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sábado, julho 24, 2010

Vem aí o festival “despido de preconceitos”
Chama-se Lisbon Unplugged, vai decorrer no fim-de-semana de 10 e 11 de Setembro na Tapada da Ajuda em Lisboa, e pretende ser mais do que um festival que se foca só na música. Vanessa Cotrim, da produtora Entre Vírgulas, responsável pelo projecto e pelas festas Lesboa que decorrem na capital, explicou hoje em conferência de imprensa que este será um “festival dedicado à diversidade”, sendo dirigido a todos que se “queiram desligar de preconceitos durante dois dias”. Segundo a porta-voz “são esperadas entre 10 a 15 mil pessoas” naquele que poderá ser “o mini-Woodstock português”. Outra novidade é que os participantes poderão acampar na Tapada da Ajuda.

Body of Paul Hill’s transsexual prostitute niece ‘found tied up’
A transsexual prostitute allegedly murdered by a client was found semi-naked with her arms tied behind her back with stockings, a court has heard.
Leon Fyle (22) travelled to London for a sexual encounter with Destiny Lauren (29) while the victim's brother sat outside her flat, it is alleged.
Brother’s warning to murdered prostitute Destiny Lauren over ‘risks’ of her job

Modelo transexual es hija de futbolista
Givenchy la ocupó como modelo el pasado mes de mayo para una campaña publicitaria. Recientemente posó desnuda para Vogue.

Ministry takes legal action against sex change surgeon
The Egyptian Minister of Health has shut down a clinic in Asyut while its owner is questioned on criminal charges of performing sex change operations. Plastic surgeon Mahmoud Eteifi was reported to the ministry by the Medical Syndicate for operating on a 22-year-old man who wanted to be a woman.
Gender transformation is illegal in Egypt unless the patient receives approval from the syndicate and the Ministry of Health. An applicant must be tested and scanned to prove the sex change is meant to overcome a physical problem and not for personal preference. Islam Salah Salem, who underwent the surgery to become Nora Salah Salem, has been moved to another hospital until he recovers from surgery the syndicate has criticized as a failure.
Egypt’s leading psychiatrist comments on transsexual case

Pastor decries "misrepresentation" of "kill the gays" bill
A Nevada pastor defends his church's financial support of one of the "kill the gays" bill's most prominent backers.
Brave Ugandans 'come out'

[South Africa]
Ehlers tried to do own surgery
Christine Ehlers, a transgender woman claiming she was unfairly dismissed from her company, tried to cut off her own penis when she was five, the Johannesburg Labour Court hears.
'Transgender worker lied about sex change'
Sex change played role in dismissal

Now, law schools open to third sex
Acknowledging their difference, premier national law schools will include an 'Others' category for transgenders in application forms from the next academic year.
National Law School of India University (NLSIU) Bangalore vice-chancellor Prof R Venkata Rao told TOI this was an important move in the area of human rights. "During interaction with transgenders, they pointed out that in application forms, it was always Male or Female in the gender category but there's no mention of Transgenders or Others. This got us thinking."

Moncton woman founding first provincial group to assist trans people
At nearly 35 years old, married, living a cookie-cutter life, Joe made a drastic, life-altering realization: she had been born in the wrong body. Joe decided to become Josie, and to undergo a sex change.
"I felt these feelings my entire life, but never knew transitioning would be possible," she told Here in a recent interview.

Trans Advocacy Network to Build National Transgender Political Movement
Transgender leaders from across the United States have come together to form the Trans Advocacy Network, a national alliance of transgender organizations that work at the state and local level, according to the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition.

Elegant Elliot Still Fighting for the Right to Dress Like a Girl
Elegant Elliot Offen, the Howard Stern sidekick whose bodacious body earned him 20 hours in a Miami jail cell, is still fighting the local hotel he says had him "falsely imprisoned." But now the hotel is trying to get the case thrown out, leaving Offen's $21 million lawsuit hanging by a g-string. (Photo)

Protest Planned Against ’Americans for Truth’ Anti-Gay Workshop
An anti-gay Illinois-based blog has set up what it calls a "Truth Academy" for children as young as 14, purportedly to "train young people (as well as older pro-family advocates) how to answer ’gay’ activist misinformation and fight the homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda."

Transgender widow of Texas firefighter in court
A Texas judge is hearing testimony from the transgender widow of a firefighter and will decide whether to extend a temporary restraining order on her late husband's assets.
Widow Nikki Araguz has been sued by the family of her late husband, Thomas Araguz III. Araguz was killed in a July 4 blaze.
His family argues the marriage should be voided because Araguz was born a man and same-sex marriage is not legal in Texas.
Psychologist Weighs in On Transgender Video
Trans Activist Kat Rose Exposes Autumn Sandeen's "LGB Appropriation" of Transsexual & Intersex Issues such as the Nikki Araguz Story in Texas
The "Alleged" Transgender Wife Of A Texas Firefighter And Inheritance
Firefighter's transgender widow decries lawsuit
Texas mom challenges transgender widow's marriage
Transgendered widow of firefighter fights his family's fraud claims
(Photo: Nikki Araguz, the transgendered widow of a firefighter killed in the line of duty on July 4, cried during a news conference Thursday in Houston. Her late husband's family is suing to keep Araguz from receiving death benefits, claiming the couple's marriage was illegal under Texas law.)
Wife of Fallon Wharton Firefighter Speaks
Fallen firefighter's widow speaks out
Transgender Widow: Exclusive Footage
Transgender Widow in Tears at News Conference
Texas Transgender Summit attendees on Nikki Araguz case: Littleton v. Prange is bunk
Firefighter's widow defends her marriage in court
Alleged transgender widow benefits frozen

[Puerto Rico]
Exigen detente a la homofobia recurrente de SuperXclusivo
El activista de derechos humanos Pedro Julio Serrano exigió a la gerencia de WAPA TV a detener inmediatamente la homofobia y transfobia en su programa SuperXclusivo.