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sexta-feira, julho 23, 2010

LISISTRATA, en el Teatro Romano de Mérida con actrices transexuales, del 29 de julio al 8 de agosto
La "Lisístrata" que se representará en el Teatro Romano de Mérida desde jueves 29 de Julio, hasta el día 8 de Agosto, es un espectáculo "divertente" y "almodovariano", protagonizado por mujeres transexuales -entre ellas- dando vida a La Corifea, Carla Antonelli, junto a "la amazona" Paco León, porque su director, Jèrôme Savary, foto inferior izquierda, cree que ha llegado el momento de hablar de "un asunto" que provoca "tanto desprecio".

Murdered transsexual prostitute was a niece of Guildford Four’s Hill
A transsexual prostitute who was related to one of the Guildford Four was strangled at her home in London by a man who had visited her for a sexual encounter, a court has been told.
Alleged killer Leon Fyle (22), who denies murder, arranged the encounter with prostitute Destiny Lauren (29) at her flat in Kentish Town, north-west London last year, Snaresbrook Crown Court was told yesterday.
Guildford 4 niece 'killed by a punter'
Kentish Town transsexual prostitute was strangled by last customer, court is told

New blue badge rules sparked by sex-change row
Hundreds of council workers are to be issued with new ­politically correct guidelines on issuing parking permits to ­transsexuals after just one ­complaint of discrimination.

Transexual brasileira vira destaque após estrelar campanha da Givenchy
A francesa Givenchy trouxe uma novidade em sua nova campanha outono-inverno 2010/11 e causou polêmica. O destaque da marca é Lea T., uma bela transexual brasileira, que chega para reforçar a dicotomia masculino/feminino defendida há tempos pelo estilista da grife e amigo de Lea, Riccardo Tisci.

Transexuais sentem-se discriminados na Conferência Internacional SIDA 2010
Durante a realização do evento em Viena, os transexuais sentiram-se discriminados por não obterem o mesmo tratamento que os homossexuais, trabalhadoras sexuais e outros grupos com alto risco de serem infectados com o VIH.
Sex workers put on fashion show to fight AIDS
Criminalised sex workers, gays at high risk of HIV in Asia

[South Africa]
Grilling for transexual's former boss
The chairman of the grievance procedure for a company that dismissed a transsexual employee, Christine Ehlers, has been grilled about how he had handled the matter.
Ehlers says she was fired for sex-change, colleagues disagree
Dismissal lands in court

These “girls” just wanna have fun — all the way to the police station
Girls Night Out took on a whole new meaning by early Wednesday morning. Pattaya police officers and volunteers went to Najomtien Beach after receiving complaints from tourists that several ladyboys came out nightly to sell sexual services and possibly drugs to foreigners on the beach.
Fourteen transsexuals were arrested and taken to the police station.

Mozart, Chopin and gender reassignment
Classical pianist shares transformative journey at Queer Arts Festival
She's smart, funny and wildly talented and she used to be a man.
That's not what classical music pianist Sara Davis Buechner usually wants audiences to focus on when they see her perform. She'd rather her recitals be about her critically acclaimed renderings of classical and contemporary pieces. But on July 30, she'll sketch her life story with words, Bach, Mozart and Chopin in an event called Crossing the Concourse as part of the 2010 Queer Arts Festival, July 27 to Aug. 14.
(Photo: Dan Toulgoet, Vancouver courier - Sara Davis Buechner sketches her life as talented concert pianist who used to be man through words and music in an event called Crossing the Concourse)

Sisters Distribute Pink Saturday Funds to Worthy Charities
The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc., a benefit fundraising corporation of queer nun volunteers celebrating 31 years of service, held a grants distribution party at the Eagle tavern on July 18 during a beer/ soda bust. The funds had been raised as gate donations at The Sister’s annual Pink Saturday block party, each night before the Pride Parade. Sister Dionna Cross was in charge of the funds distribution, naming each of the recipients and their individual missions.
(Photo by Rink - Sisters Anni Coque L’Doo and Sharon Dypity collected contributions for the buffet and drinks, and there was a raffle, saintings, and grant checks were distributed.)

Idaho's Uniform LGBT Hate Crime Reporting, Not So Uniform
Idaho is not among 22 states reporting hate violence targeted toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons. The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Program issued its annual report for 2009 last week.
Accurately quantifying anti-LGBT hate crime in Idaho is difficult in part because of a disconnect between federal, state and local reporting criteria. Additionally, LGBT people are less likely to report hate crime for fear of being outed or retribution, especially in conservative and rural areas. Human rights activists say there are also concerns about police harassment or indifference.

LGBT Activist Gunner Scott Speaks OUT
In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with Gunner Scott, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition who has been involved with the transgender rights movement since 1998. He's a nationally recognized activist and was one of the attendees at Obama’s 2010 LGBT Event at the White House. (Photo)

8 arrested in Las Vegas Strip gay rights protest
Police say eight people were arrested on misdemeanor charges in a Las Vegas Strip demonstration by advocates for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights.
Officer Bill Cassell said Wednesday the eight men and women were taken into custody on obstructing a police officer and jaywalking charges.
Each was booked at the Clark County jail and released pending court appearances.
Gay Protesters Arrested for Blocking Las Vegas Strip

NY's Dignity Act to protect gay, lesbian & transgender students
New York State is creating the first-ever anti-bullying law to protect students in terms of their gender, manner of expression, and sexual orientation.
New York State is on the verge of passing an anti-bullying bill to protect all state students from bullying and harassment on the basis of their gender, their manner of expression and their sexual orientation.

Transgender Community Supports Firefighter's Widow
Members of Houston's transgender community will be in a Wharton County courtroom on Friday to support the widow of a fallen firefighter. A family lawsuit claims the widow, Nikki Araguz, was born a man.
The deceased firefighter's mother and ex-wife want to keep the widow from receiving death benefits on the grounds the marriage is a sham. Araguz was in Houston Wednesday meeting with her transgender attorney, Phyllis Frye, and a leader of the Transgender Foundation of America.
Statement from the 2nd Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination summit on the Araguz case
Family sues to stop payment of benefits to transgender wife of fallen firefighter
WATCH: Fallen fireman’s trans widow speaks out

[Puerto Rico]
Denuncian nuevo comentario homofóbico en "Súper Xclusivo"
Excerto: Dijo que el "primer ataque surgió hace varias semanas cuando Héctor Travieso utilizó la palabra 'patuleco' y al día siguiente tuvo que disculparse, y la segunda ofensa sucedió cuando se burlaron de Harold Rosario utilizando manerismos y tratando de degradar una supuesta y percibida orientación sexual, tras lo cual hubo un compromiso privado de que no volvería a suceder. En esta tercera ocasión, Travieso y Santarrosa, a través de su personaje de La Comay, se burlaron de la conocida comunicadora transexual Samantha Love".
Exigen detente a homofobia y transfobia recurrentes de SuperXclusivo

Los crímenes que no se cuentan, Venezuela Diversia denuncia seis asesinatos a transexuales
Venezuela Diversa denunció el asesinato de seis transexuales en Caracas el año pasado. El temor y la vergüenza frenan la denuncia de las víctimas

Personas transexuales serán tratadas con nombre uso en Universidad Filosofía Buenos Aires
A partir del día de hoy, l@s estudiantes y trabajador@s docentes y no-docentes trans de la facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad de Buenos Aires estarán habilitad@s, mediante la simple presentación de una nota, a que usar su nombre de elección o identitario en todo trámite o documento interno de la Unidad Académica, incluyendo padrones electorales, actas de exámen, registros, listados de asistencia, etc.