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quinta-feira, dezembro 02, 2010

English Version of Best Practices Guide for Trans Health Care Published
In October 2010, the Spanish Network for Depathologization of Trans Identities published a document designed to promote non-pathologizing health care policies. This week the English translation of the Best Practices Guide has been launched. This effort is part of the international campaign "Stop Trans Pathologization" (STP 2012) that on Saturday October 23, 2010 celebrated demonstrations and activities in 61 cities around the world.

Proposal for More Protection of Lesbian, Gay, Transgender Persons Stalled in Council of Ministers
A legal proposal that would upgrade protection for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons from discrimination outside of employment in as much as 17 European Union countries has been with the Council of Ministers for more than two years.

Estrasburgo sentencia que España no discriminó a una transexual
Un juez español limitó las visitas a su hijo tras su cambio de sexo.- El Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos aprecia el interés superior del menor

Justus Eisfeld, Transsexual Graduate, To Get New Dutch Diploma
A transsexual former student has won a battle to be granted a replacement graduation diploma with his new name and gender printed on it, the University of Amsterdam said Tuesday.
Dutch Transsexual wins right to new degree certificate

Court confirms right to marry after gender reassignment
A woman who was previously denied the right to marry because she was born male is now free to marry her fiancé, after a Court ruled in her favour.
Transsexual given right to marry
Transsexual wins right to marry

Transgenders: Centre silent on PIL
The Central government on Tuesday yet again failed to file its response and take a categorical stand in response to an ongoing public interest litigation (PIL) demanding reservation for eunuchs in government jobs.

Transgenders sans `ID proof' turned away from hospitals
Treatment might be free at government hospitals but the transgender community approaching the state-run Anti-Retrovial Therapy (ART) clinics for HIV treatment is being asked for a price - an `ID proof'. And, if they do not have one, they are being turned away. In fact, hospitals insisting on an address or even a ration or PAN card has ensured that an alarming 50 per cent of all the patients visiting the hospital for HIV/Aids treatment are being turned away as they do not have these documents in place. A chunk of them are from the transgender community.

Hermaphrodite's sad tale
A 20-year-old university student from Pengshui county, Chongqing Municipality is facing a hard choice: to become a man or a woman after doctors at Southwest Hospital found that she is a hermaphrodite.

[Thailand] [Commentary]
Karla Cripps: 6 reasons Bangkok’s ladyboys annoy me
When it comes to Thai national symbols, ladyboys are as iconic as tuk tuks and tom yum goong.
Without getting into a sociological exploration of 'katoeys' and Thai society, the gist of the situation is that though they do face stigmatization from some corners of society, ladyboys are generally accepted by the public. Many have become huge TV celebrities.
That’s not why they bug me. In fact, I admire ladyboys' tenacity and unwillingness to conform.
My issues with ladyboys -- and yes, I'm going to generalize -- extend into the realm of jealousy with a side order of self-loathing and fear.
Here are six reasons I get uneasy every time a hot-looking ladyboy crosses my path.

[Malaysia] [Commentary]
Thoughts on TDOR
TDOR, or the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, falls on November 20th every year. Established in 1998, the day’s main event is the reading of the names of members of the transgender community who lost their lives throughout the entire year, with the lighting of candles.

Little support for LGBT: study
HENG Sreyleang*, a lesbian living in Battambang province, says she has no recourse to challenge her parents, who intend for her to marry a man.

Hyogo junior high school to accept gender identity disorder child as female student
A junior high school in Hyogo Prefecture will accept an 11-year-old elementary school boy with gender identity disorder (GID) as a female student from next spring, a regional board of education has announced.
The child has been attending a local elementary school as a girl since the first year, and no students at the school are believed to know about the child's disorder.

A safe space for Latino drag queens
With bulky luggage in tow, Juan Antonio Nunez and Herberth Menendez gracefully take a seat at a meeting table and lay out their mirrors, makeup kits, wigs and size-10 stilettos.
As they apply eye shadow, lipstick and Mac foundation to cover their handsome, manly features, the two men, both from Mexico, whisper and chuckle in their mother tongue.
This tiny space at the Centre for Spanish-Speaking Peoples in Toronto’s gay village at Wellesley and Church Sts. makes them feel at home – a far more welcoming place than the homes they fled in Latin America.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Canada should be LGBT world leader
Adding gender identity, expression to list of protected groups is a positive step
[Commentary] Why Canada should protect gender identity

LPGA drops 'female at birth' clause for members
The LPGA voted a monumental change to its constitutional bylaws Tuesday that will no longer require its members to be “female at birth.”
The move to amend the bylaws to allow transgender membership was easily passed in a vote in a players meeting at the Grand Cypress Hyatt just down the road from the site of this week’s LPGA Tour Championship. first reported two weeks ago that the bylaw change was in the works.

[USA] [Commentary]
Why It's Important To Claim The 'Trans' Label
While surfing the Web Sunday night was involved in a FB discussion which started when a person made this comment.
I do not publically identify as transsexual as the entire point, for me anyway, is to be perceived as what I am: female. Nothing more, nothing less.
To which I immediately responded to that person
Running away from the trans label is like me trying to deny I'm Black.
She huffily fired back
I'm not running from it, I just refuse the label. I don't want that label.

Transgendered Woman Pleads Not Guilty in Walnut Creek Man's Killing
Living as a woman since age 19, Akira Jackson had been in a relationship with her alleged victim, Alan Gray of Walnut Creek, for about a year.

Students advocate for transgender policy changes
Transitioning from high school to college can be a socially stressful situation for any student. But doing so while while changing one's gender provides added difficulties.
Though resources such as the USF Counseling Center help to make this transition smoother, some students feel the University can do more to create a gender-neutral atmosphere.

Lorelei's struggle as a transgender woman
As part of a three-week series running on Wednesdays, Metro will post the stories of three transgender Bostonians and the struggles they've faced on their journey. Their lives are featured as part of a new public education campaign sponsored by the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition originally featured in Metro on Nov. 16. In the series' last installment, we hear from Lorelei, a self-described improviser, adventurer, pageant queen and a transgender woman. (Photo)

Murder suspect pleads not guilty
A transgender defendant accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death in August pleaded not guilty to murder charges in Montgomery County court Tuesday.
Asia Santana, 40, whose legal name is Tyrone Crawley, reportedly got into an argument inside a Moore Street house Aug. 13 with 28-year-old Eric Nevith, who Santana allegedly stabbed in an upstairs bedroom, according to court papers.

Transgender Puerto Rican woman’s alleged murderer to stand trial
A psychologist has found the man accused of murdering a transgender Puerto Rican woman inside her home in April is competent to stand trial.
Asesino de Ashley podría cumplir 120 años de cárcel

Exigen acción de Educación para educar sobre género
El activista gay, Pedro Julio Serrano, condenó hoy las acciones homofóbicas de una maestra en Manatí a quien se le acusó de humillar a un estudiante de séptimo grado.

La misteriosa muerte de “Mireya”
Este relato narra un caso real. Se han cambiado los nombres.

Hecho histórico en la Argentina: entregarán DNI de mujer a travesti
La Comunidad Homosexual Argentina (CHA) le entregará este jueves a Tania Luna su nuevo DNI, que reconoce su identidad de género sin necesidad previa de una cirugía de reasignación sexual, un hecho considerado histórico por las organizaciones de lucha de derechos civiles.
(Foto: Tania Luna es actriz y vedette.)