changed from male to female on her birth certificate – finally granting her wish to be acknowledged as a woman.
Tanya underwent gender reassignment surgery back in 2001 but had been living as a woman since 1992 and now refuses to recognise her past identity as a man – as whom she fathered nine children.
(Photo: It is five years since Tanya Bainbridge’s birth certificate was changed.)

[New Zealand]
Beyer set for political return
After three years out in the wilderness, former prostitute and drag queen Georgina Beyer is making a comeback.
Since quitting parliament the outspoken and flamboyant transsexual has been keeping a low profile in Greytown, south of Masterton.
The former Labour MP told TV ONE's Close Up programme life has been tough in the three years since she left parliament. She pulled out of a play in Dunedin only hours before its opening performance and her confidence plummeted further as she struggled to find a job and ended up in the dole queue. (Photo)

[New Zealand]
Sabrina is not afraid of change
Accept me or leave me alone. That's the message from Forrest Hill resident Sabrina Roi who has made the decision to change from a male to a female.
Choosing to identify as a woman, Sabrina says she has known since she was little that she was trapped in a male body.
She attended Forrest Hill Primary and Wairau Intermediate before going on to Westlake Boys High School where she was expelled at age 14.
(Photo: Sabrina Roi, 22, will need to raise $150,000 to pay for a sex change operation in Thailand.)

Trans people demand full citizenship at Montreal demo
Canadian trans people will picket the downtown Montreal offices of the Director of Civil Status of Quebec on June 17 to protest the province's "discriminatory" policies preventing trans-identified people from properly changing their sex designation on their government documents.

Sex-Change You Can Believe In
Last week, the State Department introduced a new policy that makes it easier for transsexuals and transgendered people to change their designated sex on passports.
Under the old policy, applicants could only be issued updated passports if they had gone under the knife. The new policy removes that prerequisite. Now, an individual needs nothing more than a doctor’s certificate verifying that he or she is transgendered—no sex-change surgery required.
Michael Kirby, the deputy assistant secretary for the Bureau of Consular Affairs, told SFGN that the criteria for whether an individual is transgendered will be left to doctors and not decided by the State Department.

Kathlyn Beatty Want Gender-Reassignment Surgery, Sex Change!
The National Enquirer has published a story saying that the 18-year-old daughter of Warren Beatty and Annette Benning, named Kathlyn Beatty, is living her life in college as a man. The news has reportedly shocked both warren and Annette.
Kathlyn Turner is calling herself Stephen and she is preparing to planning to undergo a sex change surgery, called gender-reassignment surgery.
Filha primogênita de Warren Beatty e Annette Bening vai trocar de sexo (Photo: Stephen and Annette Bening)

Transgender Judge Could Make History
A transgender woman running for superior court judge in Northern California will make history as the first trans trial court judge in the United States if she wins.
Victoria Kolakowski, running for Alameda County superior court judge, would also be the first openly LGBT superior court judge and first openly LGBT person elected in Alameda County, according tothe San Francisco Chronicle.
Trans woman judge hopes to make US history
(Photo: Victoria Kolakowski hopes to become a superior court judge)

Sisters launch Pride safety campaign
As the summer days heat up, so do activities around San Francisco's 40th annual LGBT Pride Parade and celebration. June is LGBT Pride month, and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Inc. are involved in a campaign encouraging celebrants to be safe.
The Sisters have been putting up posters and distributing fliers throughout the Castro, South of Market, and Polk neighborhoods asking people, "4PRIDE: what are U doin'?"
The campaign, which is a senior project of Sister maeJoy B. withU, focuses on five specific areas: hydration, nutrition, relaxation, visitation, and sex and drugs.
(Photo: Sister MaeJoy B. WithU)