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quarta-feira, agosto 04, 2010

Roberto Requião se reúne com travestis três dias após ter dado declaração considerada homofóbica
O candidato pelo Paraná ao Senado, Roberto Requião, se reuniu com lideranças trans para manifestar apoio à causa LGBT. O encontro aconteceu três dias depois de o político ter chamado de José Serra e Fernando Henrique Cardoso, ambos do PSDB, de travestis e causado reações negativas em alguns ativistas.

Natal ganha Dia da Visibilidade de Travestis e Transexuais
Natal agora tem seu Dia Municipal da Visibilidade de Travestis e Transexuais. A lei que dedica o 29 de janeiro a esta parcela da população foi sancionada nesta semana por Micarla de Sousa, prefeita da capital potiguar.

Lea T., Transsexual Model, Talks Sex Change & The Night She Found Herself
Lea T., the star of Givenchy's autumn/winter ad campaign, recently opened up to several magazines and newspapers about being a transsexual supermodel, even posing nude in French Vogue "in the name of all my transsexual friends" (NSFW photos here). The Guardian UK traced Lea's rise to the top, from her birth as Leandro in 1981 in Belo Horizonte Brazil to soccer hero Toninho Cerezo and a Catholic family to becoming Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy's muse.
Transgender Givenchy
Givenchy model is transsexual

Turkish Supreme Court recognizes woman's sex-change operation
The Supreme Court of Appeals has urged a lower court to recognize the new identity of a Turkish person who underwent a sex-change operation in Germany and became a woman, daily Radikal reported Sunday.

Degrassi: Meet Adam, 1st Transgender Teen in Scripted TV History
As Degrassi launches its tenth season this month on Teen Nick, it also introduces Adam, the first transgender teen character to appear as a series regular on a scripted tv show.

Jury Selection Scheduled in King Murder Trial
More than two years after 15-year-old Lawrence King was shot to death in an Oxnard, Calif., classroom, jury selection may soon begin in the murder trial of Brandon McInerney after a defense motion to disqualify the judge handling the case was denied.

GetEQUAL Stages Sit-In at Capitol Rotunda
Last week, GetEQUAL, a national, direct-action LGBT civil rights organization, staged a sit-in inside the U.S. Capitol Rotunda in Washington, D.C. protesting in support of a vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) this year.

Transgendered Woman to Get Her Job Back
A federal judge has ordered a Georgia woman be reinstated to her state job. Vandy Beth Glenn says she was fired after she changed her gender from a man to a woman.
A federal judge ruled in favor of the former state employee.
Glenn was born a man and worked at the Georgia Capitol for two years as a legislative editor.

[IN, USA] [Commentary]
Transgender Woman Turned Away From Indiana Hospital
This is one of the most appalling and blatant cases of prejudice that I've seen in a long time. And the fact that it happened in a hospital, to a patient who was coughing up blood, only made it worse. A transgender woman says that she was ridiculed and eventually turned away by employees of Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana when they discovered that she was transgender. Officials are now investigating the allegations, which, if true, are horrifying in the extreme.
Transgender woman alleges mistreatment
Trans Woman Ridiculed, Rejected by Hospital

Ten proposals that did not make it on Beacon Hill
Gov. Deval Patrick has signed 403 bills over the past two years, and he will likely sign most of the 104 on his desk as of Monday afternoon.
Amid the parade of bill signings are the thousands of bills that didn't make it, including a few that won considerable attention on Beacon Hill but failed to cross the finish line.
Transgender bill on session’s cutting room floor

First known transgender man to give birth delivers third child
A transgendered American, widely known for becoming the world's first "pregnant man", is celebrating the arrival of his third child.
Thomas Beatie was born a female but underwent a sexual reassignment procedure in order to become a man, RadarOnline said.
Transgender Man Thomas Beatie Gives Birth To Third Child

Real-life drama fit for daytime television
The bizarre case of transgender widow Nikki Araguz has been the stuff of a raucous Jerry Springer segment from the start.
Since she first appeared on the scene as the grieving spouse of fallen Wharton firefighter Thomas Araguz in a legal battle for his death benefits, she has admitted to lying in a court deposition in a child custody case earlier this year, and her lengthy criminal record including theft convictions and a drug charge has come to light.
Viúva transexual de bombeiro em tribunal
Widow: Sex Change Operation Made Marriage Legal
Widow offers 'proof' husband knew history
Transgender Widow: E-mail Proves Husband Knew
Transgender Wife Fights to Prove Legal Marriage
New motion filed in transgender widow case
Nikki Araguz: She Says E-Mails Prove Husband Knew She Was Born A Man
Lawyers Battle Over Validity of Transgender Marriage
Transgender Widow in Texas Says E-mail Proves Husband Knew About Sex Change
Lawyers: Transgendered marriage was legal
Do e-mails, witness statement prove that Nikki Araguz’s husband knew she was transgender?
Transgender widow case boils down to gay marriage ban

Santiago del Estero: se casaron un hombre y un transexual
Viven juntos desde hace diez años y cuidan al hijo de doce años de uno de ellos. Se trata del primer transexual en casarse. Mañana será la primera boda de lesbianas en Frías, también en Santiago del Estero. (Foto)

Son más de 500 las personas trans que se han relevado en la capital tucumana
Luego del debate por el matrimonio gay, el termómetro de la diversidad comenzó a calentarse en torno a la identidad de género, no sólo porque existe un proyecto de ley en el Congreso nacional sino porque cada vez son más los recursos de amparo presentados en la Justicia por personas trans (travestis, transexuales y transgénero) para cambiar el nombre de su DNI y obtener el reconocimiento legal de su existencia.