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terça-feira, agosto 17, 2010

1º Ciclo de Cinema LGBT de Cascais (17 a 19 de Setembro de 2010)
O grupo ex aequo cascais - grupo de jovens lésbicas, gays, bissexuais, transgéneros e simpatizantes em Cascais, realizará este ano o seu 1º Ciclo de Cinema LGBT.
Serão apresentadas 6 sessões de filmes de temática LGBT nos dias 17, 18 e 19 de Setembro, durante o período da tarde e noite, com vista a possibilitar uma maior flexibilidade no horário da projecção de filmes. O ciclo realizar-se-á no Espaço Memória dos Exílios no Estoril.
Espaço Memória dos Exílios
Av. Marginal 7152-A
(1º piso do edifício dos CTT do Estoril)
Estação de comboios do Estoril (CP)
Estação de autocarros do Estoril (Scotturb)

"Debate Eleitoral": Programa recebe a travesti Marcia Lima
A quinta edição do programa "Debate Eleitoral" coloca na berlinda a travesti Marcia Lima. Candidata à deputada federal pelo PSB-SP, Marcia deseja provar que pode conquistar direitos para a comunidade LGBT.

AET-Transexualia denuncia la agresión de un pastor a una mujer transexual nigeriana durante un servicio religioso
AET-Transexualia denuncia la agresión física a la que ha sido sometida una mujer transexual nigeriana durante un servicio religioso.
Los hechos sucedieron el domingo 8 de agosto al finalizar el servicio religioso en la iglesia evangélica Christ Embassy ubicada en una nave de un polígono industrial del barrio de Vallecas.
Esta transexual nigeriana, que además es solicitante de asilo, comenzó a sufrir humillaciones y discriminación por identidad de género por los miembros de la iglesia al descubrirse su transexualidad, siendo apartada paulatinamente de sus funciones que desempeñaba de forma voluntaria.
Un pastor evangélico agrede a una mujer transexual nigeriana durante un servicio religioso en Madrid

Meeting with the Polish Ombudsman
On August the 13th, 2010 Polish Ombudsman prof. Irena Lipowicz met with Polish LGBT organizations' representatives, including Trans-Fuzja Foundation.

[South Africa]
Christine wins right to work
Judge rules dismissal was unfair and unconstitutional
Today Christine Ehlers will ride to work on her pink motorbike, dressed in a power suit and wearing her good luck charm.

Man hauled to court again on cross-dressing charge
The 30-year-old Egyptian worker appeared before the Dubai Appeals Court yesterday and denied the charge of cross-dressing and walking in a woman's bra and panty in public.

Transgender quota in BU unlikely to be filled this year
As the excitement over the Bangalore University setting a quota for transgenders in its 52 post-graduate disciplines ebbs, the quota is likely to be unused, given the community's low rate of enrollment at the undergraduate level.

Widows, devdasis seek higher grant
While the rest of the country was busy celebrating Independence Day, six elderly women walked semi-nude in a rally from CST to Mantralaya on Sunday morning.

Against the odds: transgender, black and HIV-positive
HIV and AIDS affect every segment of American society, but they affect certain populations disproportionately. About half of those living with HIV in the United States are African-American. About a quarter are older than 50. And a study in the journal "AIDS and Behavior" found 28 percent of male-to-female transgender people are infected. Josh Lederman has the story of one woman who fits all three categories.

Warren Beatty and Annette Bening at war over daughters sex change
Warren Beatty and Annette Bening are reportedly at war over their daughter Kathlyn’s sex change plans. 18 year old Kathlyn is said to be living as a man under the name Stephen Ira.
According to online rumors Warren Beatty is having a hard time with the idea of his daughter becoming a man, while Annette Bening has offered to pay for the gender reassignment surgery.

Young, transgender and homeless
Kick your transgender teenager out of your house and where they end up won't be a pretty picture. All they needed was love and acceptance.
That is the message of "Lost in the Crowd," a documentary about transgender young people who live on the streets of New York City. It was shown Sunday at the Carolina Theatre during the final day of the 15th annual N.C. Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

New developments in transgender widow case
New developments today in the dispute over death benefits for a fallen Wharton firefighter's family. Despite a legal dispute, his children will soon receive benefits.
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