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quinta-feira, agosto 05, 2010

Paulo Vilhena e Pierre Baitelli se preparam para viver o transexual "Hedwig" no teatro
Paulo Vilhena é um dos atores escalados para viver o transexual Hedwig na montagem teatral que adaptará o filme "Hedwig - Rock, Amor e Traição", estrelado e dirigido pelo canadense John Cameron Mitchell - realizador do maravilhoso "Shortbus" - em 2000.
Paulinho Vilhena viverá transexual no teatro

Transsexual escapes jail sentence for spying campaign
A transsexual woman who was convicted of waging a creepy five-year spying campaign against her neighbour has escaped jail - after a judge decided that it would be too dangerous for her.
Trans woman given suspended sentence after judge says she would be vulnerable in jail
Now ANOTHER transsexual criminal is spared prison as judge agrees it would be 'awkward and dangerous'

Man cleared of transgender harassment charges
The case against a man accused of harassing a transgender woman has been dropped.
Jeffrey Minns, 36, of Fenay Bridge, was yesterday formally cleared of using transphobic language against the woman between December, 2007, and last March.

Dezenove sudaneses apanharam em público por usar roupas femininas e maquiagem
Dezenove homens do Sudão foram condenados a 30 chibatadas cada um por vestir roupas femininas e usar maquiagem. Além dos castigos físicos eles tiveram que pagar fiança por terem quebrado o "código moral" sudanês.

‘Foreigners recruit cross-dressers’
Chairperson of the Fatat Sports Club and also chairperson of the Distinguished Families Society, Sheikha Fareeha Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah has given credence to reports that foreign authorities recruit cross-dressers in an attempt to have access to what she called sensitive places and the security network in addition to planning to assassinate people in high positions, reports Al-Rai daily.
She said her belief is based on confessions made in her office by some cross-dressers.

[Kyrgyzstan] [Blog]
“Not even a beast would do such things” – one woman’s experience of transphobic violence in Kyrgyzstan
It’s nearly a month since I last wrote about the injustices and danger faced by trans women in Kyrgyzstan and in the meantime, Anna Kirey, Senior Advisor and Board Member at Labrys Kyrgyzstan and I have exchanged a few emails. Although I don’t want to go into too much detail in this public forum, I will say that it’s been a very instructive exchange for me, and I hope we are able to continue it and that I can write further about it soon.

We want to live as women, and we want our dignity: A Revathi
“All I ask is that you accept as worthy of respect what you’ve all along considered unnatural and illegal. We want to live as women and if we are granted the facilities that will enable us do so, we will live as other women do,” writes A Revathi, a transgender activist, in her autobiography, The Truth About Me, published by Penguin Books, India, the first of its kind to be written by one belonging to the third sex, a hijra.

Trauma of transition
Finding the right sort of help is often a big problem for people who are transgender. But a Counties Manukau working group intends to make it easier for them. Joanna Davies explains.
Cathy Parker considers herself lucky. "I've never had any major hassles being transgender. It's a challenge, but I have two daughters who I have shared care of, and my transition was fairly public because I own my own business." (Foto)

[Canada] [Commentary]
Nova Scotia Advocate Seeks Refugee Status
Tanya Bloomfield came to Canada on Oct 2006. Putting down roots in Nova Scotia, she started doing volunteer work for a number of causes. She oversaw LGBT support and youth groups, and became Sponsorships Director at Halifax Pride in 2008. She started a business in Chester, NS which found its niche and has been doing well.

[USA] [Commentary]
Why You Should Give A Damn, And Dollars, For Dana Beyer, Maryland Delegate Candidate
Maryland is one of the strongholds of Democratic Party rule in the country, quite progressive and with a highly educated electorate, and yet it has not passed inclusive employment protections. Why?

Planet Hospital: Going Overseas to Go Under the Knife
This Calabasas medical tourism company arranges for Americans in need of treatment to travel to other countries where surgeries are less expensive.

Meet Sethesha: Transgendered and Trying to Break into Hollywood
Stories about hopefuls flocking to Hollywood for a chance in the entertainment industry is nothing new. And while it's not unheard of, seeking that chance as a young transgendered person presents its own challenges and opportunities. For 21-year-old Sethesha, who moved here four years ago with those aspirations, Los Angeles feels like home no matter what she's doing.
"I didn't come here to be a huge star, I came here to do what i love to do. I knew L.A. would give me the opportunity to indulge in more culture than just cows and grapes," explained the native of rural Windsor in Sonoma County. "Don't get me wrong, I love my bohemian culture, but my heart is here."

Judge orders trans woman reinstated to job at Ga. General Assembly
Vandy Beth Glenn took a step closer to vindication today when a federal judge ordered the Georgia General Assembly to reinstate her to her previous job as a legislative editor. Glenn was fired in 2007 after disclosing her plan to transition from male to female.
Justice Served for Georgia Trans Woman

Hospital recusa tratamento e ridiculariza transexual
Uma mulher transexual afirmou que o pessoal de um hospital em Indiana gozou com ela e recusou-lhe tratamento após ter ido às urgências tossindo sangue.

Man Kills Baby Boy for "Acting Like Girl"
A Long Island, N.Y., man stands accused of striking a fatal blow to a 17-month-old boy Sunday because he believed the baby was “acting like a little girl.”

Pregnant Man, Baby 3: Thomas Beatie Gives Birth to Baby Boy
The first man to have a baby is at it again.
Thomas Beatie has given birth to his third child, according to RadarOnline.
The Oregon dad - born female and now a male after gender reassignment surgery - gave birth to his second son last week, according to the site.

Witness Says Firefighter Knew Wife Was Born Male
A witness came forward on Tuesday and said that a fallen Wharton firefighter knew his wife was born a male. The widow's gender is at the center of a lawsuit over his death benefits.
Opposing attorneys react to motions
Araguz attorneys file response

[Commentary] I Hate the Smell of Sophistry in the Morning

Parque invadido por gays y damiselas; huyen ante SSP
Durante el actual periodo vacacional de verano, los alrededores del malecón son más concurridos por miles de paseantes que por las tardes y noches acuden a las áreas de cafetería de ese mismo sitio; los alrededores del parque “Antón de Alaminos” están siendo invadidos por sexoservidoras y transexuales, a quienes pareciera no importarles si con su presencia empañan la imagen urbana de la Isla.

Cheila Una casa pa Maíta
A veces cuando uno se ve atraído por aspectos del arte como el cine, es inevitable reiterar y hablar sobre las producciones nacionales, como en el reciente trabajo de Eduardo Barberena, Cheila una casa pa Maíta.

El travesti Diana y su novio Osvaldo se casaron con todas las de la ley en la cárcel
El travesti Diana y Osvaldo cumplieron su sueño de casarse luego de 10 años de relación. Se conocieron en el penal de Boulogne Sur Mer donde ella cumplía una condena por haber asesinado a su pareja en Tunuyán y él por robo agravado. Su boda fue en una sala de la cárcel de Almafuerte, donde él pasa su último año.
A fines de los ‘90 Diana trabajaba en la cocina del penal de Ciudad, donde cambió su forma de vestir y se reconoció como travesti. Desde aquel entonces convivieron en la misma celda, hasta 2007, cuando Diana recuperó su libertad. (Foto)