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quarta-feira, julho 14, 2010

Parliament report: Two small victories for trans activists
Trans activists were celebrating a double victory last week. A rather clumsy proposal to “help” the transgendered by outing them was kicked into touch. Meanwhile, one member of the coalition government hinted publicly that it might be time to remove gender entirely from official documents, unless it was genuinely necessary.

Green Party’s draft proposal for a new name/gender change law
Via Justus Eisfeld, co-director of GATE – Global Action for Trans* Equality, I learn that Volker Beck of the German Green party has recently introduced a proposal for a new name/gender change law to the German Bundestag (national parliament). Please remember that this is only a proposal; it’s possible that it will not become law as the Green party is a minority party in the German parliament, and not part of the current government coalition

[South Africa]
Semenya not on African championship team - report
Controversial South African athlete Caster Semenya will not compete in an African championship later this month, her coach told The Sowetan newspaper on Monday.
Michael Seme said the 19-year-old 800m world champion had not been included in the team for the African Senior Track and Field Championship in Nairobi after consultations between himself and Athletics South Africa (ASA).

For Transgenders, Identity Papers Are No Simple Matter
In New Zealand, where Sujinrat Prachathai enjoys resident status, she is a woman able to append ‘Mrs’ to her name to signify that she is married. Here in Thailand, however, she has to be addressed as ‘Mr’ since she is still considered male even though she underwent a sex-change operation years ago.

Congratulations to Transgender Blogger Autumn Sandeen – Honored by San Diego LGBT Pride
Actress Cloris Leachman and human-rights activist Stuart Milk, founder of the Harvey Milk Foundation, may be the best known in San Diego’s LGBT Pride parade today. But I salute the Pride organizers for recognizing transgender blogger Autumn Sandeen of Pam’s House Blend with their Champion of San Diego Pride honor. Sandeen made national news this year by standing in her uniform side by side with Lt. Dan Choi at the White House gate to protest Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. I met Autumn when she came to LA for an event to interview Judy Chu (pictured), who was then running for Congress and was being honored by Equality California. She was also kind enough to contribute to this blog to help explain the “detransition” and sudden suicide of transgender L.A. Times sports columnist Christine Daniels/Mike Penner. (Photo: Judy Chu left and Autumn Sandeen right.)

B4 the 1st kiss: TELL your date you're transgender! What was GLAAD thinking?
Save a life! What was GLAAD thinking?
Before your first kiss make sure you tell your romantic interest about your being transgender and exactly what you have between your legs. Period. To do otherwise makes you culpable and at least in part responsible for your partners anger if they should react so when learning of your genitalia or history post kiss. If you are in it for a meaningful relationship honesty is the cornerstone.
[Commentary] NYT Ethicist's dangerous advice on outing "transgendered" people
The NY Times Ethicist Responds: I Didn't Suggest Self-Outing On The First Date

Weigh In on Trans Healthcare In D.C.
Last week, we took a close eye to the lack of transgender data in D.C.’s first LGB Health report. This Wednesday, the D.C. Council will do the same in a public oversight roundtable on the report. Councilmember Yvette Alexander scheduled the meeting after her office “received complaints from various organizations that were troubled by the report’s omission of existing research on D.C. transgendered communities, and were concerned that the report fails to acknowledge the current state of the District’s transgendered community’s health.” Details after the jump.

Transgender woman held after US rampage
A transgender woman was arrested after she went on a rampage, rigging what appeared to be four pipe bombs to a propane tank at her home, torching her car, then running naked along a rural highway.
Catherine Carlson, 53, was arrested on Sunday after firefighters responding to a report of a fire found pipes made to look like bombs on the porch of her trailer home, with a note warning of a booby-trap, authorities said.

Atlanta police release report on trans woman attacked in Midtown
The Atlanta Police Department today released its incident report in the case of a transgender woman who was attacked by a man who picked her up for sexual activity. The attack, listed in the report as aggravated assault and battery with a gun, occurred on July 9.
Trans woman pistol-whipped, shot at in Midtown

Transgender group plans to press case
A local transgender social club is moving forward with a discrimination complaint against Capone's Italian American restaurant after an attempt to mediate a dispute between the group and restaurant failed.

Action Alert and Press Conference for Trans Civil Rights 7/14/2010
This State Legislative session ends at midnight, July 31.
MTPC and the Transgender Civil Rights Coalition will be urging legislators to pass H1728/S1687 "An Act Relative to Gender Based Discrimination and Hate Crimes" before the end of this session.

Teens wanted for attack on transvestite
Police are looking for two teenagers they say are responsible for an attack on the south side. It happened near Cliff Avenue and South Flores just before midnight Sunday.
Police tell News 4 WOAI a 50-year-old transvestite was walking home when the two teens attempted to steal her purse.
When the victim tried to fight back, police say one of the teens stabbed her.

Reunión entre comunidad LGBTI y la Policía
Voceros de la comunidad LGBTI (Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales, Transgeneristas, Intersex) de Cartagena y el comandante de la Policía Metropolitana de esta capital, Ricardo Restrepo Londoño, sostendrán una reunión en el Teatro Adolfo Mejía.

Los hermafroditas, o intersexuales, también hacen parte de comunidad LGBT
Procuraduría y Ministerio del Interior cambiaron la sigla de la comunidad LGBT por LGBTI.
La letra I, según informó el Ministerio, representa a los Intersexuales, es decir, la población hermafrodita: aquellos que nacen con dos sexos.
"En los LGBT, una sigla que se conoce a nivel mundial, no todos se sentían incluidos, y ese era el caso de los Intersexuales, que muchos piensan que son una minoría porque no son tan visibles, pero que cada día nos damos cuenta de que el número es considerable", dice Daniel Verástegui, director del centro comunitario distrital LGBT, en Bogotá y que hace parte de la Secretaría de Gobierno de Bogotá.