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terça-feira, julho 13, 2010

Travesti está fora das eleições no Paraná
A travesti Andrielly Vogue não irá mais concorrer à vaga de deputada estadual pelo Paraná. Dois dias após ter sua pré-candidatura homologada no encontro estadual em Curitiba, em 29 de junho, o PT cancelou a candidatura. Em seu blog, Andrielly mostrou a sua revolta. “Depois disso tudo, estou morrendo de vergonha de quem confia em mim. Um ano e meio jogados fora. E agora, como fica?” (Foto)
Diretório do PT cancela candidatura de travesti

Poderosa chefona Andréia de Maio, morta há dez anos, foi a última cafetina-travesti romântica de São Paulo
Andréia de Maio foi a última cafetina-travesti romântica de São Paulo. Mesmo temida, era mãezona das “meninas” do centrão. Morta há dez anos, foi personagem de um sem-número de boas histórias do underground paulistano.
Travesti Andréia de Maio é resgatada por reportagem da revista "Trip" (Foto)

Un travesti pide que su agresor sea juzgado por homofobia
Na Audiencia Provincial no tiene precedentes de que se haya producido una petición similar en Asturias. Un vecino de Oviedo, G.I., ha solicitado que la denuncia que interpuso por el intento de atropello y las amenazas de muerte que sufrió, en la madrugada del pasado 6 de enero, cuando iba vestido de mujer junto a otro amigo travesti, se tramite como un delito contra la integridad moral con la agravante de discriminación por razón de sexo. Su abogado, José Antonio Moreno, ha presentado un recurso ante la Audiencia para que el denunciado, R.L., se siente en el banquillo de los acusados y responda de su presunta autoría en una conducta "homófoba" y no como una simple falta de lesiones, como reclama el fiscal.

Natividad Fidalgo, Asturias: «Los transexuales no son enfermos, la verdadera enfermedad es la ignorancia»
La ponencia presentada ayer por Natividad Fidalgo Rodríguez, foto, llevaba por título 'Cuando mi cuerpo es mi cárcel y no mi templo' e intentaba acercar a los estudiantes de los cursos de verano de la Universidad a los problemas que viven los transexuales. (Foto)

"Poner el cuerpo en su sitio, una cuestión de dinero en Galicia" La Sanidad autónoma no cubre el proceso
La celebración del 3 de julio, del día del Orgullo Gay ha activado la lucha para normalizar y visibilizar al colectivo transexual. Dentro de las políticas de identidad y de género impulsadas en los últimos años han sido y son, tal como afirman los propios afectados y afectadas y distintos partidos políticos, los grandes olvidados.

Moaning prostitute murderer says jury 'didn't like Scots' as he bids for freedom
A SCOTS killer jailed for the murder of a transgender prostitute is to fight his conviction.
Neil McMillan was sentenced to at least 22 years for the slaying of Andrea Waddell, 29.
His new lawyer Brian Shaw said: "It is early days but Mr McMillan would like to appeal both his sentence and conviction.

Hillier appeals to transgender community to save ID cards
New Labour never give up. Even out of government, they are still looking for groups of individuals who, they believe, are just salivating at the prospect of the chance to carry a shiny new ID card.
The latest group lucky enough to enter their sights just happens to be the transgendered. The Identity Documents Bill, which is intended to assert the Coalition’s new position vis-à-vis matters like identity cards is currently at the Committee stage in the House of Commons.

Gay pride march to reaffirm equal recognition stand
Rights Now! will be a call to politicians and policy makers that the recognition of lesbian and gay rights cannot be postponed any longer, Gabi Calleja, the coordinator of the Malta Gay Rights Movement, said. (Photo)

Un año más, el Orgullo LGTB de Budapest tiene lugar bajo un estricto control policial
Una marcha de unos 1000 manifestantes cerró este sábado las actividades del Orgullo LGTB de Budapest, marcado este año por las agresiones homófobas ocurridas días antes. Como tristemente viene siendo ya habitual en la capital húngara, la marcha se celebró bajo un estricto control policial. La zona estaba acordonada para evitar los ataques contra la marcha por parte de grupos de extrema derecha que han ocurrido en años anteriores.

Sexual minorities may be boxed into Backward Class category
The recommendation of the State Backward Classes Commission to Karnataka government to include lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders (LGBTs), prostitutes and children of HIV positive parents in the Backward Classes Category is being seen as a move that is as monumental as the recent law that decriminalised sexual minorities.

Female lawyer from Bhubaneswar defies all odds, undergoes sex change
The old adage everything is fair in love and war stood true when a women lawyer went to the extent of changing her sex to avoid losing her love. The female lawyer was so averse to the idea of having to marry someone else that she underwent a gender reassignment surgery. She is said to have taken this extreme step to continue in her relationship with a fellow female with whom she fell in love.

Transgender person crashes car into bar
A person was in police custody last night after a car crashed through a veranda pole, striking the front of a Cairns bar and injuring a woman on the footpath.
The driver was dressed in woman’s clothes, but had a distinct male voice and was believed to be a transgendered person.
Police said the vehicle, a white Hyundai Elantra, mounted the footpath and knocked down a veranda pole at Out Front Hotel Bar and Cafe on Sheridan St about 8pm.
(Photo: Mike Watt - Police officers take a person away for questioning after a car crashed through a pole and struck the front of a bar in the Cairns CBD.)

Robyn's sex change
Despite being trapped in a male body, Robyn knew she was meant to be a female from the age of ten. It took her 23 years to make the transition.
"I wouldn't call my life living up until that point. I was just following the routine. I would get up, get dressed, go to work, come home, have dinner, go to sleep and just be shut-in," Robyn said.
During the period before she transitioned, Robyn said she didn't have too many friends. As a male she weighed 160 kilos and didn't look after herself.
"I was just so unhappy with myself, how could I live a life around anyone? I just withdrew from the world," she said. (Photo)

Queer Collaborations conference protests trans custody death
On July 9, 60 people took to the streets to condemn the death of Aboriginal trans woman Veronnica Baxter. She was found dead in the Silverwater Metropolitan Reception and Remand Centre — a prison for men — six days after her arrest by Redfern police on minor drugs charges.

The Sorry State of Transgender Health Care
I often write about how transgender people who need to access hormone therapy and/or surgery (not all do) must go through one of the most rigorous pre-qualification processes of any medical procedure. But while medical and mental health professionals have focused much attention on setting the hurdles of qualification, relatively little has been focused on either the reality of the qualification process or what comes after it.

Will Warren Beatty every accept his girl becoming a boy?
Kathlyn Beatty made her public debut at the age of only ten weeks.
As a baby, a tiny dark-haired bundle, she appeared at the Golden Globe awards in 1991. Her mother, the actress Annette Bening, brought her along to see her doting father, Warren Beatty, who had been named Best Actor for his role in the film Bugsy.
It was a high point for Beatty, who even then was 54. After decades as probably the most infamous and prolific seducer in Hollywood, here he was, a family man at last.

NYT's Ethicist Randy Cohen: Trans Singles Should Reveal All on the First Date
The New York Times' ethicist columnist Randy Cohen told a female reader she had a right to be upset a transgender man she went on a date with wasn't forthcoming about his T status. This is gonna get dicey!
The flames are already flying at the blog Bilerico where Dr. Jillian T. Weiss is calls Cohen's advice "dangerous nonsense."
NY Times: "Transgendered" People Who Don't Out Themselves Are Immoral
The NYT Ethicist on Outing a Transgender Boyfriend
New York Times Says Trans People are Ethically Required to Out Themselves on Dates

Transgender servicemembers warned not to come out even if don't ask, don't tell is repealed
The National Center for Transgender Equality and Servicemembers Legal Defense Network are warning transgender servicemembers not to come out, even if don’t ask, don’t tell is repealed.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
DCTC Alarmed by Exclusion of Trans Communities in LGB Health Report
We recently discovered that the Mayor’s office released a report claiming to be about the health of the “GLBT community”, while failing to include trans people at all. Despite recognizing other differences such as race, age, ward and income, there is no data that breaks down the statistics by gender identity. Like the Mayor’s hate crimes report earlier this year, the report claims to include trans people but entirely ignores gay, lesbian and bisexual-identified trans folks, as well as trans people who are straight.

Arrest Made In 2009 Transgender Stabbing Murder
Authorities announced Thursday the arrest of a suspect in the murder of a transgender last year in Hollywood.
Officials say Jesus Catalan, 24, was responsible for the stabbing death of 27-year-old Palina Ibarra of east Hollywood.

Victory in Employment Discrimination Case
Vandy Beth Glenn, represented by Lambda Legal, won her case in District Court after suing her former employer for firing her because of her transition. She worked as a legislative editor for the Georgia State Assembly, a job she enjoyed and where she put in long, dedicated hours; in 2006, she informed her supervisor that she would be transitioning from male to female.
[Blog/Commentary] Georgia Federal Court Rules For Trans Woman on Sex Discrimination Claim
Judge rules for transgender woman fired by Georgia

Payette transgender woman fights use of male name
For nearly a year, Catherine Carlson refused to pay the fine for driving with a suspended license because it was issued to both her and the man she used to be.
She went to jail four times over the ticket that includes both her legal name and the one she was born with, Daniel Carlson. She had surgery 28 years ago to become a woman, the gender she believes should have been assigned her at birth.
Carlson legally changed her name in the 1970s, but police and court records include both in this rural farming and ranching community east of the Snake River in southwestern Idaho. (Photo)
Trans Woman Arrested in Bomb Plot
ID police: Transgender woman arrested in bomb plot
Payette Transsexual Charged With Arson
One arrested in Payette bomb threat
Police: Women set fire to home, car before running naked down road
Police: Transgender woman arrested in ID bomb plot

Transgender group protests Rhode Island Governor's "confusing" veto'
'We're not talking about cases where someone has a problem with the victim’s gender identity or expression. We're not talking about cases where someone doesn’t approve or agree with the way someone else is living their life. We're talking about cases where someone beats them up, or rapes them, or shoots them, or stabs them because of it. This would keep track of how often crimes like this happen.''
Carcieri’s veto of ‘gender’ bill criticized

[TX, USA][Commentary]
Kagan Demands Insurance Cover Sex-Change Operations
While serving as Dean of Harvard Law School, Elena Kagan demanded that Blue-Cross, Blue-Shield cover sex-change operations for the students. She believes that Americans have an “equal right” to be surgically operated on to change from a man to woman or vice versa; and that health insurance corporations have an obligation to cover the costs. Does Kagan believe that soldiers, presently in the line-of-duty, deserve this right, too; if she’s nominated as the next Supreme Court Justice?

[Puerto Rico]
Denuncian inacción y silencio ante asesinatos de gays y transexuales
El activista de derechos humanos, Pedro Julio Serrano, denunció hoy la falta de acción del Gobierno para atender los siete asesinatos de homosexuales y transexuales en los pasados ocho meses.
Dijo que las autoridades sufren de la “complicidad del silencio”.
Ultiman a transexual en Loíza
Asesinan a otra mujer transexual en Puerto Rico, alertan de los crímenes de odio

Se prepara la comunidad lésbico-gay para marchar y exigir respeto a sus derechos
Oaxaca de Juárez, 8 de julio. Este sábado diez de julio en la ciudad de Oaxaca se llevará a cabo la “Segunda Marcha-Calenda por la Diversidad Sexual en el Estado de Oaxaca” y que busca exigir el reconocimiento de los derechos civiles de quienes conforman este grupo social.

Piden frenar los “crímenes por odio”
Con llamativos atuendos de colores, decenas de miembros de la diversidad sexual, lésbica, gay, trans y bisexual (LGTB) desfilaron por el centro de la ciudad como parte de las actividades que realizan para el reconocimiento y respeto de los derechos humanos de la comunidad a la que pertenecen. (Foto)

[Costa Rica]
Costa Rica tras decisión de Tribunal respetara la imagen de las personas transexuales en fotos para el DNI
Las personas transexuales y/o transgéneros costarricenses podrán, a partir de hoy, aparecer como hombre o mujer en la fotografía de la cédula de identidad, independientemente del género con el que se encuentren inscritos en el registro Civil, informó el Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones (TSE).

Juez de Ecuador niega cambio de sexo legal citando versículos de la Biblia y dioses
La mujer transexual solicitante apelará la sentencia pues considera vulnerado sus derechos. Este caso reabre el debate sobre el tema.

Cientos de personas marchan Orgullo LGTB de Perú reclamando una Ley de Transexuales
Cientos de homosexuales, lesbianas, transexuales y bisexuales participaron hoy en el IX Marcha del Orgullo Gay. La concentración fue en el Campo de Marte, Jesús María.

Dice que policías la detuvieron por ser transexual y la violaron
La Justicia investiga una denuncia realizada por una transexual que dijo haber sido golpeada y forzada a mantener sexo oral con tres policías dentro de una comisaría.
El hecho, que trascendió en las últimas horas, tras una marcha de repudio, ocurrió en la madrugada del 3 de junio, cuando la transexual, Vanesa Cuello, y un peruano abordaron en Berisso un taxi que, a poco de andar, fue detenido por policías que hacían un operativo rutinario de control vehicular. El vehículo fue detenido luego de que el chofer pidiera apoyo por radio mediante una clave usada cuando se presume riesgo, ya que los pasajeros cambiaron imprevistamente el destino del viaje.
(Foto: Diario Diagonales - Vanesa Cuello, en una marcha de repudio, la semana pasada.)