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quarta-feira, setembro 08, 2010

Changing sex and pensions
It is proposed to increase the ages for both sexes in the future, a decision criticised by employers who believe that it will hamper the efforts of businesses to recover from the recession and cause a rift among staff.

Marcella Di Folco, le foto di una vita.
La fondatrice e presidente del movimento italiano transessuali Marcella Di Folco è morta a Bentivoglio, nel bolognese: aveva 67 anni ed era stata colpita da una malattia incurabile. (Foto)

Miss Italia - the mystery of the transsexual
The Italian media have dubbed the affair “the mystery of the transsexual”: for several weeks there have been rumours that there is a transsexual who has not had sex change surgery among the 2010 Miss Italia finalists and, as the contest nears its final stages, the speculation is reaching fever pitch.

Cross-dresser in Dubai seeks acquittal of charges
The 23-year-old student's lawyer Yasser Al Naqbi on Monday asked the Dubai Cassation Court to cancel his client's one-year imprisonment and dismiss his charges.

La lucha de una mujer transexual egipcia por ser medico en un país ultraconservador
Sally Abdullah Mursi, foto, entra en la sala como si fuera un huracán, con un aire de suma seguridad en sí misma, agarrando firmemente un bolso de cuero con su mano derecha y un teléfono móvil con la izquierda. (Foto)

Patong Police Pounce: Katoeys in Mass Arrest
PATONG police are warning tourists to beware of ladyboy katoeys. Eleven were arrested last night for minor offences, including loitering.

Australia's Stupid Requirement Trans Men Turn Vaginas Into Penises to Become Women
I continue to be amazed that a human being actually needs to ask somebody else, let alone a government body that is a man-made construct, to be allowed to be a certain gender. Like the two trans men in Australia who have to sue their own government in order to be considered male, because after winning in court the right to check "M," the attorney general got worried that somebody who is male could still bear children, and that would confuse everyone, so the office appealed and was shot down, sort of, by the Court of Appeal, which said fertility isn't a factor, but having male genitalia is, and because the two trans men didn't have below-the-waist surgery, they're still women. So unless they pay, like, tens of thousands of dollars, they must just … deal.
WA gender change battle set for High Court

Celebrity Transgender Roles
A look at some famous transgender characters.

Becoming Miles: The Journey Of Changing Sexes
Megan Taylor grew up feeling she was living in the wrong body. In her 20s, she decided to do something about it. First, she changed her name to Miles. Miles began taking testosterone, scheduled a double mastectomy — part of sex reassignment surgery — and began changing his body into one that felt right. The hardest part was telling his parents.
Through it all, he kept an audio diary.

Review: Two Spirits
Last Friday, a friend and I attended a free screening of the documentary Two Spirits at the local office of the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado. This deeply affecting documentary, now a few years old, follows the story of Fred Martinez, a Navajo teen who lived near Cortez, Colo. Fred, who also went by F.C., was an openly transgendered individual who presented as female, and sometimes male.

Transgender inmate sues sheriff in Jacksonville, Fla.
A transgender woman is suing the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office for not giving her the proper medication while in custody.
Michael Maier had a sex change several years ago, and still needs hormone shots and other treatments to sustain the surgical procedure.
Transgender Inmate Sues JSO

Asesinan a tres mujeres transexuales el sábado en Colombia, señalan puede ser acción "limpieza social"
La muerte violenta de tres mujeres transexuales en un céntrico sector cucuteño, Colombia, pudo tratarse de una acción de limpieza social, alertó la fundación para la Protección de la Vida (Provida).

Edila propone que los boliches tengan baños para los travestis
El proyecto de ordenanza para crear un tercer sanitario en esos sitios de diversión pertenece a una joven concejala de San Martín. Ya generó dudas e ironías. Dicen que busca protagonismo.
Proponen que boliches tengan un tercer baño para travestis
El Inadi le "bajó el pulgar" al proyecto del baño transexual en San Martín
Instituto Contra Discriminación Argentino rechaza la pretensión de crear una baño solo para transexuales