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terça-feira, julho 27, 2010

Travestis foram presos por aplicarem o golpe do “Boa noite Cinderela”
A Polícia Militar prendeu dois travestis em Uberlândia, no Triângulo Mineiro, acusados de aplicarem o golpe ´Boa noite, Cinderela´.

Call for HSE to axe sex-change ops as child denied aid
The HSE should not pay for public patients to undergo sex-change operations abroad when cuts are being made to frontline services for children, a Labour Party councillor hass claimed.

African Activist Cleared on Porn Charges
A gay rights activist was found not guilty on pornography charges after a police raid of his home in May which turned up a DVD in his office featuring two men having sex.
Zimbabwe gay rights activist not guilty of porn charge

Transvestite nuisance
Police have arrested four cross-dressers and referred them to the General Department for Criminal Investigation for creating a nuisance inside a public park, reports Al-Anba daily.
According to reports the arrest came when the transvestites entered a public park and began harassing women and young girls. When the park security guards tried to evict the foursome, they beat the guards and the latter called the police.

Bangalore University scores a first, opens to third sex
Bangalore University is bending the gender. It will soon allow eligible transgenders pursuing higher education to take admission and avail the reservation quota of one seat in each of the 60 post-graduate (PG) courses that it offers.

Ontario moves to end CAMH death grip on trans health services
The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), the infamous Toronto facility known for regressive and humiliating treatment of transgender clients, is about to lose the monopoly that allowed them to become the most notorious “gender clinic” in the world. A Provincial Trans Health Project Advisory Committee is being formed to address this problem that emerged in Ontario over 40 years ago and has been a problem ever since.

'Huge learning experience'
A concert by internationally lauded pianist Sara Davis Buechner is among the highlights of this year's Queer Arts Festival.
The 51-year-old Buechner, a professor at the University of B.C., has played since she was a three-year-old in New York. She trained at Juilliard, and drew raves at her New York City concert debut at age 24.

[USA] [Commentary]
20 years from now: wishful thinking?
I was reminded this morning: the wheel turns slowly for trans individuals. My legal name has been changed for over five years; yet, for three years I have been wrangling with the Social Security Administration and the IRS to get my name legally changed on tax records. I decided to go up to the Winston-Salem office and, once and for all, get this fixed. Even though I had brought enough documentation (I thought), the clerk rudely informed me that she would be unable to effect the change without a properly amended birth certificate. Great! Stuck in the classic trans Catch 22. No money equals no surgery equals no amended birth certificate equals no money. I can’t afford my surgeries and the fact that the IRS has screwed up my credit by refusing to make the name change has been partially to blame.

Transgender Man Thomas Beatie Due With Third Child
Thomas Beatie, the world's first transgender man to give birth, is expecting a third child any day now, first reported.
Beatie gave birth to his first child, daughter Susan, on June 29, 2008 in an Oregon hospital. Austin followed a year later.
“He's in full-term now and passed his due date,” an unnamed source close to the family said.

Should Gender Transitioning Start At Age 9?
The Arizona Daily Star today published an interesting article on what many consider to be a contentious topic: transgender children. Profiled is 9-year-old Josie Claudine Romero, who was born a boy and, at the age of 5, was diagnosed by a doctor with gender identity disorder. She has lived as a boy for the last three years and, according to the piece, will soon start to take "drugs to prevent her from going through puberty as a boy. As a teen she hopes to begin female hormone therapy. When she's an adult, she expects to have sexual reassignment surgery."

The Nikki Araguz Case: Video of Friday’s Post-Hearing Press Conference
[Commentary] Local Fox ‘News’ in Houston is at it again in the Araguz case
[Commentary] Notes From a Scandal, Texas Style

"No tengo problemas con los transexuales, soy actor ante todo"
No es difícil notar el encanto de José Manuel Suárez, un actor que hasta hace poco era la estrella infantil de la novelas de Venevisión, pero ya creció. Es una nota a través del teléfono. Habla sin parar y casi no deja terminar una pregunta cuando ya la está respondiendo. El joven, de 22 años, está en la mejor etapa de su carrera artística. No sólo es solicitado en la pantalla chica, sino que en estos momentos toda Venezuela lo ve en la gran pantalla por tener a su cargo el papel del protagonista joven en la película Cheila, una casa pa&39; maíta