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segunda-feira, agosto 23, 2010

Transwoman Humiliated, Raped In Moscow
Moscow police are looking for two men who sexually abused a well-known stylist from Central Asia not long after she had her sex change operation. The transwoman from Kyrgyzstan was raped by two men from her home country, according to the Interfax reports. She had gone to Moscow for her sex change operation.

Cross-dressing men flogged in Sudan for being “womanly”
A group of young Muslim men have been publicly flogged in Sudan after they were convicted of wearing women's clothes and make-up.
The court said the 19 men had broken Sudan's strict public morality codes.
Police arrested them at a party where they were found dancing "in a womanly fashion", the judge said.

Free to live as a woman, at last
“Today, I’m living my life the way I was meant to,” Lindsay* begins.
Born male and named Leo*, Lindsay had lived all her life as a man.
Then, in September last year, she began her journey to womanhood.
Recalling her feelings of being “trapped” in the wrong body she says, “I remember playing with dolls and other girlie toys.
I hated boyish toys. I also remember secretly trying on some of my mother’s clothes, shoes and make up.
I especially loved walking in her high heels. Emotionally, I felt like a girl,” recalls the finance assistant with a local NGO.

'Transgenders to be separate category in Census'
The Technical Advisory Committee constituted by Registrar General has recommended inclusion of transgender community in the census as a separate gender and not as males as is the present practice. In an RTI reply to Dr SE Huda of Bareilly based-NGO SSFA-ESFI, the Registrar General has said that the
TAC has recommended a separate category for the transgender community of the country.
Transgenders to be counted separate in Census

To some, love is unjust
“Our love is in the dark. It is never acknowledged. We, as a community are seeking equality in love,” said Kalki Subramanian. Kalki is a transgender rights activist and founder of Sahodari, an organization that works for transgender empowerment. Kalki recently spearheaded a discussion on Love and Equality for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people) as part of the Kovai Rainbow Festival.

Don’t fly me back to Ulster, pleads the sex-swap daughter of Mowlam mandarin
The transsexual daughter of a former head of Northern Ireland’s civil service is fighting deportation from Canada claiming her life would be in danger if she returned to the province.
Tanya Bloomfield, who was born Timothy, claims her sexuality would make her an object of hate should she return to Northern Ireland.

Emergency: The Dire State of Transgender Healthcare
Late in July, Erin Vaught started coughing up blood. She did what anyone would have done and went straight to the ER. But Erin Vaught didn’t get treated just like anyone else when she went to Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana, because Erin Vaught is transgender. Instead, she was stared at and mocked in the waiting room, called a “he-she” and an “it.” Hospital staff entered her into the computer as male, despite the fact that her ID said “female.” When she went into the women’s restroom, everyone snickered.

"Yo decidí no marginarme"
Michelle Suárez nació con el cuerpo equivocado. Es mujer, aunque su genitalidad diga lo contrario. Este mes se convirtió en la primera transexual que logra un título universitario en Uruguay al recibirse de abogada. Cuenta que no fue un logro fácil. La hostilidad y la discriminación la acompañaron en la carrera. Hoy, asegura que la repercusión pública que obtuvo en la calle es positiva.
"Decidí no marginarme" Michelle, primera transexual de Uruguay que logra un título universitario de abogada

Primera concejala transexual de Argentina se casa bajo la Ley del matrimonio homosexual
Es controvertida por naturaleza. Cuenta que desde los 5 años le gustaban las muñecas y a los 15 comenzó a vestirse de mujer, siempre con el apoyo de su familia. (Foto)