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terça-feira, agosto 03, 2010

Silicone shots are gamble with death
Patients who get massive silicone injections to enlarge their breasts or buttocks should expect trouble, local cosmetic doctors say.
Especially if the silicone isn’t a medical-grade product, the procedure can lead to disfigurement or death.

Brazil's sex tourism boom
Young children are supplying an increasing demand from foreign tourists who travel to Brazil for sex holidays, according to a BBC investigation. Chris Rogers reports on how the country is overtaking Thailand as a destination for sex tourism and on attempts to curb the problem.
[Commentary] Brazil's Cross-Dressing Children For Sale to Sex Tourists
Protituição de menores travestis no Brasil é destaque na BBC de Londres

Adam becomes Alexandra: The WPC who used to be a PC back on the beat
For more than six years Constable Adam Smith walked the beat in the seaside towns of North Wales.
He earned the respect and admiration of locals, and many were sorry to see him go when he announced he was leaving for a new post.
Now the officer is back on the beat, but there is a difference – PC Smith is now a woman.
The 31-year-old has undergone gender transition treatment and is working as PC Alexandra Smith, known as Lexie. (Photo)

'Gender identity disorder sufferers need better care'
Psychiatrists have told Newsbeat that young people with gender identity disorder need better treatment.
Sufferers with the disorder are unhappy being the gender they are born as.

[UK] [Commentary]
Yes, I’m trans. Why is that such a problem for you?
I begin to wonder if the increase in cis people’s awareness of TS/TG people has a downside, in that they’re finally beginning to see us everywhere. Kind of like when someone says, “Ooh, there are loads of red cars on the roads these days” and suddenly you start noticing that, yes there are a lot of red cars around. That doesn’t necessarily mean there are more red cars all of a sudden (although I suppose it might), just that you’re suddenly noticing them more because someone’s put the thought, the awareness, in your head.

Meet Ben who used to be Rebecca
This is Ben, who was born a girl. Ben wants to be referred to as 'he' now.
But he used to be called Rebecca, have long blond curly hair and wear dresses.
This wasn't a decision Ben, 17, took lightly. (Photo)

Lea T and the loneliness of the fashion world's first transsexual supermodel
Givenchy's new campaign features a controversial face who has emerged from backstage onto the catwalk
World's first transsexual supermodel Lea T shakes up fashion scene
Lea T Transsexual Model in the Spotlight
A Look At Lea T: The Model, The Muse, The Pioneer
Lea T in sex change transition: First transgender supermodel gets Givenchy gig
Brazilian Supermodel Lea T Ready For Sex Change
Brazilian Supermodel, Lea T, Intends To Experience Sex Change Surgically

Sex change sterilization 'a dark chapter': Reinfeldt
The leaders of Sweden’s seven main parties have expressed support for an amendment to legislation forcing anybody who has a sex change to undergo compulsory sterilization and, if married, to secure a divorce from their partner.

Parada Gay reúne mais de 30 mil nas ruas de Estocolmo
Vários políticos suecos participaram do evento, a um mês das eleições.
Em sua 12ª edição, manifestação teve como tema este ano o poder.

Homosexuality will not be tolerated, says south Sudan president
Homosexuality will not be accepted in southern Sudan should the south become independent after a referendum due to take place next year the regions President Salva Kiir Mayardit told Dutch radio on Friday.

1,500 LGBTs in Nawalparasi
The number of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) is 1,500 in Nawalparasi, according to a report.
The report prepared by Blue Diamond Society, an organisation working for LGBT, says 150 are third gender out of the total LGBT population.

Four lives
The Karnataka Sex Workers’ Union is fostering a sense of community among its members as they struggle for personal, social and legal security.

‘Police call me madam, ask me to sit’
She tells it like it is. “If you have an extra finger, you’ll get it removed. It’s like that for us,” says A Revathi. Her candid, sometimes shocking autobiography, “The Truth About Me: A Hijra Life Story” is to be released in Bangalore later this month. She worked her way through four drafts. “A woman takes nine months to produce a baby. I’ve worked on this book for five years.”

[New Zealand]
Transgender patients seek improved health care
Transgender patients wanting sex change operations and hormone treatments say they are marginalised by disrespectful, ill-informed doctors and a baffling health system.

Transgendered woman seeks refugee status
A transgendered woman from Northern Ireland who has lived and worked in Nova Scotia since 2006 is fighting to stay in Canada.
Tanya Bloomfield, owner of a computer company in Chester, was denied temporary work and residency applications in the last year and could face deportation if immigration officials do not give her refugee status.
Her last temporary residence permit expired last August.
NI transgendered woman seeks refugee status in Canada
Transgendered woman seeks refugee status in Canada
Irish transgender woman pleads for refugee status in Canada
British woman seeks refugee status

Disco-Ball Dresses and Spandex - A dispatch from transgender camp for kids.
The face of a young man in a baseball cap fills the screen at the center of a circle of 30 or so children. "It's Johnny!" they yell, meaning Johnny Weir, the "flamboyant," figure-skating Olympian.* The kids are part of an annual gathering of gender-variant and transgender kids—kids born boys who look and act like girls. Outside of this camp weekend, it's rare for them to hear "how great I think you all are … being true to yourselves," as Weir tells them. He says he loves the electric-blue spandex suit with the lime-green lightning bolt designed by one boy. He tells a 6-year-old that, no, he doesn't have a girlfriend, but one day he would like to have a family of his own. And, yes, "Bad Romance" was his favorite song to skate to. "I've fallen," he tells them, referring to the ice, not sin. "I've screwed up. The thing is just sparkle so much that nobody notices. Yeah, that's it. Sparkle! We've got to sparkle!"

[USA] [Commentary]
Trans Etiquette: When is a Compliment Not a Compliment?
It’s not tough to compliment trans people. Like anyone else, we like to be told that we look nice, or that you love our new shirt, or that we did a good job on our speech or our term paper or winning the World Series.
But there is a confusingly fine line when it comes to certain compliments doled out by non-trans people – and that confusingly fine line might be enough to discourage compliments at all!

[USA] [Commentary]
Ask Matt: When and How to ‘Out’ a Trans Loved One
Of course, the cardinal rule of outing is – don’t.
But what if your spouse/partner/child/parent/best friend or other loved one has transitioned, and you happen to run into someone who doesn’t know? And what if that person says to you, “Oh, Mary, how’s your husband, Bill? I haven’t seen him in ages! What’s he doing now?”
And what if Bill is now Sandra?

New Regulations Issued To Protect Individuals From Health Insurance Company Abuses
The Obama administration issued new regulations last week under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which will protect consumers against abuses from health insurance companies. These new regulations will enable people to appeal decisions made by their health insurance companies and provide them with resources to do so. The regulations will go into effect on September 21, 2010.

The Transphobic Media Strikes Again...WYFF-TV Flips Gender Script
Okay people, why do I have to keep repeating this part of the AP Stylebook on how to write about and cover trans people almost like a fracking mantra?
Transgender-Use the pronoun preferred by the individuals who have acquired the physical characteristics of the opposite sex or present themselves in a way that does not correspond with their sex at birth.
If that preference is not expressed, use the pronoun consistent with the way the individuals live publicly.

[USA] [Commentary]
Being Visible and Viable
I’m convinced that one of the major reasons society hasn’t advanced to the point where transgender people are accepted and have full equality in all areas of life is this: transfolk are, for the most part, still mostly closeted. Now, I realize that sometimes circumstances dictate remaining in the closet, and I’m not trying to judge anyone here. I was in that same closet for many years myself, so I’m not about to start pointing fingers and telling anyone else what to do. Emerging from the closet is a highly personal decision, one that no one else can/should make for another.

Drag Quartet Sings About Oil Disaster
The Kinsey Sicks, the popular a cappella quartet that performs in drag, has released a video in which the members sing out their frustration with the Gulf Coast oil disaster. In the video for the song, titled "BP Is Creepy," the quartet also takes aim at the country's addiction to oil by singing the question "Who's got the time to regulate BP when we're willy-nilly filling up our SUVs?"

Trinidad doctor battled hospital
Dr. Marci Bowers, one of the premier gender reassignment surgeons in the world, said Thursday she is considering leaving town because of issues she has with Mount San Rafael Hospital and personal issues.
Hospital officials said they have programs in place and that there would be little if any financial impact if she leaves.

Transgender woman files complaint against Muncie hospital
A Central Indiana hospital is investigating claims that its staff ridiculed and refused to treat a transgender patient
Advocacy groups have filed complaints against Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie saying Erin Vaught was inhumanely treated, dehumanized and disrespected.
Vaught says she has known since she was very young that she was born in the wrong body.
Transgender Woman Says Hospital Mistreated Her
Transgender woman's treatment at hospital bring down wrath of HRC
Central Indiana’s Ball Memorial Hospital Denies Care to Transgender Woman
Hospital treatment is faulted
Indiana Hospital Refuses To Treat Transwoman Who Was Coughing Up Blood

Father of a transgender tween speaks out
What’s it like to raise a transgender child? In this Thrive exclusive, a father reflects on his experience. Click here to learn more about his family and their experiences at Children’s Hospital Boston.

Susan Kimberly's new transition
After making headlines when she had a sex-change operation in the 1980s, Susan Kimberly spent several more decades shaping policy, projects and politics in St. Paul.

Trans man Thomas Beatie gives birth to third child
Thomas Beatie has given birth to his third child, reports say.
Mr Beatie, who was born female, had his first child in 2008 because his wife Nancy was unable to conceive.
He kept his female reproductive organs after transitioning to become a man ten years ago.
The latest addition to the Oregon-based family has not yet been named but is thought to have been born on July 25th.

Nikki Araguz To Appear on FOX 26 Morning News
The transgender widow at the center of a controversial case to determine if she is entitled to her husband's death benefits is scheduled to appear on FOX 26 Morning News during the 8 a.m. hour.
Nikki Araguz: Lawyer Representing Her Husband's Ex-Wife Faces State Bar Investigation
Fallen fireman’s ex-wife calls press conference to slam transgender widow Nikki Araguz
Nikki Araguz: She Says E-Mails Prove Husband Knew She Was Born A Man
Nikki Araguz Update 7-Opposition Research

Golpeados jóvenes gays
La noche del pasado 27 de julio, Luis Fernández, conocido como Luisy, y Arnaldo Díaz, conocido como Melissa, dos homosexuales, fueron golpeados, debido a su orientación sexual, por dos policías en la Autopista Nacional, en Jagüey Grande.
“Estábamos sentados en el piso de una caseta, en Jagüey Grande. Ya era tarde y no habíamos podido embarcarnos para Santa Clara, cuando de pronto llegaron dos policías y nos cayeron a bastonazos; lo mismo nos daban por la cara que por la espalda”, dijo Luis a este reportero.
Agregó Arnaldo que mientras les pegaban, los policías gritaban que no querían en su territorio gente como ellos, y que si volvían a verlos por allí se los llevarían presos.

[El Salvador]
“Crímenes de odio” enlutan El Salvador
En las cifras de homicidios que registra el país, hay algunos que pertenecen con exclusividad a un sector de población que se identifica como “LGBT” y refiere con claridad la orientación o identidad sexual de las víctimas: lesbianas, gay (en inglés homosexual), bisexual y trans.
El último término se refiere a hombres y están los transgéneros (identidad o vida que se asume), los travestis (usan prendas del sexo distinto al suyo sea gay o no) y los transexuales (apariencia femenina hasta la reasignación o cambio de sexo).
En el país, la “Asociación Salvadoreña para Impulsar el Desarrollo Humano” Aspidh-Arcoiris aglutina a los hombres trans. Solo en el Área Metropolitana de San Salvador (Amss) cuenta con 200 miembros activos.

Film venezolano “Cheila, una casa pa´maíta”
Para julio del 2010 fue pospuesta la premier en cartelera nacional del más reciente film del realizador Eduardo Barberena, “Cheila, una casa pa´maíta”, que narra la historia de un transexual.

En septiembre el Congreso debatirá la ley de identidad de género
Se acerca un nuevo debate al Congreso y tiene que ver con un proyecto sobre la identidad de género en personas transexuales quienes proclaman cambiar su nombre en el DNI a fin de gozar de los todos los derechos.
Ante la ley