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terça-feira, agosto 24, 2010

An unholy row and a handbagging
A transsexual Nigerian who is now a woman was worshipping at a Christ Embassy service in the Madrid district of Vallecas on August 8. That much is undisputed, but there are two versions of what happened next. The woman claims she was violently attacked by the pastor during the Sunday service in the presence of churchgoers.
Her clothing was torn and ripped away as she was physically assaulted and insulted for her sexual orientation while others looked on without intervening or defending her. The police were called and she was taken to hospital where she received attention for her injuries, following which she reported the confrontation.

Alejandro Alder, Bolo Bolo de Toledo: «Los transexuales han pagado la factura de la discriminación»
En sólo media hora Bolo Bolo recibe tres visitas. La presencia del colectivo en la ciudad, sus campañas y su actividad han logrado en estos dos últimos años que el teléfono suene a todas horas. (Foto)

April Ashley interview: Britain's first transsexual
Britain's first transsexual April Ashley has led a jet-setting life crammed with glamour, excitement and legions of besotted men, most of them famous.
April Ashley, Britain's first transsexual, is, at 75, a woman confident of her own stature. When she arrives at the restaurant where we are to have lunch, she strikes a momentary pose in the doorway, the hems of her white slacks a little damp from the sudden summer rain outside, but her blue bouffant hair, her mascara'ed eyelashes, immaculate. (Photo: Chris Brooks)

Transvestite facing jail over sex line scam 'blackmailed ex-Bay City Rollers manager Tam Paton' claim
A teenage transvestite blackmailed former Bay City Rollers manager Tam Paton after attending drug-fuelled parties at his Edinburgh mansion, pals have claimed.

Transgenders participate in Siliguri fashion show
Transgenders took part in a fashion show in West Bengal’s Siliguri city on Sunday, wearing both Indian and Western attires.

Gay group protests over silk's view of marriage
Members of a gay and lesbian group yesterday protested over arguments made by a government-appointed lawyer during a High Court battle that will decide whether a transgender woman can marry her boyfriend.
In a protest outside the Marriage Registry at the Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural Centre yesterday, 10 Rainbow Action members - with half cross- dressed as women - expressed their disapproval of barrister Monica Carss-Frisk's arguments about marriage in the case of a transgender identified as "W."

Irish transgender woman allowed to stay for now in Canada
A Northern Irish transgender woman, a child of a top British operative in Northern Ireland, has received a temporary visa to remain in Canada while she pleads her case.

Catholic & Transexual: One Woman’s Confession
A Catholic blogger has taken on the question of transgendered individuals and their rights and needs in a two-part column at religious site Catholic Exchange.
The blogger, Mary Kochan, posted the content of a letter she had received from a reader of her blog who claimed to be a transgendered individual born anatomically male, who married, fathered children, and then became female through gender reassignment surgery.

‘The same-sex marriage fight is just as much a transgender fight as it is (an LGB) fight’
Phyllis Randolph Frye, the well-known transgender attorney from Houston whose clients include trans widow Nikki Araguz, sent out an e-mail Sunday slamming national gay-rights groups for ignoring the issue of “‘tranny’ same-sex marriage” in Texas.
Referencing an op-ed that appeared in Sunday’s Houston Chronicle about the Araguz case, Frye notes that in the six weeks since the story broke, few people have gotten behind her client’s legal fight. Nikki Araguz is seeking to receive death benefits for her husband, Thomas Araguz III, a Wharton firefighter who was killed in the line of duty early last month. But Thomas Araguz’s family has sued to deny Nikki Araguz those benefits, arguing that their marriage was void because she was born a man, since Texas’ prohibits same-sex marriage.

Asesinan disparos a una mujer transexual en México, otra se debate entre la vida y la muerte
Una mujer transexual fue encontrada ejecutada en Temixco, Morelos, México, y otra más se debate entre la vida y la muerte en el hospital luego de que ambas fueran tiroteadas por un presunto comando armado.

Investigan a taxista por muerte de transexual
Como presunto responsable de causarle la muerte a Carlos Enrique Salazar Quiceno, de 30 años de edad, fue acusado Luis Alberto Hernández Vélez, de 23 años, privado de su libertad tras realizarle la audiencia de garantías.
A las 9:45 de la noche del viernes Carlos Enrique, quien al parecer era un transexual y se hacía llamar Irene, se encontraba caminando por la Avenida 30 de Agosto con calle 46 de Pereira y fue atacado por dos desconocidos que lo apuñalaron en repetidas ocasiones hasta acabar con su vida.