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quinta-feira, setembro 02, 2010

Travesti tem rosto desfigurado por navalha em Rio Preto
Em Rio Preto, interior de São Paulo, uma travesti teve seu rosto desfigurado na madrugada do último sábado, 28, no centro da cidade. Segundo a travesti, nascida Wellinton Leandro Gomes, 20 anos, ela foi atacada por um rapaz que queria lhe roubar a bolsa. (Foto)

3rd European Transgender Council 30 Sept - 3 Oct 2010 in Malmo
We are delighted to announce that the 3rd European Transgender Council is going to take place in Malmo from 30 Sept - 3 Oct 2010.

Call for new laws on transgender rights
There is an urgent need to improve the rights of transgender people in the EU, a parliament conference has heard.
Swedish MEP Eva-Britt Svensson, who chairs parliament's women's rights and gender equality committee, told participants that the EU should think about changing legislation on transgender rights because "things aren't happening quickly enough".
[Commentary] Mandated Sterilisation, Mandated Divorce

Gender Reassignment Does Not, In Fact, Disqualify This Teacher From Working With Kids
Andrea (nee Walter S.), 58-year-old transgender Autrian woman, is not going to lose her teaching job because of gender reassignment surgery! The instructor wrote her students via email that when they returned in the fall, they might notice something different about her.

Bulgarian man goes Gaga with sex change operation
A Bulgarian man plans to have a sex change operation to transform him into a doppelganger for pop star Lady Gaga, Radar Online reported.
Penio Daskalov said becoming the "Poker Face" singer's clone would help him launch a music career.
He has already appeared on the Bulgarian version of reality TV series "Big Brother," where he convinced the other contestants that he was a woman.
Man Having Sex Change Operation To Look Like Lady Gaga (Photo)

[South Africa]
Sex change case settled out of court
Christine Ehlers, a transgender woman who claimed she was unfairly dismissed, has reached an out of court settlement with the company, its lawyers said on Wednesday.
"There is a settlement. The terms of the settlement are confidential," said Bohler Udderholm's lawyer Yusuf Nagdee, without elaborating.

Cross-Dressing Teen Becomes a Super Boy
Super Boy, or Kuàilè Nán Shēng, is a singing contest dedicated solely to male contestants—kind of like a boys-only American Idol. Since its inception in 2007, Super Boy has evolved into a mainstream success in the People’s Republic of China. Especially attractive to audience members is their right to participate in the judging process by text-messaging their votes. According to Wikipedia, this is one of the largest democratic voting exercises to have ever occurred in China’s long and oftentimes tumultuous history. (Photo)

Believe It Or Not, You Are Looking At Three Dudes
Kayo Satou, aka "Kayo Police", has not only been called one of Japan's best Street Fighter IV players, but also one of Japan's best-looking Street Fighter IV players. Thing is, she is a he.
Last night on Japanese television show Majotachi no 22ji (Witches' 10pm), Kayo revealed the truth about his sex. The program often shows women who look ten or twenty years younger.
Kayo is a popular model in women's magazines and even appears in ads and in promotions. In the above picture, he cosplays as Bayonetta with the game's designer. (Photo)

Court overturns duo's transgender legal recognition
Two transgender West Australians have lost the latest round in a fight to be legally considered men.
They won the right to be legally considered male in a ruling last year by the State Administrative Tribunal.
It found the law did not require them to have surgery to remove their female reproductive organs.
However, the state Attorney-General appealed the decision, arguing it could have unforseen effects on WA law because it would mean a person could be legally male and yet still bear children.

In second year, Miss Trans contest moves to bigger venue
Whoever wins Saturday's Miss Trans New England Pageant, participants say it will be a victory for acceptance.
The event, now in its second year, is not a drag show. Christa Hilfers, who helped create the pageant last year, competed in many of those, but said there wasn't anything for women like her - those for whom women's clothing is a natural fit, not a costume.
"I thought it was important for trans women to have their own pageant," Hilfers said.

If Nikki Araguz loses, all transgender people in Texas could effectively be de-transitioned
In the above video posted on YouTube last week, Cristan Willams of the Houston-based Transgender Foundation of America explains why the Nikki Araguz case is so critical to transgender rights in Texas. Araguz is the trans widow of a Wharton, Texas firefighter who died in the line of duty in July.

Mariela Castro: La Asamblea Nacional discutirá la 'ley gay' en 2011
En el año 2011 la Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular discutirá la ley sobre orientación sexual e identidad de género, según dijo este miércoles Mariela Castro Espín a un diario suizo.
"Esta propuesta será discutida en 2011 por el parlamento cubano. Para nosotros es una muy buena noticia", señaló la hija de Raúl Castro en una entrevista concedida al periódico Le Temps.

Líder de Comunidad Gay Sampedrana asesinado
Según versiones preliminares, el crimen fue ejecutado por dos individuos que se conducían en motocicleta por la zona de los Tamarindos y abrieron fuego en contra el travestí que murió tras ser trasladado al Hospital Catarino Rivas.
Matan a homosexual en San Pedro Sula

Transexuales de Ecuador capacitaran a la policía para sensibilizarlos sobre población LGTB
Por medio de la presente la Asociación Silueta X, comunica que Sensibilizará al personal de la Policía Nacional en “Sexualidad y Salud Sexual” a partir del día 31 de agosto del 2010 en Guayaquil.