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quinta-feira, agosto 12, 2010

Acción solidaria contra la deportación de Angélica a Colombia
Un grupo de personas, en el marco de la campaña CIEs No ! por el cierre de los Centros de Internamiento de Extranjeros, hemos emprendido una acción colectiva para tratar de evitar la deportarción de Angelica Mª Rojas, mujer transexual colombiana actualmente internada en el CIE de Zapadores de la ciudad de Valencia y en peligro de ser expulsada inminentemente del país.

Man Guilty Of 'NI' Transsexual's Murder
A man has been found guilty of killing a London transsexual sex worker who had family links to Belfast.
Leon Fyle, 21, of Laleham Road, Lewisham, was found guilty of the murder of Destiny Lauren at her home in Leighton Crescent on November 5 last year.

Transsexual people comment on their experiences
A man has been convicted of murdering a transsexual prostitute in north London. Destiny Lauren was one of a number of transgender people to suffer violence, and there are concerns such attacks are on the increase.
Murders are obviously at the extreme end of the spectrum and remain very rare. But BBC News website readers Sarah Brown and Zoe O'Connell told us about the verbal abuse and discrimination they received after transitioning.

[UK] [Commentary]
'I wanted to become a woman - but did I really want to become Juliet?'
As part of her transition, Juliet Jacques had to discard her male name and pick a female one. How would this name change affect her family and friends - and herself?

I’m having a sex swap says poll
Robert Hull, 54 - who has changed his name to Rianna Humble - now proudly wears a red bobbed wig and fake boobs.
The ex-councillor, who stood as a Labour candidate in this year's general election, will have a sex-change op after going through counselling and voice therapy.
Sex change for former Crawley councillor (Photo)

Nepal's first transgender politician out to challenge roles
'A politician is not what I dreamt of becoming as a child,' says Bhumika, as she bats her eyelids coquettishly and smiles to reveal a perfect set of teeth.
Bhumika Shrestha, 23, became the first transgender person to be elected to the General Convention of the Nepali Congress Party, beating more than 50 other candidates, many of whom had been in politics much longer than she had.

Fears for core values in transgender unions
A transsexual is neither a man nor a woman, said a lawyer representing the government in a High Court battle that will decide whether a transgender woman can marry her boyfriend.
Monica Carss-Frisk, for the government, said allowing a transgender woman to marry her male lover would fundamentally change traditions in Hong Kong.
The woman, who under a court order may only be named as W, sought a judicial review on a government decision to reject her marriage application last year because her birth certificate lists her as a man instead of a woman.
Hong Kong laws do not allow changes in the gender information on birth certificates.
Judgement reserved in transexual's case
[Commentary] A Transgender Woman Fights for Straight Marriage Rights in Hong Kong

Man Happy To Lose World's Biggest 'Moobs'
A Chinese man who had the world's biggest man boobs is enjoying a new lease of life after an operation to remove them.
Guo Qingpo, 53, from Jiuying village, Dezhou, in northern China's Shandong province, said the surgery had ended a ten year nightmare.
For many years he refused to leave his home after people labelled him a freak or falsely accused him of undergoing transgender surgery.
"About ten years ago, I first noticed my breasts were larger than other men's but I just thought I was putting on weight and didn't pay much attention," he said. (Photo)

Think-tank for families of trans youth
Respected Sydney LGBT youth organisation Twenty10 hopes an upcoming seminar will help support families of trans and intersex youth.
“In the sun-burnt country, men are men and women are women. But what if your family member isn’t either or they are both?,” asks the Twenty10 crew.

Being Visible and Viable
I’m convinced that one of the major reasons society hasn’t advanced to the point where transgender people are accepted and have full equality in all areas of life is this: transfolk are, for the most part, still mostly closeted. Now, I realize that sometimes circumstances dictate remaining in the closet, and I’m not trying to judge anyone here. I was in that same closet for many years myself, so I’m not about to start pointing fingers and telling anyone else what to do. Emerging from the closet is a highly personal decision, one that no one else can/should make for another.

TeenNick’s Degrassi Airs Episodes Featuring Transgender Teen
On Wednesday, August 11th, TeenNick’s hit show Degrassi aired part one of a two-part episode about Adam, an FTM teenager attending Degrassi Community School. Both episodes are titled “My Body is a Cage.” Adam is the first transgender teen character to appear as a series regular on a scripted TV show. TeenNick repeats episodes frequently, and repeats also air on MTV.
'Degrassi' Breaks Down Walls -- Again -- With Transgendered Character
Watch: Degrassi Storyline Shows Assault on Transgender Teen
On the set of Degrassi: Sneak peek at trans character's upcoming episode

Making Jails Safer for Transgender Mainers
Most Americans can say that they’ve never had the pleasure of spending time in jail or prison. And we don’t really expect jails or prisons to be posh places, but we do expect them to keep those who end up there safe. Transgender Americans, on the other hand, face a different reality. Even a short jail experience, if you’re transgender, can be fraught with indignities, hostility, even violence or sexual assault.
New Policies in Maine Make Trans Inmates Safer

Abbott declines transgender marriage question
Two women marry in San Antonio using birth certificate showing one member of couple was born male.
Abbott declines to issue opinion on marriage controversy in El Paso
[Commentary] Why Won't Texas AG Greg Abbott Decide If Trans/Intersex Folks 'Count' As Changing Their Gender For Marriage?

Born a boy, but fighting for death benefits as widow
Gay marriage aside, can someone born a man also be eligible for the rights of a wife and a widow?
That is what courts in Texas are trying to determine in the case of Nikki Araguz, a transgendered person who was born as Justin Purdue and is being barred from spending or collecting the death benefits of her husband, Capt. Thomas Araguz, a 30-year-old firefighter killed in the line of duty July 4.
The case, which transgender advocates hope will result in the overturning of a Texas law that says a person's sex is defined at birth, immediately concerns about $600,000 in survivor benefits, with Nikki Araguz on one side and Simona Longoria, the mother of Capt. Araguz, on the other.
[Commentary] Get Ready For a Heapin’ Helpin’ Of Anti-Objectivity: The Washington Times Dives Into The Nikki Araguz Case
[Commentary] Texas Transgender peoples Lives Riding on Nikki Araguz Marriage Litigation as Attorney General Declines to Rule (Photo)

Anuncian conferencia mundial de ILGA en Sao Paulo
La Asociación Internacional Lesbiana, Gay, Bisexual, Trans y Intersex llevará a cabo su conferencia anual en Sao Paulo, Brasil, esto luego de que la ILGA cambiara la sede por razones de logística