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quarta-feira, julho 28, 2010

Travesti foi espancada até a morte depois de convite para programa
A polícia de Campinas, no interior de São Paulo, prendeu Roberto Rubens de Macedo, 25 anos, depois de ele ter espancado a travesti conhecida como Camily. A vítima ficou em coma num hospital da cidade, mas não resistiu e morreu nesta terça-feira (27).
Segundo a polícia, Roberto agrediu a travesti depois de ter recebido um convite para fazer um programa com ela.
Ele não gostou do convite de Camily e passou a espancá-la. Ao ver que a vítima estava desacordada, o agressor fugiu.

Malaysian transsexual married to Englishman wins asylum, couple can stay together
Fatine Young, a Malaysian transsexual in a civil partnership with an English man, Ian Young, has won her asylum claim. The couple had been told by the Home Office they had no right to live together in the UK and instead should live in Malaysia.

Indian University Creates Quota for Transgender Students
As U.S. colleges and universities struggle with how to accommodate transgender students, one university in Bangalore, India is taking proactive measures to ensure that they feel fully welcomed.
Bangalore University’s academic council unanimously approved Monday a proposal to add a third gender option to application forms and reserve one seat in each of the school’s 60 post-graduate courses for transgender students, according to DNA India. Bangalore University is the first in India to open admissions to transgender students and to reserve a spot for them.
B'lore varsity reserves seats for transgenders
Varsity reserves seats for transgenders
Transgenders get quota in P-G courses

[New Zealand]
Cross-dresser jailed for raping bondage partner
A Rotorua cross-dresser has been jailed for raping a woman who took part in bondage sessions with him.
Gordon Murray Waite, 42, was convicted by a jury in June of raping the woman in her home in March last year. He had jumped out of her wardrobe wearing only a women's G-string and raped her as she was preparing for bed.

New evidence implicates several former police officers in Adele Bailey murder
The 32-year mystery over the murder of transsexual prostitute Adele Bailey has taken a dramatic twist, with explosive new evidence implicating several former officers being given to the Office of Police Integrity. (Photo: Adele Bailey)

Federal Housing Protections for Transgender Tenants
As's Adam Amir put it, the Obama administration has tossed the gay and transgender communities a few more crumbs. First, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan announced earlier this month that the agency would pursue cases of housing discrimination against LGBT tenants. Now there's news that HUD is expanding its interpretation of federal housing policy to include protections for gender identity.

New national trans network formed; local on steering committee
A national network of state and local transgender advocacy groups -- dubbed the Trans Advocacy Network -- has been formed in order to build a stronger nationwide movement. Gunner Scott, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC), will sit on the steering committee.

Colorado Sex-Change Doctor Considering Move
A town nicknamed the "sex change capital of the world" could be losing a doctor who has performed hundreds of the operations.
Dr. Marci Bowers said Monday she is "98 percent sure" she will be moving to the San Francisco area Oct. 1.
"There are advantages to being in a bigger city with access to airports," said Bowers, adding that Trinidad's location about a three-hour drive south of Denver was a barrier for some potential patients.

Panel mulls testimony from transgender group, Capone's
The doorman at Capone's Italian American Restaurant looked at the members of a local transgender social club and pointed to a sign that read "Positive ID Required."
"I said, 'Not a problem,'" Ashley Bottoms, the founder of Sisters Family, recalled last night. Members had their driver's licenses, the same ones they had previously used to get into the Peabody restaurant and nightclub.
"They have to match, exactly," the doorman said, according to Bottoms' testimony to the city's Licensing Board. Bottoms protested, arguing that people change their appearance all the time: They get a haircut, they shave or grow facial hair.

TransActive Releases “You Are What You’re Born…”
A new video by TransActive Education & Advocacy examines the “negative cumulative effect that oppressive and exploitative media representations have on all transgender people, especially children and youth.”

North Charleston police arrest suspects who nabbed man's purse
Police arrested two men who allegedly held up a third man dressed in drag early Monday morning.

Deposition: Wharton firefighter unaware wife born a man
A Wharton Volunteer Fire Department captain whose estate is now the subject of a bitter court battle questioning whether his marriage was valid testified in April that he did not know his wife used to be a man, according to a court deposition obtained by the Houston Chronicle.
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