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quarta-feira, setembro 01, 2010

[Europe] [Commentary]
Forced divorce and sterilisation: a reality for many transgender persons
A couple of months ago I reported on the Irish Government’s decision to drop its challenge to a High Court declaration that Irish law on transgender rights is in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Health Chiefs Axe Nurses But Hire 'Hair Removal Specialists'
Health chiefs under fire for trying to hire a specialist to give sex-swap patients laser hair removal now want two people to do the job, it was revealed yesterday.

80% of trans people suffer abuse at home, says report
A recent study reveals that 80 per cent of transgender respondents have experienced some form of abuse from a partner or ex-partner.
The findings were released by the LGBT Domestic Abuse Project and the Scottish Transgender Alliance, who conducted the research.
Figures show that nearly half of respondents – 45 per cent – had experienced physical abuse from a partner or ex-partner. 47 per cent said they had experienced sexual abuse from a partner or ex-partner.

Hate crime in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku? Double murder of two transvestites
Via, reports on double murder in Baku of two transvestites. Source in Azerbaijan’s capital police district suggested of their "possible non-traditional sexual orientation.”
As per reports, they were wearing women’s wigs, lingerie, and having bright colored nail manicure. They were found dead with multiple stab wounds.

[South Africa]
Employer to appeal against transsexual ruling
Transsexual Christine Ehlers will return to court today to face another round of legal wrangling as her former employer, Bohler Uddeholm Africa, applies for leave to appeal against an earlier court ruling.
Christine steels the day

Transgender quota in post-graduate courses has not found takers
In a much appreciated move, Bangalore University had announced that transgender candidates would be provided with reservation in admission to post-graduate courses from this academic year.
However, much to the disappointment of the authorities, the initiative has been met with zero response with no candidate applying under the quota.

City docs save baby boy from growing up as a transsexual
A two-day-old baby boy suffering fits, low sodium and glucose levels, and had trouble breathing was saved from living his adult life as a transsexual after doctors diagnosed that he was affected by a rare congenital problem called adrenal hemorrhage.

Guard arrested for killing cross-dressing mute
A security guard was arrested for allegedly shooting dead on early Tuesday a cross-dressing mute instead of paying him P20, which they supposedly agreed upon for oral sex at the Rizal Park in Manila.

Convicted Rapist Sues NJ Prisons Over Sex Change
James Randall Smith has another 30 years or so to spend in prison and he'd like to do it as a woman. The convicted rapist would also like to have his sex change surgery on your dime.

[TX, USA] [Commentary]
The Lawsuit Against Nikki Araguz Could Impact Many People in Texas
Among the many topics left out of nearly every mainstream newspaper and television report about the lawsuit against Nikki Araguz, are the number of people in Texas and across the U.S. who have had genital reconstruction surgery, and who could potentially be affected by an unfavorable appeals court ruling, if the Delgado v. Araguz lawsuit gets that far.

Asesinado el testigo de un juicio contra policía acusado del acuchillamiento de una mujer transexual
Rony Alexis Dubón era testigo protegido en el juicio contra un policía acusado del acuchillamiento de una mujer transexual. De bien poco le ha valido dicha “protección”. Dubón ha sido finalmente asesinado a balazos en Tegucigalpa. Testigos, fiscales y periodistas que han investigado los hechos habían sufrido, de hecho, amenazas.