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sábado, agosto 28, 2010

Trans woman's employment tribunal to begin next month
Rachel Millington was fired from her job last year after she revealed to bosses that she was starting the process of gender re-assignment. The case, which is coming before a Nottingham employment tribunal in September, may not necessarily create any startling legal precedents – but its reporting demonstrates just how far trans rights have come in the media over the last few years.
U.K. transsexual sues former employer
Transsexual Rachel Millington sues company over sack claim

Revealed: One in 25 solicitors in Scotland is transsexual, says Law Society
One in every 25 solicitors in Scotland is transsexual - according to figures provided by the Law Society.
A study showed that four per cent of their 10,848 members were "currently living and working in the opposite gender assigned to them at birth".
That means 432 transgendered lawyers across the country.

Transgenders promote their rights through Coimbatore film festival
A film festival to spread awareness and promote the rights of the transgender community in the country was organized here recently.
The short films were produced by transgendered persons, themselves, and over eight documentary films were screened at the festival on Thursday.
The topics on which the films were made included several facets of the transgender community, such as their lifestyle, their social status, orphans and other aspects.

Rape of transsexual woman stirs legal debate
The rape of a transgender woman in the north-central province of Quang Binh has sparked a serious debate among legal professionals after judicial authorities declined to prosecute the three perpetrators.
The German Press Agency dpa quoted officials in the province as saying the victim had not reclassified her legal gender from male to female on Wednesday, August 25. Because Vietnamese law only applies to the rape of women by men, the case could not be prosecuted, they said.

Court hears how a transgender male made a threat to organise for a man to be gang-raped by a football team
A "transgender" male threatened to arrange for a "football team'' to gang-rape a man he had just met if he did not submit to a homosexual encounter in an inner-Brisbane city park, a court has been told.

Get Real! We Did Everything We Could to Make Things Go Just Right, But it Didn't
My girlfriend and I are both non-op transsexuals; (i.e., she's MtF, I'm FtM, and we haven't had "the surgery" and don't intend to.) On a visit with her a little while ago, she and I were sitting in her car and talking about our feelings regarding sex. When our relationship started over a year ago she asked me to wait, which I was fine with, but didn't know she had been open to what we considered "in between" kind of stuff like oral (she doesn't want to go "all the way" because she was raped a little while before I met her and she feels like penetrating me is putting me in her position--it isn't, but I'm not going to pressure her), and while we had been discussing it we realized we were both in the mood and I asked her if she wanted to find some place more private and explore, and she said "only if you want to." I did.

Payette Woman: "You Want to Know Why this Mobile Home Went Up in Flames?"
Catherine Carlson, arrested in Payette last month for setting fire to the trailer where she lived and placing what looked like four pipe booms on her stoop, was moved in late July from isolation in the Payette County Jail to the Idaho State Hospital in Orofino where she remains for an undetermined period of time.

Hospital that Denied Care to Trans Woman Changes Policy
An Indiana hospital has made changes such as mandatory training on gender identity after an incident in which a transgender patient said she was mocked and denied treatment at the emergency room.

Panel Hears Job Complaint of Transgender Phila. Lifeguard
A second day of testimony is expected in the near future in the case of a transgendered city lifeguard who filed a complaint with the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission after being fired from her Recreation Department job.
Trans case to continue

Equality Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Reach Breakthrough Agreement on Gender Marker Policy
After several months of positive and thoughtful discussion, Equality Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) today announced that they have successfully reached agreement on a change in gender marker policy. "Gender Markers" refer to those ways in which individuals present themselves mostly on official documentation. For example, on a driver's license your "gender marker" would refer to your name and photograph.
Transgender ID Policy Changes in Pennsylvania Effective Immediately

Hearing continued in Moore Street fatal stabbing case
A 40-year-old transgendered man accused of fatally stabbing his boyfriend on Moore Street two weeks ago is still making arrangements to hire a defense attorney and his preliminary hearing scheduled for Friday was postponed.

WATCH: Former Officer Pleads Guilty in Duanna Johnson Beating
Only weeks before his retrial was scheduled to begin, former Memphis police officer Bridges McRae has plead guilty to violating the civil rights of transgender woman Duanna Johnson. McRae agreed to a two-year prison sentence. Johnson was later killed in an unsolved shooting.
Bridges McRae Pleads Guilty
Bridges McRae Pleads Guilty in Police Brutality Case
Former officer pleads guilty to beating prisoner
Former Officer Takes Plea Deal in Duanna Johnson Case

Transexuales mexicanas: “Somos indocumentadas en nuestro propio país'
Las mujeres transexuales tienen un reto mayúsculo: obtener la igualdad en una sociedad en constante transformación, con muchos avances en lo legal, pero pocos sobre aceptación pública.
Diana Barrios, mujer transexual, creó la Fundación Transformarte, ubicada en la ciudad de México, para auxiliar a las mujeres transexuales que viven en la capital, o que llegan de estados, rechazados por sus familias por su género.
"Estos albergues ayudarán a que las mujeres se empoderen cuando llegan a la capital, ya que cuando arriban, creen que van a poder realizarse, pero les cierran las puertas, y la prostitución es el único camino ante tanto rechazo", señaló la activista.

Mayoría de trabajadoras del sexo y gays no se protegen en pareja
Un estudio entre trabajadoras del sexo y gays evidencia que son grupos de riesgo a contraer el VIH por no utilizar el condón en relaciones de pareja.