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quarta-feira, setembro 15, 2010

Davina Mccall - Nadia Almada Blames Davina For Hate
Nadia Almada has blamed 'Ultimate Big Brother' host Davina McCall for making her ''hate'' herself and feel ''ugly'' and ''disgusting''.

[UK] [Commentary]
Trans Murder Monitoring Project update: every second day the murder of a trans person is reported
The Trans Murder Monitoring Project has published its Interim Update of July 2010, which states that 93 murders were recorded in the first six months of the year. According to their press release, this means that: every second day a homicide of a trans person is being reported.

Las mujeres transexuales son mujeres desde su nacimiento, también las Misses
El debate sobre transexualidad en Miss Italia está fuera de lugar por discriminatorio y por basarse en una idea equivocada de la realidad trans.

Nepal Detains 70 Gay, Trans Activists
More than 70 gay rights activists rallying for changes to government identification papers for transgender people have been detained by police in Kathmandu, Reuters reported Tuesday.
Nepali men and women are campaigning for citizenship certificates with their gender marked as "third sex" instead of male or female, according to the report.
Nepal detains gay activists
Nepal detains activists seeking transgender identification
Nepal transgenders launch hunger strike for rights
Nepal gays start hungerstrike against bias
Detienen cerca de 70 transexuales en Nepal por manifestarse en reclamo de una Ley cambio de DNI

[Australia] [Letters to the Editor]
Trans Outlaws
If the Australian Supreme court upholds the rule that a FTM transgender person "cannot be considered male if they have functioning internal and external female reproductive organs" they will create gender outlaws of a segment of their society that already faces discrimination in all aspects of life.

Let them serve: Defence drops ban on transgender soldiers
Chief of the Defence Force Angus Houston issued an instruction Monday revoking the policy that effectively banned transgender service members. The ADF is believed to be the last government agency that specifically fired employees for transitioning gender.
The individual whose recent gender transition lead to the reform work was not available for public comment, but the referral service that assists gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender service members, DEFGLIS, was aware that commanders had been anything but understanding.

Maplewood Homicide Victim Was Transgendered, Former CHS Student
The Essex County Prosecutor's Office reported today that the victim of a fatal shooting in Maplewood on Sunday was Victoria Carmen White, formerly James White. White had legally changed her name to Victoria Carmen following sex reassignment surgery. (Photo)
Updated: Victim's Identity Clarified in Maplewood Homicide
Friend Remembers Slain Columbia High Student

Oklahoma lawmaker Kern supporter calls her transgender opponent a 'confused it'
Legislator asks supporters to refrain from saying anything derogatory about her opponent. Her challenger doubts the sincerity of appeal while the chairman of a conservative group who made the comment says he won't apologize.

[Puerto Rico]
Calla sujeto vinculado al doble asesinato de hombres vestidos de mujer
Dos cuerpos baleados en el mismo medio del pavimento, un automóvil manchado con sangre y una persona detenida, pero que se rehusaba a declarar, era, en esencia, lo que tenía la Policía para descifrar el asesinato de dos presuntos homosexuales ocurrido en la madrugada de ayer en el sector Cayabo del barrio Collores en Juana Díaz.
"Lo quería todo el mundo"
Madres unidas por el dolor del asesinato de sus hijos transexuales
Madres de dos mujeres transexuales asesinadas este lunes en Puerto Rico están sumidas en el dolor
(Foto: Michelle Conzález)

Pareja de Pequeña P, posible sospechoso de su crimen ha declarado ante el juez en Argentina
Miguel Horisberger mantuvo sus dichos en el Juzgado de Instrucción de Gualeguaychú. La indagatoria del remisero se extendió durante una hora. En diez días se define su situación procesal.