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quarta-feira, dezembro 01, 2010

O GRIT - Grupo de Reflexão e Intervenção sobre Transexualidade da Associação ILGA Portugal, em parceria com a rede ex aequo - associação de jovens lésbicas, gays, bissexuais, transgéneros e simpatizantes, vai realizar no próximo dia 15 de Dezembro, às 21h00, no Centro LGBT (Rua de S. Lázaro, 88, Lisboa), a tertúlia "Reflectir a Lei de Identidade de Género".

A 17 de Junho de 2010 o Bloco de Esquerda apresentou um projecto de lei que "Altera o Código do Registo Civil, permitindo a pessoas transexuais a mudança do registo de sexo no assento de nascimento". Poucos meses depois, a 7 de Setembro, o Governo apresentou uma proposta de lei que "Cria o procedimento de mudança de sexo e de nome próprio no registo civil e procede à 18.ª alteração ao Código do Registo Civil". A 29 de Setembro, foram as duas discutidas na Assembleia da Republica, e a 1 de Outubro aprovadas em Reunião Plenária. Daqui passaram à 1.ª Comissão de especialidade, onde um grupo de trabalho analisou as duas propostas, ouviu alguns especialistas e activistas, e redigiu o texto final, novamente aprovado em Reunião Plenária, a 26 de Novembro. Aguarda agora a promulgação do Presidente da República.

A inexistência de uma lei de identidade de género causou, até aos dias de hoje, sofrimento e humilhação continuados a todas as pessoas transexuais que procuravam ver legalmente reconhecida a sua identidade. Este "vazio legal" obrigava-as a imporem uma acção judicial contra o estado Português para que lhes fosse dada a possibilidade de alterarem o nome e o sexo nos seus documentos de identificação. E não falamos de dias, mas de anos à espera de uma identidade. Acompanhados de burocracia, dinheiro, humilhação, discriminação e exposição social, que desgastariam física e psicologicamente qualquer indivíduo.

Contamos contigo. Vem marcar a tua presença.

Na continuação de uma política de exclusão de activistas incómodos seguida tanto pelos grupos/associações existentes como pelos partidos e Governo, nota-se um painel maioritariamente tendencioso. Vozes críticas são quase inexistentes. Vozes independentes quase não existem. Ao aparecer estaria a dar o meu aval à continuação deste status quo. Assim sendo, a minha ausência será o meu voto de protesto.

New legal report on homophobia and transphobia in the EU
Today the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency released an updated EU-wide legal analysis: Homophobia, transphobia and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. The Parliament had previously asked the Agency to analyse the legal situation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the European Union.
The FRA presents the updated report on Homophobia, transphobia and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity
LGBT Intergroup Podcast: Legal report on homophobia and transphobia

Estrasburgo sentencia que España no discriminó a una transexual de Lugo
España no discriminó a una transexual de Lugo por reducir el régimen de visitas a su hijo y proteger a éste de la "inestabilidad" emocional de su progenitor, según una sentencia publicada hoy por el Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos, con sede en Estrasburgo (Francia) La sentencia, adoptada por unanimidad del tribunal, entiende que "la restricción del régimen de visitas no ha sido el resultado de una discriminación basada en la transexualidad de la demandante", Alexia Pardo Vila, de 34 años de edad.
FELGTB lamenta la sentencia del Tribunal de Estrasburgo ante el caso de la transexual Alexia Pardo
Estrasburgo le da a España carta blanca para que pueda discriminar a todos los transexuales con hijos
Sentencia completa de Estrasburgo a favor de España y en contra de la transexualidad de Alexia de Lugo

Big rise in hate crimes
More than 50,000 hate crimes were reported across England, Wales and Northern Ireland last year, figures showed today.
These included more than 43,000 race-related crimes and almost 5,000 incidents motivated by whether a person was straight, gay or bisexual, the Home Office figures showed.
Hate crime figures published for the first time
12% surge in hate crimes revealed
Racist and homophobic attacks soaring as Home Office report shows 12% hike in hate crime

Prescription Drugs Made Me A Gambling Mad Tranny
A TOWN councillor became a sex-crazed transvestite who ran up £400,000 of debts after taking a prescription drug.
Parkinson's disease sufferer turned into sex-crazed transvestite by drug

[UK] [Commentary]
Prison Service Policy on Trans Prisoners is to have no policy
I feel another letter to a minister coming on.
People are probably aware of the Sonia/Nina case, which I’ve blogged about previously but to summarise, a Trans woman was inexplicably put in a male prison. Following that incident, I submitted a Freedom of Information request asking about Prison Service Policy on the matter.

[UK/USA] [Commentary]
Trans people are humiliated by healthcare system
From needless psychological inquiry to picking up a prescription, humiliation is common for trans people.

Sex change woman wins her legal battle to get married
Transgender woman was refused permission to marry in Malta, but has won a Constitutional case recognising her gender status as female. (Photo)

Masked men tear-gas trans event in Ukraine
Thirty attendees at a Transgender Day of Remembrance event in Kiev, Ukraine, were attacked with tear gas by 10 men in masks Nov. 20.

Indian IT drafts policy for gays, transgender
Some Indian companies have opened doors to target the lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT) community. Going ahead, the companies are holding manager and employee sensitisation programmes to avoid discrimination at the workplace. This is being considered a welcome gesture to the community as well as to boost diversity.

More arrests soon in eunuch murder case, say cops
The Parksite police believe it will soon get hold of more people involved in the alleged killing of 55-year-old Shabbir Mohammed Ansar, alias Gopiamma, president of the All-India Association of Eunuchs. On Sunday, cops arrested Ravi Padmanaban Reddy (49), alias Ashaamma, who is one of the suspects in the alleged killing of Gopiamma.

[Australia] [Commentary]
One size does not fit all
Saturday, November 20 was the 11th Transgender Day of Remembrance. It was the day on which transgendered people remember those who have died violently in the previous year, victims of hate crimes against those who are gender diverse, or those that are assumed to be.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Michelle Rayner's College Classmates Won't Let Trans Students Pee In Peace
Michelle Rayner, a FTM transgender student at St. Thomas University in New Brunswick, Canada, says that on "countless occasions I have been carded in public washrooms, pushed around at work, spit on, and labeled a freak, disgusting and morally void." But I can't imagine any of that "prepares" someone for being assaulted in a campus bathroom.

Trans Day of Remembrance youth activists not charged
Two activists arrested on The Trans Day of Remembrance (TDOR) on Nov 20, for staging a banner-unfurling protest near the Elgin St. police station were not charged says Cst. Katherine Larouche, media spokesperson for Ottawa Police Services.

Transgender ban goes to a vote
The change facing LPGA Tour players in a precedent-setting vote Tuesday is monumental, by historical standards. Their reaction to it is, well, rather indifferent.
On Tuesday, the LPGA will ask its female golfers to vote on a constitutional amendment that would strike down a decades-old requirement that players be “female at birth” to allow transgendered women into the game.
Lana Lawless' suit puts gender in sports in spotlight again

[USA] [Commentary]
After Facebook, Diaspora Has a New Target: "Male" and "Female"
Diaspora, the potentially great next-generation social networking site currently under development, made one important change a couple of weeks ago in a line of code. It impacts millions and millions of potential users throughout the world, many of whom are current users of a social networking site that alienates them, relegates them to a subperson with a subgender. That site would be Facebook and those users are the masses of transgendered people in the world that don’t fall into Facebook’s two profile options of “male” and “female.”

[USA] [Commentary]
Trans Model Lea T. Makes Oprah's Cut Off List
While entrepreneurs and would-be television stars clamor to be one of Oprah's last guests before her show wraps up in May, the reigning queen of daytime has bestowed the honor not on some hack self-help author or at-home candle maker. But on transgender Givenchy muse and model Lea. T.

[USA] [Commentary]
GetEQUAL Responds To Local Trans Activist On DADT
A few weeks ago, local transgender activist, mother and former service member Brianne Blanchard sent PRIDEinUtah a letter asking GetEQUAL what, if anything, they are planning on doing for trans people who want to serve. GetEQUAL has responded, see their letter below!

[USA] [Commentary]
My Words from Baton Rouge's Transgender Day of Remembrance
I had the privilege to be the lead organizer of this years Transgender Day of Remembrance in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This was my first time organizing a day of remembrance and my first time speaking at the event. There were other speakers, but events in the Louisiana Community compelled me to say a few words. Enough time has passed that I would like to share what I wrote and read with the Bilerico community.

[USA] [Commentary]
Transpeople Are An Oppressed Minority Group
When you talk about oppressed groups, here are some of the characteristics in political science terms.

Los muxes, orgullo homosexual
"Ser muxe es ser dos veces mujer. Una bendición para nuestras familias. Aquí todos somos iguales". Así se define Nisaquie, nombre que en zapoteco significa lluvia, quien descubrió ser muxe a los 6 años de edad, cuando supo que dentro de él se encontraba una mujer.

Estilista es encontrado estrangulado en su casa
Estrangulado con un cable de televisión fue encontrado ayer en la mañana un reconocido estilista transexual, en su vivienda del barrio El Reparto por Bajo de Tegucigalpa, frente a la iglesia Cuadrangular. (Foto)
Degüellan homosexual en su vivienda de Reparto por Bajo