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segunda-feira, julho 05, 2010

Gays, lesbians show pride in European capitals
An estimated one million people thronged the streets of London on Saturday for the annual Pride celebrations celebrating lesbian and gay culture, with events also held in other European capitals.
Cientos de miles de personas viven el Orgullo LGTB en Londres y Roma este fin de semana

La Gran Vía baila al son del Orgullo Gay
El desfile, desarrollado en un ambiente festivo y colorista, reivindica los derechos de los transexuales
La marcha congrega en Madrid a un millón de personas de los cinco continentes
Boas de plumas y camisetas de 'la roja' participan en el día del Orgullo
Un desfile entre goles Un millón de personas celebra el Orgullo 2010 con la transexualidad como bandera - 35 carrozas y mucho jolgorio acompañan a la manifestación
El activismo quiere vencer sus diferencias La hegemonía gay contrasta con la invisibilidad transexual
COLEGAS pide más proyectos sociales y menos fiesta
Transexuals Take Leading Role in Madrid’s Gay Pride Parade

[Opinion] Orgullo y prejuicio
Madrid vive el Orgullo LGTB con mas de un millón participantes protagonizado por derechos de transexuales

'Million' take part in London's Pride celebrations
An estimated one million people in London have turned out for the annual Pride celebrations.
The event, which celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender culture, is one of the largest of its kind in the world.
This year it celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Gay Liberation Front, a pressure group which organised the city's first Pride parade.

Sex-swap hospital worker admits beating up boss over 'freak' jibe
A sex-swap hospital worker has revealed how she beat-up her boss after he allegedly called her “a freak”.
Helen Moran, 55 – who used to be a roofer called Tony – ended up in a furious brawl with manager Tariq Rehman after the jibe.
The pair fought in a corridor at Birmingham Women’s Hospital before storming out to the car park. Police were called and Helen was arrested.

Thug jailed for 30 months after brutal assault on sex-change woman
A BRICKIE who bore a grudge against his transsexual neighbour used a baseball bat to smash her face and beat her as she lay on the ground.
Martin Peebles, 36, who crept up on his victim from behind to launch the vicious attack, broke 58-year-old Megan Alexander's ribs and jaw and left her severely injured.
Peebles - who refused to recognise his victim as a woman - was said to have "wreaked vengeance" on her after a chance encounter at a cash machine.

Woman lawyer undergoes sex change
In a curious turn of events a woman lawyer underwent a sex reassignment surgery (SRS) allegedly to save herself from forced marriage by her family.
"I did not want a family life which is being forced on girls in our society," the woman in her mid-30s who refused to disclose her identity said from her hospital bed on Saturday.

Allahabad residents protest decriminalisation of gay sex
Residents in Allahabad today protested decriminalisation of gay sex on Sunday to express their angst against the Delhi High Court's verdict announced a year ago.
Buzz up!On July 2, 2009, the Delhi High Court struck down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), calling it a violation of an individual's rights to freedom under Articles 14, 15 and 21 of the Constitution in cases dealing with gay sex, provided it is by consent of both individuals.
The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Community celebrated the High Court's decision on Friday.

[Sri Lanka]
“We are all human” says gay rights actvist
Sri Lankan politics, though notoriously prone to character assassination has never had a history of villifying its stakeholders based on their sexual orientation. That is a positive side of the political culture, which, the country could be proud of, though the political culture in this country in general is largely illiberal, feudal and is based on a system of patronage, which is, of course the sad side of it. However, sexual orientation – be it gay, lesbian, heterosexual or bisexual, (even pansexual) – has never been a handicap to aspire for political office. We have had an openly gay foreign minister, a prime minister and some others who are gender ‘vague’, but none denounced them for their sexual orientation.

A Different Kind of Christian Demonstration at Gay Pride
A couple of months ago I interviewed Nathan Albert from the Marin Foundation about Mercy, Justice, and the GLBT Community. It generated some interesting dialogue around a tough issue… how does the Church communicate God’s love to the gay community?
This past weekend Chicago, along with many other US cities, celebrated Gay Pride with a parade. As a part of the weekend, Nathan and a group of over 30 Christians from various Chicago churches went to demonstrate at the Gay Pride Parade with the Marin Foundation.

Gays marchan en León por igualdad de derechos
Por primera vez, más de 150 gays oriundos de Managua, Nagarote, Chinandega, Masaya, Granada y León, marcharon por las principales calles y avenidas de la Ciudad Universitaria, demandando igualdad de derechos y expresando su repudio a la discriminación hacia ellos en las distintas esferas de la sociedad. Los gays se concentraron en la Plaza San Juan la tarde de ayer, y se dirigieron a la plaza central, frente a la Basílica Catedral, donde bailaron y corearon música rítmica alusiva a la diversidad sexual.

Se realizó marcha por el orgullo gay
No fueron muchos los que participaron de la causa, pero la unión los hizo fortalecer para demandar de la sociedad la no discriminación. Quienes forman parte de la comunidad de gays, lesbianas, bisexuales y transexuales festejaron ayer en Quito su día del orgullo con una marcha por la avenida Amazonas, rumbo a la Plaza Foch. (Foto)

Aumentan mas del 50% los asesinatos a transexuales y homosexuales en Perú
Según Informe de derechos humanos presentado anoche por la red TLGB y Promsex. Embajadas de Europa y Estados Unidos apoyan celebraciones de personas TLGB en el Perú.