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quarta-feira, julho 21, 2010

IGLHRC gains consultative status in the UN, Venezuela only country in America to vote 'No'
Yesterday, I was thrilled to hear that the US-based International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) had gained consultative status by the United Nations (Official press release here).
This came at the end of a prolonged fight to block the accreditation by leaders and representatives from some of the most homophobic nations in the world as well as fundamentalist religious institutions.
Grupo gay gana acreditación en la ONU

Creada una comisión para elaborar protocolo de atención a la transexualidad
El Ministerio de Sanidad, sociedades médicas y colectivos transexuales han mantenido hoy una reunión en la que se ha acordado la creación de una comisión para la elaboración de un protocolo de atención a la transexualidad en el Sistema Nacional de Salud.
Según informa la Federación Estatal de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales (FELGTB) en un comunicado, el primer borrador del protocolo estará listo en el mes de noviembre y la próxima reunión formal será en febrero de 2011.
La FELGTB asegura que el Ministerio de Sanidad se ha comprometido a elaborar una guía de recursos sobre transexualidad para los profesionales de atención primaria, quienes según esta federación, "desconocen en muchos casos la temática trans y no pueden atender de manera oportuna a los pacientes".
Hoy se ha creado la Comisión para el primer protocolo de atención a la transexualidad en España

Transvestite heroin addict stole clothes from High Street store to buy drugs
A transvestite heroin addict stole children's clothes in the hope of selling them for drug money.
Philip Garside snatched £111 of clothing from Boots in Lincoln's High Street – just weeks after a drug den he lived in was shut down.
Lincoln magistrates heard he had been living rough in the city ever since.

Robber dressed as a woman for £50,000 gem heist
A teenage robber disguised himself as a woman while taking part in an armed raid on a jewellers in Hatton Garden.

Transgender Model Poses for Givenchy Campaign in French Vogue
The Fall 2010 Givenchy campaign has a few unexpected surprises. Italian designer Riccardo Tisci hired ten models for the campaign. French Vogue decided, though, to feature one of the models nude, which happened to be Tisci's transgender personal assistant, Lea T.
Lea T. is not unfamiliar with the modeling world. She has modeled for Givenchy's haute couture show and has also posed, privates covered, for last month's Italian Vogue. While some have criticized Tisci for using his assistant as a marketing ploy, he remarked that she “exemplifies the masculine-feminine dichotomy that has become one of his design signatures.”

[South Africa]
Sacking 'not over sex change'
Christine Ehlers - sacked after having sex-change operations - was dismissed because she was incompetent, moody, irrational, caused fights at the office, and was unable to work with colleagues, the Johannesburg Labour Court was told yesterday.
In the dispute between Ehlers and multinational steel retailer Bohler Uddeholm Africa, the company's lawyer, Louise Charoux, argued that Ehlers's sex change had nothing to do with her dismissal.

Transgender? No problem at Bangalore University
Male, Female or Others - the last category is the revolutionary step taken by Bangalore University in ensuring that trans-gender students are not lost when asked to define their sex on the application form.

Rights group urge Cambodia to end sex worker abuse
Sex workers in Cambodia are routinely unlawfully arrested and taken by police to government detention centres where they face beatings, rape and extortion, a rights group said Tuesday.
New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) said that interviews with more than 90 female and transgender sex workers in capital Phnom Penh and three Cambodian provinces found they faced regular abuse by authorities.
Dire rights report: Sex workers face rape and beatings

Trans Bomb Suspect in Mental Hospital
A transgender woman who was arrested for allegedly putting fake bombs around her trailer, is now at a mental health facility, according to KTVB, an Idaho news outlet.
Catherine Carlson was scheduled to appear in court on July 19 to face charges for placing fake bombs around her trailer, then setting her trailer and truck on fire. Carlson allegedly ran down the street naked before authorities arrested her.
Bangalore university recognises the ‘other’ sex

Missouri Governor Issues Employment Protections
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon recently issued Executive Order 10-24 at the National Conference of the NAACP in Kansas Ciity. The Executive order extends employment protections to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons working in the Executive Branch of Government of the State of Missouri, requires the Executive Branch to file an annual workplace diversity plan and encourages adoption of the same protections for LGBT employees by all branches of Missouri Government.

Julie Nemecek up for appointment to the Jackson Human Relations Commission
Julie Nemecek, who lost her job at Spring Arbor University after undergoing a gender transformation from a man to a woman, is up for an appointment to the Jackson Human Relations Commission.
Nemecek said Monday she sees serving on the commission as an extension of her role as a teacher, advocate and minister on diversity and gender identity issues.

Trans Candidate Novotny Talks Kern, Gender With NYT
Brittany Novotny, a transgender woman running for office, says her gender will not be an issue in her candidacy for the Oklahoma Legislature. Novotny, whose gender was addressed in a New York Times article, says her commitment to service should be the most important factor to voters.
A Gay Campaign? Both Sides Demur

Transgender Widow May Lose Her Deceased Husband's Benefits in Lawsuit Over Her Gender
The Family of Firefighter Thomas Aganuz Said Couple Split After He Learned Wife Was Born a Man
Nikki Araguz, Transgender Wife Of Dead Firefighter, Taken To Court By Husband's Family Over Assets
They had to destroy marriage in order to save it
Suit alleges firefighter's widow was born a man

[America Latina]
La exclusión de transexuales en A.Latina a examen en documental "Translatina"
"Translatina", un nuevo documental del cineasta peruano Luis Felipe Degregori, se cuela en las vidas miserables de varias mujeres transexuales de Latinoamérica, abocadas a la discriminación y a la pobreza por su identidad sexual.
A partir de testimonios de todo el continente, el nuevo trabajo de este director después de "Peces de ciudad" diseca ese círculo de pobreza, discriminación y violencia que vive el colectivo transexual en Latinoamérica.
"Todo empieza en una escuela que expulsa a jóvenes incomprendidos y les empuja a la prostitución. No están preparados para tratarlos y sus únicas opciones son, o la peluquería, o el trabajo sexual" dijo a Efe Degregori.
La exclusión de transexuales en América Latina a examen en el documental "Translatina"

[Puerto Rico]
Enfrentará juicio por la muerte del transexual Ashley
Emmanuel Adorno Ayala renunció a la vista preliminar, por lo que enfrentará juicio el 27 de agosto por dos asesinatos, entre ellos por la muerte de la estilista transexual de Corozal, Ashley, cuyo nombre es Juan Ocasio Santiago.
La jueza Evelyn Hernández de Martir, del Tribunal de Primera Instancia de Bayamón, aceptó su renuncia y pautó la lectura de acusación para el 11 de agosto.

"Vamos por la Ley de Identidad de Género"
Manifestó Martín Caballero, integrante de VOX Asociación Civil Reconquista, que pertenece a la Federación Argentina de Lesbianas, Gay, Bisexuales y TRANS.
"Lo que estamos impulsando fuertemente en agenda es la Ley de Identidad de Género, que tiene mucho más consenso que el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo. Esta ley permitiría a las personas transexuales, cambiar su nombre y sexo en el documento, sin requerir operación alguna", explicó Martín Caballero, que acaba de participar del Congreso de la Federación Argentina de Lesbianas, Gay, Bisexuales y TRANS.
"Vamos a por la Ley de Identidad de Género" Manifiesta integrante de la Federación Argentina LGTB -FALGTB