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terça-feira, agosto 10, 2010

Antonelli afirma que la normalización del colectivo transexual y homosexual no existe
La actriz y activista política Carla Antonelli cree que aunque "existen leyes" que protegen al colectivo de homosexuales, transexuales y bisexuales, "la normalización no existe todavía en la sociedad española" como demuestra que "siga habiendo insultos por la calle, peguen palizas a lesbianas o se nieguen a alquilar pisos a homosexuales".

Delia (formerly David): 'I was trapped in the wrong body'
Public acceptance of transsexuals has never been greater. But for some the issue remains fraught with shame.
A tall slim figure clad in a stylishly pretty blouse and skirt, with carefully styled hair and expertly done makeup, Delia Johnstone attracts more than a passing glance. But a look of puzzlement swiftly crosses the faces of the interested, as they realise that this willowy, elegant woman is not quite what she seems. (Photo: John Lawrence - Delia Johnstone at home in Milton Keynes)

CATFORD: Man guilty of transsexual prostitute murder
A 21-YEAR-OLD Catford man has been found guilty of murdering a transsexual prostitute at her home.
Leon Fyle, of Laleham Road, was convicted at Snaresbrook Crown Court today (Aug 9) of strangling 29-year-old Destiny Lauren.
Man guilty of killing trans woman Destiny Lauren
Killer is convicted for strangling transsexual prostitute in Kentish Town

First Liverpool Pride 'a success'
Liverpool held its first Pride festival this weekend, which saw 21,000 people enjoy a march and party.
The event, which had a rainbow circus theme, has been in planning for two years.

160,000 enjoy Brighton's biggest Pride
Saturday's Brighton Pride festival was the biggest yet with more than 160,000 people joining the fun.
Unlike previous years, revellers enjoyed good weather all day for the march and party in Preston Park.

Worcester's first Pride cancelled
Worcester's first Pride festival has been cancelled due to financial problems and a lack of support from local bodies and businesses.
The event was to be held on September 18th at Worcester Racecourse but organisers released a statement today saying that it would not go ahead.

My son's sex swap
Sir Ken Bloomfield says he’s proud of his sex-change son who now lives openly as a woman.
Ulster’s former top civil servant admits he was “shocked” but in no way ashamed when his son Timothy revealed he wanted to be known as Tanya.

Man, I feel like a woman
It is with a pinch of salt that Revathi narrates stories about her childhood crushes. “I used to write love letters to the boys I liked in class. But I never gave them. What would they think if a boy gave them a love letter?” she asks.

Transexual vai brigar pelo direito de casar na China
Uma mulher transexual declarou à rede BBC que vai brigar na justiça de Hong Kong pelo direito de se casar com o namorado. Com a identidade não revelada, a transexual já teve um pedido negado pela justiça. A imprensa está chamando o caso de "um marco jurídico". (Photo)
Hong Kong transgender woman challenges marriage ban in court; city's first such case
Transsexual in Hong Kong fights to marry her boyfriend
Hong Kong transgender woman fights marriage ban
Transgender woman fights for right to marry in Hong Kong
Transgender woman gets her day in court

'Legalize Trans' campaign takes on American Apparel, gender equality issues
"Legalize Gay. Repeal Prop 8." We've all seen it. American Apparel has made sure of that. Their brightly-colored T-shirts emblazoned with an amazingly simple yet strongly impactful slogan have been passed out to thousands at LGBT Pride festivals and other events the nation over. The slogan has even made its way into print on tank tops, string tops and underwear (panties and thongs included).
Now, in response to a perceived lack of full inclusion, a transgender activist who's worked on several LGBT equality projects is taking matters into his own hands and creating the "Legalize Trans" campaign.

[GA, USA] [Commentary]
Vandy Beth Gets Her Job Back....But
And there is a but in this discrimination case.
Glenn gets her job back, with salary, seniority and benefits but her transphobic boss wants her to stay home. An agreement was reached in federal court Friday in which Vandy Beth Glenn will be reinstated to her Georgia legislative editor job.

Drivers license gender change easier for New Mexico’s transgender people
Checking “F” or “M” for gender designation on a driver’s license isn’t something most people think much about. But for transgender individuals who feel different from their biological sex, the discrepancy between what’s listed as their gender on identifying documents and their appearance can lead to unexpected problems.

[TX, USA] [Commentary]
Slant, Much?
Lisa Falkenberg, of the Houston Chronk, is musing about the Nikki Araguz case.
What’s getting lost amid the sensational headlines in the case of transgender widow Nikki Araguz is that two little boys have lost their father.
Who made it a “case”?
Or the person who is trying to erase Nikki’s marriage by de-sexing her?

El actor transexual Endry Cardeño reaparece en cine, teatro y televisión
Después de interpretar al popular personaje Laisa, en la telenovela Los reyes, actuará en una cinta venezolana y regresará a la pantalla chica en 'Chepe fortuna'. Endry Cardeño no había vuelto a sonar con tanta fuerza en el medio de la actuación, pese a su participación en la película Muertos del susto, en el programa de televisión Cámara café y en su show transgénero en la discoteca Theatron de Bogotá. (Foto)

Tejiendo derechos entre travestis
La revista El Teje, editada en la capital argentina y presentada como “el primer periódico travesti latinoamericano”, se prepara para celebrar en noviembre los tres años de vida con el objetivo de “luchar contra la estigmatización de la identidad” del colectivo, según palabras de sus responsables.