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quarta-feira, agosto 25, 2010

Travesti é assassinada no Piauí
Seis homens atiraram na noite da última sexta-feira, 20 de agosto, contra a travesti Jaqueline, dona da boate My Love, localizada no município de Nossa Senhora das Dores, de Piauí.

6% Think Transgender Operations Should Be ‘illegal’
The UK’s fastest growing cosmetic surgery review website has commissioned a poll to discover the opinions Brits have towards ‘controversial’ cosmetic surgery procedures such as transgender operations, Hymenorrhaphy and skin bleaching.

Complaints against Caster Semenya ‘total sour grapes’
A transgender Toronto cyclist who helped South African runner Caster Semenya get reinstated lashed out Monday at complaints against her return — including a remark by Canadian Diane Cummins that it was like “running against a man.”
Kristen Worley, who attempted to become the first transgender Olympian at the 2008 Beijing Games, was responding to remarks made by Cummins and other athletes after Semenya won Sunday in the women’s 800 metres in 1:59.90 at a major meet in Berlin.
Semenya Is Back, but Acceptance Lags
Semenya's sex test nightmare continues
Semenya's coach hits out as rival rails 'we are running against a man'

EIPR takes case of a man who underwent sex change surgery to African Court
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) said it will take the case of Azhar student Sally Abdallah who had undergone a sex reassignment surgery, to the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights with the Egyptian government as its adversary.
The Administrative Court has ruled in Abdullah’s favor, ordering Al-Azhar University to enroll her in the women’s school of medicine, instead of the men’s school in which she was registered before the surgery. Al-Azhar has refused to comply with the court order.
Hossam Bahgat, EIPR director, told Daily News Egypt that Abdallah faces gender discrimination. He expected the Court’s human rights committee to review the case during its next meeting in February 2011.

[South Africa]
Sex change: employer to appeal
Steel retailer Bohler Uddeholm Africa has applied for leave to appeal against a Labour Court order that it reinstate transsexual Christine Ehlers.
Judge Ellem Francis ordered the company 10 days ago to reinstate Ehlers, 43, after he found her dismissal last year was unfair and unconstitutional. He said that "suddenly, because she had to undergo a sex-change operation and wanted to assert her femininity, she was dismissed because it might upset some backward customers".

[USA] [Commentary]
Is that my son wearing a dress?
I'm a progressive, supportive dad. Why was I so troubled by the sight of my little boy dressed as Snow White?

Transgender controversy sparks change at Muncie hospital
A Muncie hospital is making changes after a transgendered woman claimed she was mocked and eventually denied treatment at the facility earlier this month.
Erin Vaughn made the accusations towards Ball Memorial Hospital. Since then, the hospital had been working with equality groups to improve services.
Starting next month, workers will go through mandatory training on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Should MTF Inmates Be Housed With the General Female Population?
Think trans activist Autumn Sandeen's "shim" prison episode is an isolated incident? Rochelle A. Mead, a MTF Michigan woman jailed for six days on charges of driving with an expired license, and who is also a registered sex offender stemming from a 1995 incident where she exposed herself to a minor, says she too suffered indecencies while behind bars. And the ACLU would like some answers please.

ENDA seeks personal stories for media campaign
The Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition is encouraging people to complete a new survey that will shed more light on the Employment Non Discrimination Act. Their goal is to collect as many stories as possible for use in a comprehensive media campaign.

[TX, USA] [Commentary]
Nikki Araguz Update 14 -Going To War In The Comment Section
As the Araguz case in Wharton continues to a hopefully successful conclusion for us, those of us in the Houston area GLBT community and our allies continue to fight the war against faith based ignorance, smears of Nikki Araguz, the trans community, and Faux News propaganda.