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segunda-feira, setembro 20, 2010

Big Brother's Nadia talks about her suicide attempt for first time
Big Brother housemate Nadia has spoken for the first time about her alleged suicide attempt.
The 33-year-old has said she’s “Ok” but admitted she’s “in a really bad place right now” and confessed: “I just feel like I badly need some guidance”.
Nadia, who won Big Brother in 2004, was rushed to hospital last week after reportedly taking a mixture of painkillers and prescription drugs.

Transvestite's drug den council flat shut for a further three months
A DRUG den inside a transvestite's council flat has been shut down for a further three months to protect elderly and vulnerable neighbours.
As reported in the Echo, 18 Toll Bar House, Bargate, Lincoln, was locked down in June for three months after it was used for Class A drug taking and dealing over several months.

Squaddie's battle for a sex change operation
'As a Para I'd jump out of planes into warzones with a rifle on my back. But it was so much harder to just walk into my local after I became a woman" - Stuart Harrison.

Transsexual basketball scout wins praise as Turkey's '14th Giant Man'
Turkish basketball star Hidayet Türkoğlu drew loud chants of “Hido, Hido” during the 2010 FIBA World Basketball Championship, and the crowd roared when Kerem Tunçeri made a last-minute lay-up against Serbia to take Turkey into the finals.
Fans made their love for Turkey’s “12 Giant Men” abundantly clear during the championship event. Also praised was a 13th man, coach Bogdan Tanjevic. But another person responsible for the team’s success, the person who discovered and trained some of the stars of the Turkish national basketball team, was not present in that crowd.
This 14th giant is Leyla Çalışkan, a famous talent scout for Turkish basketball, and a male-to-female transsexual.
(Photo: Hürriyet - Leyla Çalışkan says she was oestrosized by the basketball world after she changed sex.)

Situation of Transgender Persons Ukraine Research project
Insight Ukraine has published an important report on the lives and experiences of TS/TG women and men in Ukraine.

Une journée normale dans la vie normale d’une transsexuelle normale
Comme chaque jour normal, une transsexuelle normale se lève le matin pour aller travailler. Comme chaque matin devant sa glace elle remercie le seigneur de lui avoir donné un travail. Serte ce travail lui permet a peine de subvenir à ses besoins et même si elle doit travailler dans un domaine qui ne va pas avec ses diplômes elle ne fait que se dire la chance qu’elle a d’avoir ce travail. Normal puisque une transsexuelle dans un Liban hétéro-normatif ne peut être autre que prostituée sinon danseuse de un cabaret ce qui la ramène aussi à se prostituer.

[South Africa]
South African Parliament mistakenly refers to gender-dispute athlete Semenya as mister
Caster Semenya, the 800-metre world champion who was at the centre of a row over her gender, suffered further embarrassment when she was referred to as "mister" in South Africa's Parliament.
Several spelling and grammatical errors appeared in an official report presented to members of the Portfolio Committee on Sport including a reference to “Mr C Semenye."
[Commentary] Even South Africa's Parliament Can't Get Caster Semenya's Gender Correct

Iranian Honour Killing: Trans murdered by her brothers in Tehran
Farsnews reported that on April 25th, 2010 police found a 24 year old woman dead in her apartment, on Shariati St. After an initial investigation it became apparent the woman was called Mahsa and was a transsexual that had undergone sex-change assignment (his name before sex-change was Masood). Mahsa was strangled, and the police found out that her brothers were perpetrators. In addition the brothers stole money they found on her. The two brothers confessed to the killing of Mahsa, and mentioned the reason as “opposing her immorality”. Their father, who in Iranian Shari’a law is the Vali’ye Dam (Masa’s blood-owner), forgave his two sons for the murder. One brother was sentenced to 8 years in prison, with five years suspended jail time and the other for three with two years suspended jail time. In other words the brothers would only serve three and one year respectively in prison for murder

UN Urges Nepal To Respect Discrimination Verdict
The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Nepal today urged the country's Government to expedite the implementation of a Supreme Court ruling issued three years ago that upholds equal rights in the granting of citizenship and identity documents to members of sexual minorities.

Govt jobs for eunuchs: HC asks Centre to reply
The Punjab and Haryana High Court has granted a last opportunity to the Central government to clear its stand over the issue of reservation in government jobs for eunuchs.

Transvestite fined for soliciting
A Filipino transvestite, who was arrested for for soliciting in a public place, was fined $700 on Wednesday.

Aus military embraces transgender soldiers
The head of the Australian Defence Force has announced that transgender people will no longer be barred from serving in the nation's military.

Chaz Bono talks about coming out as trans in public eye
Southern Comfort, the annual Atlanta transgender conference, celebrated its 20th anniversary Sept. 6-12, drawing hundreds from around the globe to the Crown Plaza Ravinia Hotel.
The conference included seminars covering everything from surgeons discussing their procedures to open conversations on a variety of topics pertaining to transgender life.
One of the main highlights this year was the appearance of transgender celebrity and advocate Chaz Bono, who also participated in many of the events and hosted a seminar on media activism with Nick Adams, media awards communications manager for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Transgender murder suspect considered male in jail
Transgender inmates at Montgomery County Prison are afforded protection and kept out of the general prison population for their own safety, according to a prison official. But even if a biological man identifies as a woman, she is still housed with male inmates.

[Puerto Rico]
Sin descartar sospechosos por muerte de transexuales
El agente investigador de la Unidad de Homicidios, Noel Ortiz, dijo que una personas que fue detenida y dejada en libertad posteriormente, no es descartada como sospechosa por el asesinato de los transexuales Miguel Soto González y Justo Luis González García.
Asesinadas dos mujeres transexuales en Puerto Rico
Gay Group Demands Murder Probe
No descartan a ningún sospecho por asesinato de las dos transexuales en Puerto Rico de este lunes

Mujeres transexuales trabajadoras sexo de Venezuela, despreciadas y lanzadas a la calle como basura
Viven con el trauma de haber sido despreciadas por su familia, lanzadas a la calle como basura y para colmo, etiquetadas por la sociedad por el "delito" de no sentirse identificadas con el sexo con el cual nacieron.