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sexta-feira, agosto 13, 2010

Travesti chamou a polícia depois que clientes se recusaram a pagar programa
Uma dupla de amigos e um travesti se envolveram em uma confusão por causa do pagamento de um programa em Curitiba, no Paraná.

Sanidad Catalana hará este año las tres primeras operaciones CRS a transexuales masculinos
El Hospital Clínic de Barcelona tienen programadas para este año tres faloplastias a transexuales masculinos. Desde finales del 2008, la sanidad pública catalana sufraga las operaciones de reasignación de sexo. De momento ha hecho 44 intervenciones, pero ninguna faloplastia a hombres transexuales. Este 2010 hará las tres primeras.

[UK] [Commentary]
Destiny Lauren murder trial and anti trans prejudice
The trial of the cis man Leon Fyle ended this week with his conviction for the murder of Destiny Lauren last November. Media coverage has been predictably and disappointingly sparse (I’ve collated the majority of it in a series of posts here at BoP – link here), not to mention problematic in various ways. The BBC finally provided an update on the trial – link here – which was perhaps most notable for asking the question “Have transsexuals become easy targets?”

Manchester stylists helping guys to be girls
In many ways, Transfixed is a salon like any other, catering for those who want to look glamorous for a night out.
Unlike other salons though, it is aimed at transgenders and cross-dressers.
Set up by Zara Prior and Lisa Breakey, the salon provides hair and beauty treatments, as well as advice on what dress to wear and how to apply make-up.

Daniel Radcliffe faz par com drag queen em ensaio para revista gay
Ator e o transformista Our Lady J estão nas páginas da edição de setembro da 'Out'.
Em nova foto liberada pela revista gay "Out", nesta quinta-feira, 12, o ator Daniel Radcliffe posa ao lado da transformista Our Lady J. Daniel, que vai voltar aos cinemas com o filme "Harry Potter e as Relíquias da Morte", conheceu a drag queen em Nova York. Ao ficar amigo de Lady, ele tornou-se alvo de insinuações sobre sua sexualidade. (Foto)
Daniel Radcliffe Hangs Out With Transgender Artist Our Lady J
Protagonista de Harry Potter es portada de la Revista Out junto a mujer transexual

Becoming Sandie
Sandie (not real name) is a woman in the making, literally. At 55 years of age, this Longford resident has made the brave move of addressing a condition that she has lived with all her life. It is a condition known as Gender Identity Disorder (GID) and it means that Sandie was born into a man's body.

Transvestite man loses Cash Crusader job
A transvestite man says he was chased away by the manager of Cash Crusaders Wernhill Park because he worked for a gay and lesbian organisation.
Annanias “Tingy” Haufiku, a former employee of the now defunct gay and lesbian organisation The Rainbow Project was sent to Cash Crusaders by Edu Letu a job placement company.
“The boss looked at my CV and asked me what Rainbow Project is. When I told him we worked for gay and lesbian rights he got angry,” said Haufiku.
He further said the boss whom he identified as Nico then said they don’t employ mofies (gays). “There is no place for mofies and lipstick in my shop.”

Transgenders will get Rs400 monthly pension
The transgenders’ community in Karnataka has all the reasons to rejoice with the state government announcing that it would address almost all their demands, including the grant of monthly pension to the sexuality minority.
Karna CM promises to consider trangenders' demands

[India] [Commentary]
It's about acceptance
Some will comment on transgenders. Some will feel sad, when they think about their situation.
No one understands the pain when it happens to someone else. That pain can only be felt when it happens in our family or to our close relative.

Mulher transexual luta por casamento "heterossexual"
Uma mulher transexual operada de Hong Kong, apesar de ter a documentação corrigida não pode casar com o namorado por não poder alterar a certidão de nascimento.
Mujer transexual exige al alto Tribunal de Hong Kong casarse con su pareja que Ley China le prohíbe
Hong Kong transgender woman fights marriage ban

[Commentary] So this lady wants to marry some guy

Diagnosing Difference
The timely documentary Diagnosing Difference examines the medical community’s ongoing practice of treating people whose gender expression is different from their birth-assigned gender as mental patients suffering from a disorder.
Since 1980, the American Psychological Association (APA) has included “gender identity disorder (GID)” in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) — what some call the Bible of psychological treatment.
The DSM shapes how doctors treat those who identify on the trans spectrum (not all people who are gender variant identify as trans), and how gender is treated under the law and in social life.
With the APA set to introduce an update to the DSM in 2012 (only the second revision since 1980), pressure is mounting for the section on GID to be removed or heavily revised.

Federal trans-formation
Frustrating on high-profile LGBT issues, Barack Obama has moved quickly, with little fanfare, on gender-identity issues.
The LGBT community has had its complaints about Barack Obama and his administration, particularly concerning the pace of eliminating the military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, and passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

Indiana hospital refuses to treat transgender woman
When Erin Vaught went to Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Ind., last month, she was coughing up blood and seeking treatment for a lung condition. After reportedly facing ridicule and transphobic remarks-"he-she," "transvestite" and "it"-staff eventually refused to treat her after she waited two hours.
Indiana hospital responds to trans incident

Transgendered Symposium, Columbus fetish photogs and Planned Parenthood update
The third annual TransOhio Transgender and Ally Symposium takes place in Columbus this weekend. The three-day event features workshops, conferences and social networking for transgendered men and women, their family, friends and social-service providers.

Familia de fallecido quiere quitar la pensión a mujer transexual viuda de un bombero
Nikki Araguz, mujer transexual, viuda de un bombero estadounidense que murió el 4 de julio mientras combatía un incendio en una granja, abandonó entre lágrimas la sala del tribunal del condado de Wharton, luego de que el juez le prohibiera temporalmente gastar y cobrar beneficios por el fallecimiento de su marido.
Nikki Araguz: A Life Examined, With Many Twists Along The Way
The Fireman's Wife

Texas AG Declines Position on Same-Sex Transgender Marriage
Attorney General Greg Abbott's office has declined to provide an opinion on whether Texas counties can issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples if one of the people had sex reassignment surgery.

Se estrenará próxima semana un documental sobre transexual cubana impulsado por García Márquez
“En el cuerpo equivocado” forma parte del proyecto DocTV Latinoamérica, impulsado por el escritor Gabriel García Márquez. La cinta se estrenará en La Habana.

"Ser transexual significa perder tus derechos como ciudadano"
Desde el pasado lunes el Movimiento Homosexual de Lima (MHOL) desarrolla en la ciudad de Tacna el taller �Vocería e incidencia política�. El evento ha logrado reunir a 35 representantes de organizaciones de cinco regiones del sur para compartir experiencias y tratar temas referentes a la actuación de los gobiernos regionales y locales en la protección y respeto de los derechos de la comunidad de gays, transexuales, bisexuales y trabajadores sexuales (LGTB-TS).
Denuncian desde Perú que ser transexual significa perder los derechos como ciudadanos

Denuncian violencia contra personas transexuales en las cárceles de Buenos Aires
Se realizó una presentación ante la justicia penal denuncia la situación de violencia física y sexual y traslados arbitrarios que sufren personas trans travestis detenidas. Se trata de un recurso de habeas corpus colectivo a favor de un grupo de travestis alojadas en la Unidad Penal de Sierra Chica que fue presentado el lunes ante la justicia del Azul. Las travestis afirman que se les exige sexo a cambio de no trasladarlas.

Transvestite Magazine Fights Media Stereotypes
The magazine El Teje, which is published in the Argentine capital and presents itself as "the first transvestite publication in Latin America," has been fighting the stigmatisation of the trans community for nearly three years.