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sexta-feira, setembro 17, 2010

Ensuring that men who have sex with men, sex workers and transgender people are empowered to access and deliver HIV services
By ensuring that men who have sex with men, sex workers and transgender people are empowered to both access and deliver comprehensive and appropriate packages of HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services and by ensuring that law enforcement agencies and the judicial system protect their rights, we can empower men who have sex with men, sex workers and transgender people to protect themselves from HIV infection and to fully access antiretroviral therapy.

Breast screens for trans women stirs debate
Breast screening habits for transsexual women shouldn't differ from those of biological women, according to a recent European study. However, a human sexuality expert disagrees, saying screening for transsexual women should depend on when the patient started estrogen therapy and not age alone.

Proposta de Lei n.º 37/XI
Cria o procedimento de mudança de sexo e de nome próprio no registo civil e procede à 18.ª alteração ao Código do Registo Civil.

Transsexual worker to sue over dismissal
A transsexual care worker from Lincoln is suing her former employer claiming she was sacked after she turned up for work in a dress.
Rachel Millington claims her bosses were unsympathetic to her situation when she changed her name from Andrew and started dressing as a woman.
The 24-year-old claims bosses at Housing and Support Solutions Limited, in Cleethorpes, terminated her contract without reason just days after she announced her gender change decision.

Suicidal Nadia in 'bad place'
Following her suicide attempt, Big Brother star Nadia Almada has said she's in a "really bad place right now" and "needs some guidance".

Transexual piauiense denuncia rede e ganha visto na Itália
Após denunciar uma rede de prostituição na Itália, uma transexual piauiense ganhou visto de permanência e não quer voltar ao Brasil, mesmo com a iniciativa do Ministério das Relações Exteriores para encorajar a volta de brasileiros que vivam em risco no exterior.
C.A., de 28 anos, desembarcou de forma ilegal em 2006, levada por uma rede de prostituição. Ela afirma que pagou 12 mil euros, ou seja, cerca de R$26 mil à rede para entrar ilegalmente no país europeu.

Transgender marriage sparks debate on same sex unions
Poland saw it’s first female-female wedding at the weekend: except that one of the women involved was legally a man.
Ania, a transgendered female married Greta, a lesbian. But as a transgendered person in Poland is legally defined by their original gender, the marriage between the couple was that of a man and a woman.
Nevertheless, the union has been heralded by sexual minority activists as ground breaking in Poland.

Nepal detains gay rights activists over protest
Police in Nepal have detained more than 70 gay rights activists during a rally demanding citizenship certificates which identify transgender people as 'third sex', rather than male or female.

Transgender Outcasts Give Lessons in Tolerance
Mirrors were tucked behind embroidered drapes, prayer rugs spread over the carpet and fashion magazines replaced by copies of the Koran in preparation for breaking the fast at dusk on a quiet day near the end of Ramadan. In a quiet alley in the ancient Javanese city of Yogyakarta, Mariyani, a 50-year-old transgender hairdresser, has turned part of her salon into an Islamic school.

Australia Drops Trans Military Ban
A member of the Australian military's desire to transition has led to the repeal of the nation's ban on transgender service members.
The announcement from Australian Defence Force chief Angus Houston (pictured) came Monday, 18 years after the force repealed the ban on gay and lesbian troops, according to
Australia to Allow Transgender Soldiers
Australian Defense Force Lifts Ban on Transgender Service Members
Australia Lifts Ban on Transgender Military Service
Australian Military Ends Discrimination Against Transgender Soldiers

Vancouver woman links eviction to being transsexual
A Vancouver transsexual has filed a human-rights complaint, alleging discrimination on the basis of sex, age, and disability after she was evicted from a downtown social-housing complex. In an interview with the Georgia Straight, Pamela Burge said she was thrown out of the Wellspring, which is at 415 Nelson Street, at the end of June. This came after the society that manages the complex claimed that she owed $1,355 in outstanding rent.
(Photo: Pamela Burge has filed a complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal after she was ordered out of the social-housing unit where she lived for 13 years.)

Trans Actress Best Dressed at Toronto
Who did Toronto Life magazine readers vote the best-dressed actress at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Black Swan? Running against stars Natalie Portman and Winona Ryder, but with 60% of the vote, it was trans actress Biko Beauttah who got the most votes.

The Transgender Experience
From what I am seeing in my transitional journey, the route for "transsexuals" in Quebec and other parts of Canada is improving all the time. Some provinces pay some of the medical costs, and completing the legal paperwork is fairly routine now. Society at large in such provinces as Quebec, Ontario and B.C. is generally quite accepting and accommodating of people who have transitioned -- ie. I am a woman and am accepted as a woman. Indeed, many people don't know that I transitioned, and couldn't care less.

Beyer falls short in bid for legislature
The scene at Dana Beyer’s Chevy Chase, Md., home is somber. With all but seven of the 35 precincts having reported their votes, it’s clear the transgender eye surgeon-turned-political hopeful has not garnered enough votes to secure one of the three state General Assembly seats for her home turf of District 18.
Beyer was pragmatic during a brief concession speech in her living room to a houseful of canvass workers, family, friends and supporters.
Dana Beyer Unsuccessful in Maryland Statehouse Bid

Trans services excluded in Healthy SF
Transgender leaders say that Healthy San Francisco, the city's health insurance program for uninsured residents, is discriminatory because it excludes sexual reassignment services, treatment, and surgery.

Maryland -'Transgender Rights' activist loses re-election bid in Montgomery County
Montgomery County Council member Duchy Trachtenberg finished in 5th place in the Democratic primary for at-large seats on the Council. The top four finishers get a slot on the November ballot. The Washington Examiner website today reports that Ms. Trachtenberg has conceded that she lost, and that she attributed it to her standing up against special interests.

Catching up With Oklahoma's Transgender Candidate
CNN does an excellent job catching up with Brittany Novotny, a transgender candidate running for the state house in Oklahoma. As you can imagine, running for an office in this red state requires plenty of time, energy, and commitment. Voters are looking past gender issues and looking for a candidate that can best serve their state.
Kern supporters go after transgendered candidate again
Transgender politics
'Confused It' Brittany Novotny's Saucy Response to Oklahoma's Sally Kern

[Puerto Rico]
Policía aclara que no descarta crimen de odio en muertes de homosexuales
El director del área investigativa de la Región Policiaca de Ponce, Richard Nazario, dijo que no descartan que el asesinato de Justo González García y Miguel Soto González, quienes fueron baleados mientras vestían de mujer, fue un crimen de odio.
Aunque aceptó que “para ser un crimen de odio deben existir unas circunstancias que ahora mismo no hay".
Éste explicó que para ser un crimen de odio, el sospechoso tiene que confesar que lo hizo por odio a los homosexuales.
Policía busca recrear los últimos pasos de los gays asesinados
No se descarta crimen de odio en asesinato de transexuales

New York City coalition condemns ongoing murders of members of the LGBT community in Puerto Rico