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quinta-feira, agosto 26, 2010

Los transexuales de Gardenia, uno de los platos fierte del Festival Temporada Ala de Girona
'Gardenia', el espectáculo de Alain Platel, que ha sido valorado por los críticos como el mejor montaje de la edición de este año del Festival de Aviñón, se podrá ver por primera vez en España en el marco del festival Temporada Alta de Girona-Salt, que arrancará el 1 de octubre.

Transsexual worker to sue over dismissal
A transsexual care worker is suing her former employer claiming she was sacked after she turned up for work in a dress.
Rachel Millington claims her bosses were unsympathetic to her situation when she changed her name from Andrew and started dressing as a woman.
The 24-year-old claims bosses at Housing and Support Solutions Limited, in Cleethorpes, terminated her contract without reason just days after she announced her gender change decision. (Photo)
6ft 3in transsexual 'forced to apologise to colleagues for wearing dress to work ... and then sacked'

[UK] [Commentary]
'No wonder many transsexual people end up in sex work'
Despite the protection of the Sex Discrimination Act, transgender people often face unfair treatment in the workplace. Juliet Jacques thinks she has been luckier than most.

Julia still fighting a battle
Julia Ford seems to live a pretty unremarkable life.
From her bungalow in Botesdale she shops in Diss, goes out with her female friends, and collects records as a hobby.
But after she was attacked on her own doorstep less than a year ago she was left physically and mentally scarred, and is now too worried to indulge another pastime - photographing wildlife in woods.
But where an attack would have cowed many of us, and despite facing more medical treatment next year, Miss Ford is determined to speak up for those in the same position she was – young people who are coming to terms with feeling trapped in the wrong gender but without the support they need. (Photo)

Ultimate Big Brother: Nadia Almada enters the house
Transsexual Nadia Almada who won Big Brother 5 has returned to the BB house to take part in Ultimate Big Brother.
Nadia Almada is one of the most memorable Big Brother housemates ever.
Now, the popular transsexual star has returned to the house where she found fame to compete to be crowned the Ultimate Big Brother housemate. (Photo)
Ultimate Big Brother: All you need to know about the 10 former BB stars joining Josie in the house

Caster Semenya vuelve a la competición por la puerta grande entre las críticas de sus rivales
Caster Semenya ha vuelto a la competición después de que la Asociación de Federaciones Internacionales de Atletismo (IAAF) haya puesto fin a la investigación sobre su supuesta intersexualidad y decidido que no hay razón que le impida participar en la competición como mujer. Algo que no parece haber gustado a sus competidoras.
Transgender Athlete Defends Caster Semenya From New Gender Criticism

Nepal's capital hosts gay pride march
Hundreds of gays, lesbians and transsexuals braved monsoon rains to hold a gay pride parade in the Nepalese capital on Wednesday, led by South Asia's only openly homosexual lawmaker.

Vietnam officials refuse to prosecute rape of transexual
Vietnamese provincial authorities are refusing to prosecute three men who police say gang-raped a transexual woman, officials said Wednesday.
Judicial officials said the woman had not reclassified her legal gender from male to female, and that Vietnamese law only covers rape of women by men.

[USA] [Books]
Professor's Book Is First to Explore Two-Spirit Literature in Northwest Native Groups
Western culture's grappling with homosexuality and alternate genders isn't strictly limited to the United States, but is also prevalent in many Native American and native Alaskan groups -- or native nations. That issue is the focus of work by one Kansas State University researcher.

Transgender Candidate Receives 22% in GOP House Primary
As Senate and gubernatorial races dominated political headlines Tuesday night, here's a result that was easy to overlook: transgender candidate Donna Milo received 22 percent of the vote in her Republican primary for Florida's 20th congressional district.
Milo placed third in a three-way race, finishing behind winner Karen Harrington (40 percent) and runner-up Robert Lowry (38 percent). Milo received over 4,100 votes out of more than 18,400 cast.

Transgender woman satisfied with Ind. hospital's changes after she complained of mistreatment
A transgender woman said she was satisfied with changes promised by a hospital after she complained of being ridiculed by medical staff and denied treatment in its emergency room last month.
Ball Memorial Hospital announced Tuesday that all employees would receive mandatory lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender awareness training starting in September and that it was updating its nondiscrimination policies to include language specific to sexual orientation and gender identity.

PennDOT Alters Rules For Transgender ID Markers
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is changing its policy on how transgender people identify themselves on driver's licenses.

Fiscales denuncian amenaza de muerte en caso de policía homofóbico
Extracto: Los hechos se registraron entre el 17 y 18 de diciembre pasado, cuando la víctima realizaba trabajos de prostitución en la colonia Alameda, de Tegucigalpa, cuando fue abordado por tres sujetos, de los cuales solo uno pudo ser reconocido, según se conoció en la sala de juicios.
La víctima era trasladada en un vehículo tipo camioneta a la colonia Villa Nueva, de Tegucigalpa, mientras el imputado lo iba puñaleando hasta hacerle 17 perforaciones en diferentes partes del cuerpo.
El desviado sexual, pese a sus heridas, logró saltar por la ventana del carro, mientras sus victimarios lo dejaron tirado en la carretera, creyendo que había muerto de las heridas y de los golpes que recibió al lanzarse del carro.
Juzgan en Honduras a policía que intento asesinar de 17 puñaladas a una transexual, fiscales amenazados muerte

Tres historias de mujeres transexuales en Ecuador; nos cuentan cómo cambió su vida después de la transición
Tres jóvenes chicas transexuales hacen públicos sus relatos de vida dentro de una sociedad que aparentemente comienza a aceptar otros sectores y tendencias.
Durante una tarde de clima templado, tres amigas caminaban como de costumbre por la avenida 9 de Octubre. Varias bocinas sonaban para atraer la atención de Diane (28), Rubí (25) y Tiffany (22). Las tres ignoraban los llamados, mientras conversaban sobre el día en el que decidieron cambiar de género y en lo que se han convertido sus vidas desde entonces. (Foto)


  • At 01 setembro, 2010 13:51, Blogger ana karem said…

    hola soy una transeual brasileña me gustaria saber qwue tenho que fazer para cambiar mi nombre.gracias

  • At 03 setembro, 2010 19:37, Blogger transfofa said…

    Olá Ana
    Bem, para alterares o nome na tua identificação, terás de ver que leis regem o país onde te encontras, que não sei qual é. Mas no Brasil penso que essa parte está mais facilitada. No entanto, como estou em Portugal, só sei como proceder aqui, no estrangeiro não sei, as leis variam.
    Boa sorte...


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