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terça-feira, junho 22, 2010

WPATH calls for broader access to ID documents
When the State Department announced its new policy concerning passports last week, it noted that its decision was guided by recommendations of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). The State Department was influenced in particular by the individualized nature of the WPATH Standards of Care, which recognize that transition-related treatment must be tailored to an individual based on a range of accepted treatment options; and by WPATH’s previous public statement that surgical treatments should not be a prerequisite for gender changes on identification documents.

Lisboa celebra su Orgullo más multitudinario con la vista puesta en los derechos de parentalidad y una ley de identidad de género
Lisboa celebró este sábado su 11ª Marcha del Orgullo LGTB, la más multitudinaria de las celebradas hasta la fecha. Unas cinco mil personas (según las autoridades) festejaron el recientemente conquistado derecho a contraer matrimonio y apuntaron hacia los próximos objetivos del colectivo.

Travesti com Aids atacou enfermeiras com seringa
O travesti Osmair Pinto, 28 anos, conhecido como "Maíra", portador do vírus HIV, atacou uma enfermeira com uma seringa que continha o sangue dele, num hospital de Ceilândia, no Distrito Federal.

Se presenta el libro "Genero desordenado" y piden despatologia de transexualidad
Piden que la transexualidad salga del manual de trastornos mentales de la Psiquiatría. El libro 'El género desordenado' se presenta en Donostia.

El Govern quiere garantizar los derechos de gays y transexuales con una ley pionera en España
El anteproyecto, que no se aprobará esta legislatura, promoverá la educación sobre diversidad sexual en Primaria y Secundaria.

El PP y Colegas se oponen al gasto de 30.000 euros para el Día del Orgullo Gay
Según el portavoz popular, Juan Ignacio Zoido, "en época de crisis, lo que menos necesita Sevilla es una cabalgata que nada tiene que ver con esa acción social de normalización".

Organizaciones LGTB impulsan y defienden la Ley de no discriminación personas transexuales Asamblea Madrid
Cada vez sentimos más cerca la igualdad real, social y legal de las personas transexuales residentes en la Comunidad de Madrid. Las asociaciones COGAM, Arcópoli, El Hombre Transexual y Fundación Triángulo se han reunido el lunes 14 de junio con los distintos grupos parlamentarios en la Asamblea de esta comunidad autónoma para defender el PROYECTO/PROPOSICIÓN DE LEY DE NO DISCRIMINACIÓN POR MOTIVOS DE IDENTIDAD DE GÉNERO Y DE RECONOCIMIENTO DE LOS DERECHOS DE LAS PERSONAS TRANSEXUALES.

ATA pide al Ayuntamiento de Marchena que no discrimine a las personas transexuales
Con Motivo del Certamen de Miss/Mister Marchena, evento que organiza el Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Marchena por su Delegación de festejos, conjuntamente con la firma Frayma Events, dentro de las bases del mismo, se dice:

Government withdraws transgender appeal
The Government has dropped its challenge to a High Court declaration that Irish law on transgender rights is in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.
State drops transgender challenge
Transgender people will be free to have birth certs altered

Greens call for self-determination for transsexuals
Alliance 90/The Greens have proposed a new bill for a contemporary transgender law. Our bill puts the self-determination and human dignity of transsexual and transgendered people in the center. In future, the parties themselves decide on their gender.
Compulsory castration, so-called geschlechtsanpassende operations against the will of the parties and spoon-feeding by authorities and experts are finally abolished, the party.

Triumph for Family Values as Former Man, Former Woman Happily Married
Readers may be wondering who might be interested in attending Hungary's first "hetero pride" parade, plans for which were revealed yesterday. How about Balázs (left) and Andrea (right)? The clean-cut looking couple married last year and are now considering parenthood, and otherwise are exactly the kind of people the organizers of the tribute to family values seem to be courting. Well, except for one small detail: both are transsexuals!

Istanbul’s First Trans Pride!
Trans pride took over Istiklal Street in Istanbul. Held jointly by the organizations Istanbul LGBTT, Women’s Door, and the political group EHP, almost 500 people turned out to support transgender pride. I admit I was very happily surprised by the turnout, and the positive reactions from bystanders the march received.
Istanbul Trans Pride (VIDEO + Photos!)

Memoir sheds light on the life and struggles of Arab transsexual from Algeria
The threatening letters and phone calls at night trickled in at a steady pace. They had become a part of everyday life for Randa, an Algerian transsexual and one of the pioneers in the Arab world's gay and transsexual activist movement.
One letter dropped in Randa's mailbox said, "We will kill you." Another one read, "You are a threat to all Muslims in Algeria." In mosques around the country, Randa's name was being circulated. Still, she refused to be intimidated and shrugged off the threats.

Iraqi police raid Karbala LGBT safe house; fears of 'witch hunt'
There is growing concern that the Iraqi government is stepping up a witch-hunt against gays and lesbians in the country after a police raid on a Karbala safe house.
On Tuesday 16th June, twelve police officers burst into the house, then violently beat up, and blindfolded the six occupants sheltering there, before bundling them off in three vans. According to a source who witnessed the raid, the police also confiscated computer equipment before burning down the house.

Homos have rights, they must be respected
Gays and lesbians may be frowned upon by adherents of Ghanaian tradition and culture but, according to a human rights lawyer, they have rights to be respected under the law.

Official: No Room for Gay Rights in Zimbabwe's Constitution
Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe's political party adamantly opposes protecting LGBT citizens from imprisonment and harassment in a new constitution, currently being drafted in one of Africa's most antigay countries.

Gay and transgender struggle for acceptance in Indonesia
In a cramped and dirty cell, four women sit side by side on a stone bench, waiting patiently for their turn to testify in court.
The women's cell is littered with cigarette butts and pieces of tissue with lipstick marks.
In the corner, instead of a urinal, there is a female toilet, hidden by a modest wall designed to discourage peeping toms.
But among the women is a man - or certainly a person who looks like a man, judging by the way he is dressed and from his demeanour.
Alter Hofan says he is a man, but doctors say he was born a woman.

[New Zealand]
Benefits for jobless ex-sex workers
Two former sex workers who have been without an income since a six-month job scheme ended on May 21 were granted unemployment benefits on Thursday.

Quebec trans folk demand easier process for legally changing name and sex
Government requires trans folk to undergo medical treatments before their documents can be changed.
More than 100 people attended a peaceful protest in support of trans rights on June 17 in Montreal.
Thursday's event was aimed at pressuring the government to make it easier for trans people to change their gender on civil status documents such as birth certificates. Radical queer group PolitiQ's trans committee organized the event.

San Francisco grants reprieve to jobs program for transgender people
An economic empowerment program for transgender people has been saved from extinction in last-minute budget negotiations.

D.C. LGBT Activists Push to Legalize Prostitution
Now that gay marriage is legal in the District, what’s next for gay activists in D.C.? The Gay and Lesbian Activist Alliance (GLAA) recently released its 2010 agenda, which prioritizes causes like keeping same-sex marriage legal, fighting HIV in D.C., and addressing the city’s response to hate crimes. But Mike Debonis points us to a more “taboo” priority for D.C.’s LGBT activist set: Legalizing prostitution.

South Bend discrimination panel backs gay rights bill
The city’s Human Rights Commission has unanimously asked the common council to protect gays, lesbians and transgendered individuals from job discrimination.

Denny's Under Fire for Discrimination
A transgender woman is suing a Denny's restaurant in Maine, saying she was barred from using its restroom in October 2007.
Brianna Freeman, 45, said she is not suing for monetary compensation but simply the right to use the bathroom, according to Maine Public Broadcasting Network.

DART Struggles With Discrimination Policy, And Gay-Rights Advocates Aren't Happy At All
The Dallas Voice has been all over Dallas Area Rapid Transit's rewording of its discrimination policy, which has been altered, it appears, to exclude protection for gay and transgender employees. The Voice has honed in on one word inserted into the policy -- "except." As it reads now, per the latest proposal:
Dallas Transit Agency Infuriates LGBT Community
Word change in DART's anti-discrimination policy raises questions from gay rights activists
DART guts transgender policy

[Blog/Commentary] Ms. T-DART And The Dallas TBLG Community Get Screwed
Transgender former officer says DART board member Ray Noah liked to call her a ‘him’
LGBT community urged to pack chambers for DART’s vote Tuesday on LGBT protections
Someone from Mayor Leppert’s staff contacts DART board member about LGBT protections
Board member to seek clear transgender protection in DART non-discrimination policy
DART board member plans to insist on a reworded anti-bias policy

Asesinan a mujer transgénero en Hidalgo
Con profunda rabia y dolor les comunicamos que Fernanda, vicepresidenta de nuestra organización, fue asesinada, informó por la tarde de este dia, Karen Quintero Jiménez, presidenta de Transgénero Hidalgo, quien advirtió que el cuerpo de la activista se encontró este fin de semana, con claros signos de saña transfóbica.