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quinta-feira, agosto 19, 2010

ATAQUE HOMOFÓBICO - Pastor agride fiel em culto ao saber que ele é gay
Um transexual de nacionalidade nigeriana foi atacado por um pastor evangélico em pleno culto depois que o religioso soube que a vítima é homossexual. A agressão aconteceu numa igreja de Vallecas, em Madri.
A denúncia foi festa, esta semana, pela Associação Espanhola de Transgêneros. O caso ocorreu durante um culto, no domingo, dia 08 de agosto. Testemunhas contaram que o pastor da igreja "agrediu violentamente" a transexual causando lesões físicas e rasgando a roupa da vítima.
El Consejo Evangélico niega que un pastor atacara a una feligresa transexual
Evangélicos niegan a transexual y dicen que esta se volvió loca a bolsazos porque le negaron "la paz"
Transexual agredida de forma violenta por pastor evangélico temió por su vida y lamenta intolerancia religiosa

'Burly' transsexual attacked hospital staff, court hears
A Transsexual who launched a vicious attack on hospital staff appeared in court yesterday.
Burly Joanna Campbell, 55, had earlier admitted attacking a doctor and nurse in the A&E unit at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.
The mechanic sat in the dock of the city's sheriff court with a long blonde wig, an ankle-length grey skirt, a violet rain jacket and light make-up as sentence was deferred for a further four months.

Transsexual Stylist Raped Soon After Sex-Change Surgery in Moscow
The Moscow police are looking for perpetrators who sexually abused a stylist from Central Asia. The victim, a transsexual individual, arrived in Moscow for sex-change surgery and was abused soon after he became a woman.
A well-known transsexual stylist from the republic of Kyrgyzstan, who had a sex-change surgery in Moscow, was raped by his two country-fellows, Interfax reports with reference to a source from Moscow law-enforcement agencies.

[New Zealand]
Scepticism at Beyer's pull out
Former MP, mayor, prostitute and drag queen Georgina Beyer's decision to pull out of the race for mayor of Masterton has been met with scepticism.
Ms Beyer, 52, who for the past few months has been campaigning to oust sitting mayor Garry Daniell, says she is broke.
The recent death of a Taiwanese friend who was to have funded her campaign was the final nail, she said.

Trans people well-educated, underemployed: report
“We’re sitting on undoubtedly the biggest resource on trans lives and trans health in Canada,” says Greta Bauer, lead investigator with the Trans Pulse survey, which surveyed more than 400 trans people in Ontario.
This first bulletin covers basic trans demographics in Ontario. In addition to highlighting the great diversity among trans people in terms of ethnic background, age, parenting status and other areas, it points out that an estimated 68 percent of trans people in Ontario do not live in metropolitan Toronto — “which really highlights the need for trans-appropriate services outside Toronto,” says Bauer.

[USA] [Commentary]
MisUnderstanding Transsexuals and Transition
Every so often, I see someone start talking about transsexuals and transition. They almost always do it from an externalized perspective and inevitably make some statements that are guaranteed to make various members of the transgender community angry.
So, when Jerry Maneker wrote a post that pointed to Don Charles' post entitled "Frankengender", I got curious and went and read it.
I have to take great exception to some of the assumptions in Mr. Charles' writing, because they lead him down a path to conclusions which are just plain, outright incorrect.

Transgender Woman Assaulted in Dupont Circle
A transgender woman was attacked on August 13 behind a building in Dupont Circle, the Washington Blade reports. That marks violent attack number seven against LGBT people in Northwest since June.
Police have not identified the victim, who was attacked in the rear of the 2000 block of P Street NW, the Blade's Lou Chibbaro Jr. reports. Chibbaro Jr. reports that police have a lead in the case, which was apparently reported as an incident of first-degree sexual abuse -- a serious sexual offense that can carry a sentence of 30 years, or even life.
Trans woman sexually assaulted near Dupont Circle

Trans-gender woman refused treatment because of her “transvestite condition”
Last week The Chicago Tribune reported that Transgender woman Erin Vaught claimed that while visiting an Indiana emergency room she was insulted and refused treatment.On July 18th, Vaught accompanied by her wife and son, visited the Ball Memorial Hospital emergency room after she began coughing up blood.

MTPC’s Kit instructs on how to change one’s drivers license
The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition’s (MTPC) Gender Marker Change Kit provides support and instructions for people interested in changing their name and/or gender on all major legal documents: state ID card, Social Security card, birth certificate, passport, and driver’s license.

Firefighter Accused Of Attacking Transgender Woman
An online encounter ended with violence. After undressing, a transgender woman claims she was attacked by a Baltimore City firefighter. Now both face criminal charges as police wade through contradicting statements. Adam May reveals why investigators question the firefighter's story.
The firefighter initially told police he was just trying to help the woman when he was robbed, but he declined to explain why her online personal ad seeking sex was on his internet history.

News Conference with Attorney Darrell Steidley Monday August 16, 2010
What follows is a complete transcript of the news conference that attorney Darrell Steidley gave outside the Wharton County District Courthouse on Monday afternoon August 16, 2010, after the hearing inside. Mr. Steidley represents Nikki Araguz in her defense of the probate lawsuit filed against her by Heather Delgado, her late husband's ex-wife, and her late husband's mother, Simona Longoria. In it, Mr. Steidley provides answers to many questions that have not been clarified elsewhere.
[Commentary] If its the Chronk, its Anti-Nikki Slant
Nikki Araguz Case: Frank Mann & Ed Burwell 8/16/10
Nikki Araguz Court Hearing #2: A Media Redux

Cuba's first transsexual in the spotlight
The story of Cuba's first transsexual to undergo gender reassignment surgery is coming to the big screen in a documentary getting its premiere Wednesday on the Communist-ruled island, its director said.
"Mavi Sussel underwent (male-to-female) gender reassignment surgery in 1988 and the documentary is a journey inside this woman, and about the prejudices and problems she has faced, and the questioning of her womanliness," filmmaker Marilyn Solaya said, quoted on the official news agency AIN, ahead of the film's launch Thursday.
Solaya started her career as an actress in Cuba and appeared in the award-winning "Fresa y Chocolate" ("Strawberry and Chocolate").

[El Salvador]
Transvestites get help to fight AIDS
Carla, in her late 40s, is a big-boned woman who feels trapped in her male body. In the deeply homophobic culture of El Salvador, the confusion over her sexual identity nearly got her killed.