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domingo, agosto 29, 2010

[UK] [Commentary]
New research into domestic abuse against trans people
There is now a substantial body of evidence recording the spiralling rate of violence against trans people the world over and, as more research becomes available, the clearer the extent of that violence becomes. But while the media routinely publishes selective, salacious and sensationalist accounts of the murders of some of my sisters – Andrea Waddell and Destiny Lauren are two recent examples – there is much less information available about the amounts of domestic abuse meted out to trans people.

Lecturer to return as woman after summer break
Senior lecturer in leading Israeli university undergoes sex change procedure, informs students he will be returning as woman next semester. 'Everyone has been very supportive,' he/she says.

SHC issues notice in transvestites’ welfare matter
The Sindh High Court (SHC) issued notices to provincial secretaries Zakat, Ushr, health departments and Jinnah Medial and Dental College principal on Friday on a petition filed by the transvestites seeking implementation of the Supreme Court directives regarding the welfare of their community.

Male sex chromosome found in Guangdong girl's body
Xiaodi, a teenage girl who was found to be physiologically a boy at age 15, received a sex change operation at Zhujiang Hospital in Guangdong yesterday.
Xiaodi has white skin, a soft voice and a beautiful appearance. It's hard to image she is a boy. Her father said Xiaodi's genitalia were not so clear and all the family members thought she was a girl when she was born. When she was 1 years old, her parent found male genitalia on her body. When they took her to the hospital, the doctor in the small local hospital could not tell either.

Sexual Risk Taking Among Transgender Male-to-Female Youths With Different Partner Types
Associations between partner types (main, casual or commercial) and sexual risk behaviors of sexually active male-to-female (transgender female) young people were examined in the current study.
In Los Angeles and Chicago, the researchers interviewed 120 transgender female youths ages 15 to 24. Participants were recruited from clinics, community-based agencies, clubs, bars, the streets, and through referrals.

[USA] [Commentary]
One Step Forward And One Step Backward On State Identification Cards For Trans People
Back in the seventies, California passed legislation regarding identification cards that was truly progressive; I personally benefitted from the activism of Californian transsexual women that did work long before I was out of the closet. Transsexual Californians have relatively simple and accomplishable procedures for changing one's gender marker on California state identification cards (which include drivers licenses), and sometimes I find it too easy to take for granted.

[USA] [Commentary]
Cop who beat Duanna Johnson gets two years prison
Bridges McRae pled guilty to violating Duanna Johnson's civil rights after his first trial ended in a hung jury. He could have been convicted the second time around and gotten ten years, but he pled and got two.

Court Denies Rapist’s Request to Become a Woman
A man serving 40 years in state prison for the kidnap and rape of a teenage girl in Cape May County a decade ago is now suing the state prison system for not allowing him to become a woman.

In the Wrong Society
The story of a sex change is hitting the screens of cinemas across the country. Is she Cuban? Many people wonder about this who don’t know Mavi Sussel, the lead character.
In 1988, after suffering years of humiliation and cruel treatment that pushed her close to suicide, Mavi finally succeeds in getting the Cuban authorities to give her a sex reassignment operation.