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terça-feira, setembro 07, 2010

"Big Bro ruined my life" - Trans star
The transgender winner of the UK’s Big Brother in 2004 says that a second stint on the show this month leading to boos from the live audience has left her feeling “in the gutter and completely distraught.” (Photo)
‘I feel betrayed by Channel 4′ says Ultimate Big Brother’s Nadia Almada
BB: ‘Suicidal’ Nadia was fit
Ultimate Big Brother Host Davina McCall Says Sorry To Nadia For 'Cruel' Jibes
Ultimate Big Brother: Davina McCall 'apologises' to Nadia
Davina is sorry for Nadia joke
Nadia Almada scares Brian Belo in Big Brother Come Dine With Me

Now You See It, Now You Don't: Thai Sex Changes
In Bangkok, making yourself into what you want to be takes on a whole new meaning
Making an outie into an innie has long been a hallmark of Thailand's thriving sex change industry, but doing the opposite – making a woman into a man – is difficult and it will cost about US$12,000 an inch, at least for the first inch, says Thailand's most famous transgender surgeon.

Assigning a gender to be appealed
Two transgender people who lost the right to be considered male will appeal against the decision in the High Court.
[Commentary] Gender Reassignment Board’s decision to be appealed

Transgender Woman Files Suit
Woman Claims She Was Denied Proper Care Needed In Jail
Michael Maier had a sex change several years ago, to become a woman. Now she is suing the city of Jacksonville for what she says happened during incarceration in the Duval County Jail.
"I was placed into a solitary confinement cell," said Maier. "Not given any medication because I'm a post-op transgendered person." (Photo)

Norfolk Virginia Police Officer Arrests 66 YO Transgender Elder After Diabetic Attack
Dawn is a sixty-six (66) year old Transgender woman. She is a dear friend of mine who was arrested on September 4, 2010. She was charged to be in violation of: Section 18.2-57 - Assault and batter of Norfolk Police Officer R.D. Glaubke knowing or having reason to know that such person was a law enforcement officer, as defined in subsection E of paragraph 18.2-57, engaged in public duties. (Photo)

Transgender Woman Battles Sexism in Cuba
In a documentary that premiered in mid-August, a transexual who was the first to undergo gender reassignment surgery in Cuba in 1988, highlights how, more than 20 years later and after a lot of struggle, there has been a positive change for trans people in the country but how she now feels trapped and must battle against the ingrained sexism that still lurks in Cuban society, thus providing a rare glimpse into the problems of gender inequality.
Cuba's First Gender Reassigned Transexual Battles Sexism

Asesinados tres presuntos homosexuales en Cúcuta
Tres supuestos miembros de la comunidad LGBT fueron asesinados en el centro de Cúcuta, Norte de Santander. Las primeras hipótesis hablan de posibles venganzas, según lo indicó el coronel Jorge Iván Flores Cárdenas, comandante de la Policía Metropolitana.