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sábado, julho 31, 2010

[Ireland] [Commentary]
Irish Labour Party's Policy on Transgender Rights
In light of recent events, where a labour party councillor called for the HSE; to exclude Transgender persons from their services concerning gender reassignment abroad, The Labour Party pointed us (Corktrans Website) to their 2010 conference in Galway, particularly to "Session 1: Promoting Justice and Law Reform; Motion 128".

Jerusalem hosts subdued gay pride march
Thousands of Israelis marched calmly Thursday in Jerusalem's longest gay pride parade despite opposition from anti-gay demonstrators.
The subdued Jerusalem march from the center of town to the parliament building contrasted with flamboyant gay pride parades elsewhere in the world. Organizers said they were adjusting to the religious character of the city and using their march to promote their political agenda.
Gay Pride March in Jerusalem Angers Orthodox Jews

Edict Aims at TV and Sex Changes
Indonesia’s highest Islamic authority has followed up a series of contentious edicts with a new one barring Muslims from watching television gossip shows or having sex-change operations.

Untested treatments could put trans people at risk
Long-term effects of hormones unknown
When Ryan Jarman decided to start hormone therapy as a trans man in 2004, he was turned down by no less than 17 doctors.
“They all told me no because they didn’t have the experience,” he says. “I offered them information, but they all just weren’t interested.”
When he finally found a physician willing to accept him as a patient, Jarman was put on 200 mg of testosterone every two weeks. When he later moved to Vancouver, his new doctor at the Three Bridges Clinic, one of two clinics in Vancouver that treat transsexuals, cut his dose in half and told him trans people are usually started on no more than 35–50 mg of testosterone.

Gender change basis of refugee claim
An Irish national who’s been living and working in Nova Scotia is fighting deportation.
Tanya Bloomfield, who owns and operates a computer business, is battling federal immigration officials by claiming refugee status — a claim that says she could be the victim of hate crimes if she returns to Europe.
Bloomfield, a transgendered female, has been living in the Chester area. She moved to Canada more than three years ago but her applications to remain in this country have not been successful.
Irish trans woman applies for refugee status in Canada

5 minutes with: Candis Cayne
Candis Cayne, the 2010 Role Model Grand Marshal of the Vancouver Pride Parade, is the first transgendered actress with a reoccurring role on a network show. She played a transgender character in the television series Dirty Sexy Money on ABC.

The choice of being transgender
Why do I choose to be transgendered? It’s a hard life and it’s not like anyone would ever have to know how I really feel inside. You’re right, I do have a “choice.” I could choose to keep my female body and go on living a life of unfulfilled dreams. Because I am not the person in my dreams.

Transgender woman claims she was mistreated by BMH staff
Erin Vaught went to the emergency room at Ball Memorial Hospital on July 18 expecting treatment for a lung condition that was causing her to cough up blood.
What she got, she says, was treatment of a very different kind.
Vaught is a transgender woman, specifically a transsexual, someone who has transitioned or is transitioning from one gender to another. In Vaught's case, it's from male to female. And she said that being a transwoman became an issue the moment she walked into the hospital.
Transgender woman says hospital mistreated her

Wharton firefighter's ex-wife says transgender widow 'has created a big mess'
The first wife of the firefighter killed battling a rural Wharton County fire says the battle over his estate is tearing their family apart for a second time.
Heather Delgado doesn’t believe her ex-husband’s transgender widow should be entitled to his benefits.
Firefighter's Ex-Wife Comments on Transgender Battle
Fallen firefighter's ex-wife speaks out
Dead Firefighter Thomas Araguz Testified He Didn't Know Wife Is Trans. Is Nikki Araguz Screwed?

[Commentary] Nikki Araguz Update 6 - Umm...About That 'Texas Law' Meme

[Puerto Rico]
Una tendencia funesta
Van siete asesinatos de homosexuales en los últimos nueve meses
Siete asesinatos contra homosexuales ocurridos en los últimos nueve meses han alzado la voz de alerta en cuanto a la posibilidad de que algunos de éstos pudiera tratarse de algún crimen de odio por la orientación sexual de las víctimas.
Tres de estos casos ya fueron resueltos por las autoridades. El más reciente fue el del estilista transexual Juan Antonio Santiago, mejor conocido como “Ashley”, cuyo asesino, identificado por la Policía como Emmanuel “Mangüi” Adorno Ayala, de 22 años, confesó el crimen a las autoridades a finales de mayo.

First politician transsexual gets married next Tuesday
A transsexual who works as council in Bella Vista, Tucuman, Argentina will marry with the tourism director, becoming the first marriage of a transvestite since the sanction of the homosexual marriage law.
Rody Humano is 38 and will marry Juan Carlos Lizarraga, whom she has been living for 10 years.
Un funcionario y un concejal travesti celebrarán la primera boda gay en Tucumán

Boda gay local tras los muros: se casa un travesti con un preso
Un hombre que viste de mujer y un presidiario de Almafuerte se casarán el próximo miércoles a las 10 en la cárcel de Cacheuta, a través del Registro Civil Móvil.
Con el aval que les otorgó la aprobación en el Congreso nacional del matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo, Diana –como se hace llamar uno de ellos, el que está en libertad– y Jorge Osvaldo, hoy preso, serán los primeros argentinos homosexuales que contraerán matrimonio intramuros. No así la primera pareja conformada por un travesti, ya que, en Tucumán, un concejal que manifiesta esa condición dará el “sí” el martes.
(Foto: Para siempre. Además de tener tatuado el nombre de su amado, Diana se unirá ahora ante la ley con Jorge Osvaldo.)