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sexta-feira, setembro 03, 2010

Simplificado processo para mudança de nome e de sexo
A simplificação do processo de mudança de sexo e do nome próprio no Registo Civil é o objectivo da Proposta de Lei aprovada, hoje, quinta-feira, pelo Governo em Conselho de Ministros.
A ser ainda enviada à Assembleia da República, a proposta acaba com a acção judicial que qualquer transexual, masculino ou feminina, precisa de interpor neste momento contra o Estado, para ver reconhecida a alteração do nome e o novo género sexual na documentação identificativa.
PORTUGAL: Governo simplifica alteração de nome e género a transexuais
Vai ser mais fácil alterar registo de mudança de sexo
Governo simplifica processo de mudança de sexo e de nome

Cirurgias de adequação de sexo de transexuais masculinos são autorizadas no Brasil
Notícia a ser comemorada pelos transexuais brasileiros. O Conselho Federal de Medicina (CFM) autorizou a realização de cirurgias de retirada de útero, mama e ovários de indivíduos que nasceram fisicamente como mulheres.
Brasil reglamenta la cirugía que permite a las mujeres cambiar de sexo
Brasil reglamenta la cirugía que permite a los hombres transexuales reasignarse de sexo

Spain Busts Rare Male and Transgender Sex Trafficking Ring
Spanish police busted a massive sex trafficking ring this week and were surprised at what they found: 64 men and transgender persons trafficked into commercial sex. And if you've ever doubted that a man can be raped or forced to engage in sex acts against his will, then this case proves an important point.

Journalist decides to change sex and become a woman
Lincolnshire journalist John Ozimek has taken the decision to undergo surgery to become a woman.
John revealed his intentions to his partner Andrea and his two children after talking to someone who has already changed their sex.
At the age of 52, he had thought it was too late, but decided to visit his doctor to find out more. (Photo)

‘His name is Rebecca’ tells story of Mullingar sex-change hairdresser
Rebecca de Havaland is the author of “His name is Rebecca” , a book launched just this week in Dublin.
Before her sex-change operation however, Rebecca was Ross Tallon - who ran a hair salon in Mullingar’s Patrick Street, as well as running his own model agency.
While still hairdressing, the Granard-born Ross styled Mandy Smith’s hair for her wedding to Rolling Stone Bill Wyman - and not long afterwards, Ross decided he would follow his heart, and become a woman. He closed up his business, and moved on from Mulingar.

We are girls, say boys
Securitymen arrested two young cross-dressers inside a famous shopping complex in Al-Rai Wednesday.

[South Africa]
Settlement in transgender case
Christine Ehlers, a transgender woman who claimed she was unfairly dismissed, has reached an out of court settlement with the company, its lawyers said today.

Transgender tales
Seven transgenders cast off their inhibitions and came forward to take on the world as documentary filmmakers. Armed with a camcorder, they made documentary films about issues that touched their hearts. Project Kalki, transgender Kalki Subramaniam's latest initiative gave these women an opportunity to speak out. Kalki and her team were in the city recently to screen seven of their documentary films as part of the Kovai Rainbow Film Festival.

University's transgender quota remains untouched, leaving 52 seats vacant
Bangalore University's bid to include transgenders into their post graduation course has drawn a blank. Not a single transgender student has registered, leaving all 52-quota seats vacant when admissions closed on Monday.

Transgenders lure men, dupe them
Two separate incidents in which two men lost their valuables to transgenders, who took them to a lonely place after soliciting, were reported at Pallavaram on Tuesday.

[Singapore] [Commentary]
Rape of Vietnamese Trans Lady Throws Spotlight on Legal Dilemma of Southeast Asia’s Trans Women
The rape of a trans woman in Vietnam whose new status is not reflected on her official documents, and the refusal of the provincial authorities to prosecute the aggressors has cast the spotlight on the legal dilemma of Southeast Asia’s trans women, especially pre-operative trans women and post-operative trans women whose countries do not recognise their new status.

Appeal denies transsexuals gender change
Attorney General Christian Porter has won a landmark appeal which will strip two female-to-male transsexuals of the right to be legally recognised as men.
A majority Court of Appeal decision handed down this morning over-ruled a State Administrative Tribunal ruling that the two transsexuals, whose identities have been suppressed, could be issued with certificates which reassigned their gender to males.
The SAT decision had overturned a Gender Reassignment Board ruling which refused the change of gender.
Higher appeal over transgender decision
[Commentary] Appeal denies transsexuals gender change

Cross-dresser with man boobs spared jail over speeding death
A driver who killed his teenage girlfriend of two weeks in a high-speed smash was spared jail today because he is a cross-dresser with man boobs.
Judge Marilyn Harbison told Jayke Baldwin she would not lock him up because she was not satisfied prison authorities could protect him from bullying from other inmates.
She said Baldwin, 21, wanted to be a woman and assumed the characteristics of people in a fantasy world and because of his unusual personality she would wholly suspend a three-year jail term.
Gender-confused driver avoids jail

The Changing Face of The Transgender Community
With more female-to-male transitions, long-held perceptions of what it means to be a Transgender are no longer valid.
Time was when the conventional image of a transgender individual was that of a man dressing as a woman. Inaccurate as that image was, the popular definition or concept of the transgender person was more sexual-based than biological. It was thought that the underlying motivation behind being transgender could range from homosexuality to perversion and was the province largely of males.

Trans health fair draws locals, travelers to Affirmations
AIDS prevention, art therapy, anti-aging, hair removal, gender reassignment surgery, support groups, free health care and counseling were just some of the services presented Aug. 28 at Michigan's first-ever Transgender Health Fair, held at Affirmations LGBT community center in Ferndale.

Nikki Araguz Case Weighs Heavy on Tex. Transfolks
Nikki Araguz, a transgender widow in Texas, is currently fighting a legal battle to maintain death benefits following her firefighter husband’s death. Her late husband’s ex-wife and parents are suing to prevent Araguz from receiving the benefits, arguing that her marriage was void because she was born male and Texas does not recognize same-sex marriage.

La rebelión de Mavi Susel
El destino tradicional y doméstico que la sociedad patriarcal intenta imponer a las mujeres apresó también a Mavi Susel, la primera persona que pudo acceder a una cirugía de reasignación de sexo en Cuba, realizada en un ya lejano 22 de mayo de 1988.

Nuevo asesinato de una persona LGTB en Honduras
La sangría no cesa en Honduras. Gensy (oficialmente Germán) Gamaniel Serrano, referenciada como gay en varios medios aunque en realidad era travesti (término usado en países de América Latina para referirse en la mayoría de los casos a mujeres transgénero y transexuales) ha muerto acribillada a balazos en San Pedro Sula.

Sentencia inédita en Argentina a favor de CRS y cambio de DNI a la vez, sin haber pasado cirugía
En un fallo inédito para la justicia argentina, el Juzgado Nacional de Primera Instancia en lo Civil Nº 7 de la Capital Federal a cargo del Dr. Diego Iparraguirre ha autorizado la reasignación quirúrgica de sexo de una mujer transexual y a la vez el cambio en la documentación personal.