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sexta-feira, dezembro 03, 2010

Sex-change trigger gene found
Melbourne scientists have discovered that the alteration of a single gene causes some male embryos to develop as females.
Sex development disorders, which can cause gender confusion, occur in one in 4500 births - or 16 babies born in Victoria every year.

Gay rights uneven throughout Europe, agency says
The rights situation for lesbian, gay, bi- and transsexual (LGBT) people is very uneven throughout the EU, with improvements in Portugal and Sweden and more restrictions in Bulgaria, Estonia and Romania, a report from EU's fundamental rights agency (FRA) shows.

NHS trust stops referrals for transgender treatment
An NHS trust has been criticised for temporarily stopping treatment referrals for transgender people.
NHS West Kent is also ceasing referrals for gastric band surgery and couples seeking IVF but trans campaigners say people with these conditions do not have a high suicide rate, unlike trans people waiting for treatment.

[Ireland] [Books]
Gay of the Dead: "LET ME DIE A WOMAN" author Alan Kelly, Part One
A creepy little book slithered into my mailbox recently. The tome shares a title with the classic Doris Wishman quasi-documentary, LET ME DIE A WOMAN, and yes, like the film, the book's plot does involve a transgender character. But whereas Wishman's film examines the transgender experience through documentary footage and straightforward fictional vignettes, author Alan Kelly's gruesome meditation mixes sci-fi and horror with a dash of noir revenge drama into a squirming, half-dead stew.

Hombre transexual inicia pleito con Universidad de Holanda por no querer cambiarle titulación
Si el hombre transexual Justus Eisfeld no recibe un nuevo diploma, la Universidad de Ámsterdam estaría discriminando. Así lo sentenció la Comisión de Igualdad de Trato, en un pleito que Eisfeld le entabló al centro de estudios.

Transwoman wins legal battle
A Maltese transwoman has won a Constitutional Court case winning recognition of her preferred sex and allowing her to marry.

Remembering Fallen Trans People
For the first time, Botswana’s transgender people and other members of the lesbian, gay and bisexual community commemorated the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) with the aim to remember transgender people who have been killed over the years due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice in Africa and other parts of the world.

[South Africa]
’Transgender people stigmatised in SA’
Local non-governmental organisation Gender DynamiX has said that the plight of transgender people in South Africa is still shrouded in silence, which has led to the issue being stigmatised much like HIV/Aids.

Transgender found murdered in Greater Noida
A transgender was found murdered on Wednesday at Surajpur in Greater Noida. The police recovered the victim’s body from an agricultural field. “We got a call, saying that a body was lying in the fields of one Vijay Singh. A police team was sent to recover the body,” said Ajay Choudhary, SHO, Surajpur.

Panicked Transvestite Beauty Queen Hopefuls Flee FPI Raid
Dozens of panicked transvestites were sent fleeing for safety after Indonesia’s militant Islamic Defenders Front raided a drag-queen contest to mark World AIDS Day on Wednesday.

'Give me some place to work - anywhere other than the streets'
Transgender sex workers in Indonesia know that condom use can help prevent HIV infection – but clients' refusal is fuelling Asia's fastest-growing rates of HIV infection.

Trans Women Golfers OK to Go Pro
Female professional golfers voted Tuesday to allow transgender women the opportunity to tee off.
The LPGA's constitution will be changed to remove the "female at birth" requirement, according to ESPN. A constitutional alteration requires two thirds of the members to approve of any changes.
LPGA changes rule to allow transgendered players
L.P.G.A. Will Allow Transgender Players to Compete
LPGA to accept transgender players
LPGA votes out 'female at birth' rule
Whan: Transgender vote was 'one-sided'
LPGA to change gender requirement

[Commentary] LPGA to Mind Its Own Business and Stop Checking for Balls
Liga Internacional de Golf permitirá participar a personas transexuales en sus torneos

Hellboy - Perlman Plays 'Ugly' Transsexual In New Film
Hellboy star Ron Perlman is set to shock fans by playing a transsexual former convict in oddball new movie FRANKIE GOES BOOM.

A third of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender youth suffer mental disorders
A new study by University of Illinois at Chicago has revealed that one-third of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth have attempted suicide in their lifetime - a prevalence comparable to urban, minority youth - but a majority do not experience mental illness

Walnut Creek slaying suspect pleads not guilty
A woman charged with killing her boyfriend during what authorities said was a domestic argument pleaded not guilty in court Tuesday, prosecutors said.

Tyjanae Moore: Houston Still Struggling With Transgender/Bathroom Issues
Two weeks after a transgendered woman tried to use the restroom in a city building, she and the city seem still to be recovering.

Bogotá: un 98% de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transgeneristas han sido víctimas de discriminación
Una investigación promovida por la Dirección de Diversidad Sexual asegura que "las personas transgeneristas son las más rechazadas y violentadas" y que "la escuela y el trabajo son los ambientes con mayor discriminación".
El 98 por ciento de lesbianas, bisexesuales y transgeneristas son víctimas de discriminación en Bogotá

Escolares homosexuales son víctimas de violencia
Expertos aseguran que hay cada vez más indicios de que los niños entre los 11 y los 14 años, cuando descubren más cosas de sí mismos y afirman su identidad y orientación sexual, son víctimas de las actitudes de intolerancia y matonismo juvenil.

Tania tiene su DNI como mujer
En la sala José Luis Cabezas del Congreso, la Comunidad Homosexual Argentina (CHA) entregó a Tania Luna su nuevo DNI, que reconoce su identidad femenina y acepta el nombre escogido por ella sin necesidad de previa cirugía de reasignación sexual. La CHA pidió al Parlamento por el tratamiento de la Ley de Identidad de Género.
"La identidad de género no es algo que va ligado al sexo físico"
Un travesti recibió su DNI con nombre de mujer
Argentina es el primer país latinoamericano en otorgar un DNI a un transexual
Por primera vez en Argentina una transexual sin reasignar recibe un DNI que la reconoce como mujer