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sexta-feira, agosto 06, 2010

Memorial da Paz de Hiroshima, Cúpula Genbaku (原爆ドーム) ou Cúpula da Bomba Atómica
O hipocentro da explosão atómica de 6 de Agosto de 1945 situou-se apenas a 150 metros de distância do edifício, que foi a estrutura mais próxima a resistir ao impacto.

Em 1966, Hiroshima declarou a intenção de preservar a agora chamada "Cúpula da Bomba Atómica" de forma definitiva. Trinta anos depois, em dezembro de 1996, a construção foi registrada como Património Mundial da UNESCO, baseado na Convenção sobre a Proteção do Património Cultural e Natural.

A Cúpula Genbaku insere-se no Parque Memorial da Paz de Hiroshima que contém diversos outros monumentos erguidos posteriormente. 65 anos depois ainda se aguarda por um julgamento por crime contra a humanidade que condene inequivocamente o uso de armas nucleares em conflitos.

Man admits sleeping with trans prostitute before her murder
A man accused of the murder of trans woman Destiny Lauren has admitted he had sex with her but denies killing her.
Ms Lauren, 29, who was born male, was found dead at her Kentish Town flat on November 5th 2009. She worked as a prostitute.
Leon Fyle, 22, of Catford, denies killing her but admitted in court this week that he visited her on the night of her death for an £150 sex session, the Hampstead and Highgate Express reports.
Man accused of murdering Kentish Town transexual admits £150 sex session

'Vulnerable' transsexual woman escapes prison sentence
A TRANSSEXUAL woman escaped being sent to jail because a judge deemed it would be too dangerous for her.
Hartford woman Jan Krause, who was born male, expected to go to prison when she arrived at Chester Magistrates’ Court laden with two rucksacks, a pillow and a bed roll.

LBGT commends DPM for reaffirming right to dignity
The Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender (LGBT) community in Swaziland has commended the Deputy Prime Minister, Themba Masuku for reaffirming the right to dignity, equality and tolerance for social diversity.

Cross-dressing men flogged in Sudan for being 'womanly'
A group of young Muslim men have been publicly flogged in Sudan after they were convicted of wearing women's clothes and make-up.
The court said the 19 men had broken Sudan's strict public morality codes.
Police arrested them at a party where they were found dancing "in a womanly fashion", the judge said.
Sudan flogs 19 men in public for cross-dressing
Sudanese men were convicted under laws that forbid 'indecent clothing'
Sudan sentences 19 men for wearing women's clothes
19 Sudanese men flogged for being caught cross-dressing, dancing in women's clothes and make-up

Gender identity sought between pages of Gemara
Questions raised about G.'s gender identity shared only with God. 'Only He was there,' says G. Today, as Orthodox woman, G. says proudly, 'It's possible to be transgender and religious'

Sheikha Fareeha refutes claims about transvestites ‘confession’
The Chairperson of Kuwait Society for Outstanding Family and Women Sporting Club, Sheikha Fareeha Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, has refuted claims about some transvestites confessing that external influences are planning to use them to bomb certain sensitive locations, including the security apparatus, and to assassinate notable personalities, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Transexual irlandesa pede estatuto de refugiada
Tanya Bloomfield vive no Canadá desde 2006. Montou uma firma e é membro activo da comunidade onde se instalou. A imigração canadiana quer repatriá-la.

Judge Rules For Transgendered Worker
A federal judge has ordered that a Georgia state legislative aide who said she was fired because of discrimination should get her job back.
U.S. District Judge Richard W. Story on Tuesday ordered that Vandy Beth Glenn be reinstated to her job as an editor in the Georgia General Assembly's Office of Legislative Counsel no later than Monday.

Trannypalooza Turns It Out
A party for transgender people, cross-dressers, transvestites, and the guys and dolls who want to mix it up with ‘em—Trannypalooza isn’t really about female impersonators lip-synching the hits; if that’s what you’re looking for, swan on over to here and here. According to Mercedes Tyler, the hostess of the monthly event at Spin, Trannypalooza is more of an opportunity for transgender individuals “to meet people who want to know them better for friendship or dating.”

BMH Responds To Transgender Conversation
As has been widely reported in various media, regarding a transgender woman involving her recent experience while seeking services at Ball Memorial Hospital, the patient’s account of what transpired during her visit concerns us deeply and gave us pause.
Ball Memorial Hospital launches review after transgender complaint
Hospital Responds to Discrimination Trans Flap
HRC criticizes Indiana hospital

[Letters to the Editor] Bias has no place in health-care equality

SLCO Bans Discrimination against Trans Gov’t Employees
Just six months after passing ordinances prohibiting job and housing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, the Salt Lake County Council has banned anti-transgender discrimination in its internal hiring policy.

Houston LGBTs to celebrate anniversary of repeal of ordinance banning cross-dressing
Back when I was in junior high school — the early to mid 1970s — our school had a dress code that prohibited girls from wearing pants with rear pockets. See, pants that had pockets on the back were “boy” pants, and girls weren’t allowed to wear “boy” pants.
Having always been a jeans kind of gal myself, I broke that rule often. And I got in trouble for it more than once.

[TX, USA] [Commentary]
What about firefighter’s 2 little boys?
What's getting lost amid the sensational headlines in the case of transgender widow Nikki Araguz is that two little boys have lost their father.
The older, a 9-year-old, still wakes up crying for his dad, their grandmother told me this week. The 6-year-old, though he's been to the cemetery to visit the grave site, is still waiting for his dad to come home, Mona Longoria says. She said she's helping care for the boys, who are living with their mother, Heather Delgado.

A Very Gay Week in Argentina
Excerpt: Among the new projects the Federacion [Argentina LGBT] will be working on is the right of transgender Argentines to change their legal names on national identity cards. “This is our next battle,” she said. “We start next week.”