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quinta-feira, dezembro 09, 2010

Noa y Tomas, una pareja gallega de los mas normal, la transexualidad de uno de ellos es solo un detalle
Somos de lo más normal, nuestro día a día no tiene nada de especial"
Son una pareja igual al resto, la diferencia está en que uno de ellos es una persona transexual.
Noa y Tomás, nombres ficticios, son una pareja a simple vista como las demás. Viven a las afueras de una ciudad gallega, como tantas otras parejas; ella trabaja a turnos y él lo hace desde casa, tienen entre 35 y 45 años y no tienen hijos. Es decir, están en la media.

Sonia, mujer transexual vasca narra su proceso tras dos décadas de miedo a la incomprensión
El paso definitivo de Sonia
Una transexual narra su proceso de cambio tras dos décadas de miedo a la incomprensión - "Me siento mujer y quiero serlo" (Foto)

[España] [Pelicula]
MUY MUJER, la película más travesti de 2011; opera prima de Luis Escobar "Diossa"
Partiendo de esta expresión que da título a la película, expresión nacida y mantenida mayoritariamente en ambientes gays, llegamos al quid de la historia de este relato cinematográfico. Sin llegar a desvelar el argumento, podemos hablar de una narración audiovisual donde la ambigüedad se convierte en dueña y señora de los personajes, y los equívocos y enredos nos llevarán a un desenlace divertido e inesperado.

Pari-T; organización de transexuales desfiló en el Día Mundial contra el Sida en Francia
El 1 de diciembre, Día Mundial de lucha contra el SIDA, Act Up-París organizo como cada año una manifestación, seguida no solamente por numerosas asociaciones de lucha contra el SIDA, sino también por grupos trans, lgbt, de trabajadoras del sexo…

Intervention at the Polish Ministry of National Defence
KPH and Trans-Fuzja intervene about discrimination of trans people regarding access to military service
Campaign Against Homophobia and Trans-Fuzja Foundation inquired the Polish Ministry of National Defence on explaining the regulations discriminating against transsexual and intersex people.

CNIC for eunuchs
Several NGOs and other bodies representing eunuchs have raised concerns over imposing the medical test precondition and obtaining a certificate from the Ministry of Social Welfare because it might lead to sexual harassment and exploitation of the eunuchs.
Eunuchs oppose gender test

New legal service for gay community
Australia’s first stand-alone community legal centre for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexuals and intersex people opened in New Farm yesterday.

[Australia] [Commentary]
Raising (Potentially) Trans Children
Arwyn at Raising My Boychick has a good post up about an event in Portland in the US called Transgender Child Awareness Week run by TransActive, a group for trans/gender-nonconforming children in the Pacific Northwest. What I like best about this post is that she’s moved beyond acceptance into radically transforming the way she parents by incorporating the possibility from the start that her child might be trans, and that this is perfectly fine.

[Australia] [Commentary]
medpage TODAY: Bad Signaling Blamed for ‘Intersex’ Disorder
A genetic switch in an unexpected pathway appears to hold the key to hardwiring gender either to the specifications of the chromosomes or against them, causing a so-called intersex disorder, researchers found.

Trans sex worker attacked in Toronto
Toronto police have released the description of a man responsible for a Dec 2 attack and sexual assault against a transgendered sex worker.
The attack happened between 2am and 3:30am, says Toronto Police Det Wendy Leaver. The man offered the victim $60 for sexual services before pulling a six-inch hunting knife and sexually assaulting her.

Dress rules established for transsexuals in military
As U.S. politicians continue to debate whether to let gays serve openly in the American military, the Canadian Forces have issued a new policy detailing how the organization should accommodate transsexual and transvestite troops specifically. Soldiers, sailors and air force personnel who change their sex or sexual identity have a right to privacy and respect around that decision, but must conform to the dress code of their “target” gender, says the supplementary chapter of a military administration manual.

[Canada] [Letters to the Editor]
Pay attention to this debate
Question: When your little girl goes to the public washroom at the shopping mall and she sees a man in there, how does she know if it's an "innocent" transgender, or the next Russell Williams -- a rapist and killer?
How does your little girl know the difference before it's too late?
Why are sexually confused Canadians trying to get the legal right for men to use female washrooms and women to use men's washrooms?
[Commentary] Trans People Near Inclusion in Canada’s Hate Crimes Provisions; But As For Women…
[Commentary] The 'Secret Trans Agenda' Revealed

Bold Crossings of the Gender Line
It’s certainly a statement on our times that, in the same month, James Franco graces the covers of GQ and Candy. In GQ, he appears in a moody head shot. In Candy, a style magazine dedicated to what it calls the “transversal” — that is, transsexuality, transvestism, cross-dressing, androgyny and any combination thereof — Mr. Franco, shot by Terry Richardson, vamps in trowel-applied makeup, heavy jewelry and a woman’s dominatrix-style power suit.

Transgender College Athlete Returns After Injury
George Washington University's Kye Allums, the first openly transgender basketball player in women's NCAA Division I history, missed three games due to a concussion but was back on the court Sunday, Outsportsreports.
Kye Allums returns with big game and win

[USA] [Commentary]
Including transgender athletes is thought provoking, but not unfair
Athletes have always had the competitive advantage of being better than their rivals.

[USA] [Commentary]
*Sigh*-Another GLBT Murder In Jamaica
The Hate on Transpeople for the Holidays Campaign continues around the world.
The latest installment comes from Jamaica, the most GLBT phobic of all the Caribbean islands.

[USA] [Commentary]
Ladies Professional Golf Association Is Part of Wicked Gay Agenda Now, Says Area Wingnut
For years we’ve been seeing “test cases” of homosexuals pushing the legal envelope to force their degenerate lifestyle choice on the rest of us. Periodically we read about homosexuals suing small business owners—often Christian small business owners—for not bowing to the homosexuals’ demands, whatever they may be. These test cases are getting more and more outrageous, and now we have one of the most over-the-top examples yet of homosexuality gone wild, and it’s certainly no surprise that it comes out of San Francisco.

Payette Transgender Woman Awaits Arson, Weapons Trial in Isolation
Monday, Dec. 6, Catherine Carlson, 53, was in Payette Country Court for a preliminary hearing after a psychological evaluation earlier this month deemed her competent to stand trial.
After over an hour of testimony by city and county officials and first responders to the July 11 incident where Carlson set fire to her Payette trailer, Judge A. Lynn Krogh, found “probable cause” to proceed with the case. Carlson is scheduled to be arraigned on January 7 where a trial date will likely be set. (Photo)

Haverford School grad returns to tell HER story
“You guys look different, too,” a speaker at the Haverford School told teachers and classmates in the audience, to break the ice.
Admittedly, though, Jenny Boylan, Class of ’76, has gone through a transformation well beyond aging.
Boylan, who attended the private all-boys school from eighth grade through graduation, did so as James Boylan. A professor of creative writing and American literature at Colby College in Maine since 1988, she is also a transgender woman, who made the physical transition in her early 40s. (Photo)

Salt Lake City School Board passes gender, orientation policy
In a landmark move, the Salt Lake City school board voted Tuesday to approve a policy providing protection from discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Ecuador's First Gay Marriage Includes Transgender Man
Ecuador will have its first gay marriage this Friday, December 10.
Joey Hateley and Hugo Vera will exchange vows in Quito during a civil ceremony officiated by Councilor Norman Wray, the president of the Metropolitan Commission on Gender (Comision Metropolitana de Genero), according to the website

La tramitación del DNI de Florencia de la V sigue su curso normal tras anuncio de FALGTB
La Federación Argentina de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y trans, y ATTTA (Asociación travestis transexuales transgéneros de Argentina) informa que la medida cautelar que otorgó a Florencia de la V el derecho a obtener su nuevo DNI, con cambio de nombre y sexo, está firme y sigue su trámite ordinario para la emisión del nuevo DNI y nueva partida de nacimiento en los próximos días.
Justicia argentina niega cambio de nombre a la transexual más famosa del País; Florencia de la V