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quinta-feira, julho 08, 2010

Agresiones homófobas empañan los Orgullos LGTB de Helsinki y Budapest
Dos desgraciados incidentes homófobos han empañado la alegría por la celebración, el pasado sábado, de dos importantes Orgullos LGTB: Helsinki (Finlandia) y Budapest (Hungría).

"A escola não sabe lidar com gays e travestis", diz secretária de Cidadania de São Carlos
Rosilene Mendes dos Santos, também conhecida como Rosimendes, é secretária de Cidadania e Assistência Social de São Carlos. A secretária, que está na Prefeitura há dez anos, conversou com a reportagem do A Capa a respeito das políticas LGBT da cidade e revelou acreditar que, apesar de São Carlos ser "conservadora", as pessoas estão mudando e aprendendo a respeitar a comunidade gay.

RS: trans poderão usar nome social nas escolas
Rio Grande do Sul autoriza uso de nome social de trans em documentos escolares

The Sorry State of Transgender Health Care
I often write about how transgender people who need to access hormone therapy and/or surgery (not all do) must go through one of the most rigorous pre-qualification processes of any medical procedure. But while medical and mental health professionals have focused much attention on setting the hurdles of qualification, relatively little has been focused on either the reality of the qualification process or what comes after it.

Three Jaffa men charged with beating, kidnapping transgender brother
Three brothers allegedly attacked, kidnapped and imprisoned their younger brother, who is undergoing sex reassignment surgery, in order to save the family's honor.

[United Arab Emirates]
Acquittal sought for cross-dressed man in Dubai
A lawyer is seeking to win the acquittal of his client, an Emirati student [nicknamed Hamdan British] who is serving a three-year sentence for wearing bikinis and posting his pictures on the internet.

Uganda Beheading Story a Hoax
Initial reports that a volunteer LGBT activist in Uganda was found beheaded by search parties looking for a missing pro-gay priest appear to be false, but there is no doubt that a horrific murder occurred.
Dudas sobre la veracidad de la historia del joven activista gay asesinado en Uganda
Christian gay advocacy worker found decapitated
Hoax Underscores Urgency for LGBT People in Uganda

[South Africa]
South African Runner Caster Semenya Cleared To Return To Competition
South African runner Caster Semenya can return to competition effective immediately, the International Amateur Athletics Federation has ruled. This is, of course, good since Ms Semenya has already returned to competing. The IAAF has concurred with the findings of a medical panel regarding gender testing that Ms Semenya was forced to undergo when questions about her genetic and physical sex were made last year after she set a world record in the 800m.
Athlete Caster Semenya free to compete
Semenya saga comes to just conclusion
Caster Semenya may return to track this month after IAAF clearance
'Golden girl' Semenya gets green light for track return

Kyrgyz transgender activists demand right to alter passports
Transgender activists in Kyrgyzstan are seeking the right to change the gender listing in their passports, EurasiaNet reported July 5.
Transgender Kyrgyz have difficulty finding work, opening bank accounts and signing legal documents because their appearance and the gender identification in their passports don't match, said Dahn Pak, a transgender Kyrgyz.

Genderless Briton launches appeal for official recognition
A Briton who was recognised as the world's first genderless person has lodged an appeal after losing the official designation of gender neutrality.
Man, don't make me a woman

[USA] [Commentary]
On Stonewall Riot Initiator Sylvia Rivera's Birthday, Her Words About Gay Oppression Against Trans People Still Ring True
Today, July 2nd, is LGBT pioneer Sylvia Rivera’s birthday. Media Advocates Giving National Equality to Transsexual & Transgender People (MAGNET) and many LGBT people honor this heroic transgender woman, who is credited by historians as being the person who “threw the first heel” in the Stonewall Inn that fateful night in 1969, when the LGBT community decided to fight back against police brutality. Rivera and many other transgender and gender non-conforming people of color at the inn that night were “guilty” of having “gender inappropriate” clothing, which is the excuse the police used to exercise their prejudice with violence. The police were surprised when the guests at the bar decided to fight back! This riot catapulted the modern LGBT movement, and Rivera and other trans people were responsible for kicking things off.

Wild Girl: The Transformation of Maria Roman
We fell in love with her the moment she came onto the screen in Trantasia. There was just something about her smile, her honesty, her absolute sensuality that lit up every corner of the film. And now she is starring in a new film, Remember Me in Red as well as her own reality television show, Wild Things.
After listening to her discuss the film, we fell in love with her even more. Because not only is she a pretty face - an amazingly gorgeous face and a curvaceous body - she's your wife, your mother, your sister, your friend. She's all woman! (Photo)

Chaz Bono 'Wasted' Years Worrying About Transitioning
Chaz Bono is advising people to be true to themselves after he “wasted” years worrying about transitioning, UK daily Daily Mail reported.
Writing at his blog, the 41-year-old has called on people to “Do what is right for you.”
“I wasted years worried about what other people would think if I transitioned, and now I wish I had those years back,” he wrote.

So why does Warren Beatty's daughter want to be a boy?
Kathlyn Beatty made her public debut at the age of only ten weeks. As a baby, a tiny dark-haired bundle, she appeared at the Golden Globe awards in 1991.
Her mother, the actress Annette Bening, brought her along to see her doting father, Warren Beatty, who had been named Best Actor for his role in the film Bugsy.

MTPC releases gender marker change kit
The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) on July 6 released a new Gender Marker Change Kit with updated guidelines, following new regulations for changing the gender on one’s passport.

Other people's closets - federal judge rules in favor of Atlanta Transgender woman
Humans in general spend a great deal of time worrying about other peoples lives. Entire forms of entertainment are based on curiosity about the way other people are living and many viewpoints on morality demand an intrusive approach to social contact. Sex and sexuality are not only topics of great interest to friends and society at large, but are also cause for great scandal when a person acts in a way that society at large finds sexually unnerving. Often lumped into the more gratuitous world of political affairs and starlet infidelity are stories revolving around gender identification and the pursuit of personal expression. Human beings wishing to make physical changes (or not) and live the life of the opposite sex are often treated with the same disdain held for those who commit sex acts. In some cases Transgender persons can find discrimination or a lack of allies even in the alternative.
Judge rules for transgender woman fired by Georgia
Transgender woman wins ruling against GA legislature
Anti-Transgender Discrimination by State Government Employer Found Unconstitutional
Federal Court Rules in Favor of Transgender Woman Represented by Lambda Legal After She Was Fired By Georgia General Assembly
Federal judge rules for Atlanta trans woman
Transgender woman wins federal lawsuit against Georgia General Assembly

Transgender woman alleges N.C. beach club forced her to resign membership
Summers have become bittersweet for Rachael Gieschen.
July 4 walks along the beach with picnic lunches, games and a much-anticipated firework display to culminate the day’s activities were all Gieschen family traditions at the Hanover Seaside Club in Wrightsville Beach, N.C. And for as long as Gieschen can remember, she and her family spent weekends, holidays and summers at the shore. (Photo)

Holland Council Members To Hear Request On Protecting Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual And Transgender Residents
A chaplain in Holland is pushing for a new city ordinance to protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.
Right now in most cities, if you want to rent a piece of property, it's be illegal for the property owner to turn you down because of your race, your gender or your age. But they can turn you down because of your sexual orientation.

[Puerto Rico]
Piden que se investigue si el tercer asesinato de un transexual en 6 meses es un crimen de odio
El activista de la "Asociación Puerto Rico para Todos" Pedro Julio Serrano pidió que se investigue el tercer asesinato de un transexual en lo que va de año como un posible caso de crimen de odio.
La Policía encontró hoy el cuerpo de un individuo de unos veinticinco años, todavía sin identificar, con varios impactos de bala en el sector Terraplén de Loíza, localidad cercan a San Juan.

“Ni una más”, claman por el asesinato homofóbico de Fernanda
El asesinato de Fernanda Lavalle, activista mujer transgénero y trabajadora sexual de Hidalgo, es una evidencia de la homofobia y transfobia persistentes en esta entidad.

Ejecutada vestía como hombre, pero era mujer
Una mujer con características masculinas fue encontrada ejecutada a tiros la mañana de ayer en un sector solitario de la aldea Los Hornos, Distrito Central, a 22 kilómetros de la capital Carretera al Sur. (Foto)