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domingo, dezembro 05, 2010

New Role of 'Intersex' gene
International scientist has found a gene known as "intersex" which will show the attributes of the opposite sex.
This is not the first time a gene abnormality has been cited for its role in conditions linked to sex determination. About 20 years back researchers found in a male gene called SRY and linked related mutations to such anomalies.
NZ family provides clues to gene 'switch'

Uma transexual se opera a cada 12 dias no Brasil
De acordo com dados do Ministério da Saúde, uma transexual faz a cirurgia de transgenitalização (erroneamente conhecida como de mudança de sexo) a cada 12 dias no Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS). A contagem começou a ser feita em agosto de 2008, quando o governo federal permitiu que o procedimento fosse realizado em hospitais públicos.

Tribunal de Estrasburgo aceita discriminação baseada na transexualidade
Alexia Pardo Vila, de 34 anos, teve um filho em 1998, antes de se assumir como transexual e iniciar a sua transição. Quatro anos depois separou-se da esposa e iniciou o processo de transição. Essa transição foi a razão alegada pela sua ex-mulher para eliminar a guarda conjunta e reduzir os direitos de visita.

My body's a war zone and I will not retreat
A MALE army officer, who lives as a woman with his wife and two children, has been locked in a battle to keep his job - as a female army officer.
Captain Matthew - now Bridget - Clinch, 31, plans to have a sex change operation next year after living as a woman for 12 months.
Sex-change soldier forces army to scrap transgender policy

McGill Prof: Canadian transgender bill a ‘Trojan horse’ to ‘reorganize’ society’s view of sex
The Canadian bill seeking to enshrine protections for “transsexuals” is a “Trojan horse” focused on “reorganizing the way we approach sexual issues,” said a noted professor and public commentator at McGill University in Montreal. According to Dr. Douglas Farrow, the bill will “undermine the integrity of Canadian law and civil society.”
[Commentary] Tuesday, Dec. 7, vote on Transgender Bill

[USA] [Commentary]
Sports, gender, questions and hate
Several times over the course of his Hall of Fame career, Cap Anson, a first baseman with the Chicago White Stockings, refused to play if the opposing team had black players. He carried this prejudice with him to his managerial career and his time as part owner of what is now the Chicago Cubs.

[USA] [Commentary]
Oy! Will the Media Ever Get it Right?
Terminology again!
All of the reports I am seeing about the LPGA's decision this week to remove the "female at birth" clause are saying it opens the door to transgender people playing in the tournaments.
Now, as we all know, the word transgender is an umbrella term covering many kinds of transgender people, from weekend crossdressers who identify mainly as males to drag queens, and all sorts of people in-between the two official binary gender designations.

An Iron Man
Transgender athlete Chris Mosier endured one of the most difficult physical competitions around while negotiating tricky gender politics on foot, on a bike, and in the sea.

[USA] [Commentary]
What Would The Repeal Of DADT Mean For Transgender Servicemembers?
I don't have to look too far to see that I've personally become a lightning rod regarding the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Basically, I've become the personification for fear-mongering over the idea that repeal of DADT will either immediately, or eventually, result in transgender people being able to serve openly in the military services. As I highlighted in yesterday's diary (entitled FRC's DADT Press Conference: Just Call Me "Or Something"), to Frank Gaffney of the Center For Security Policy -- and apparently of the Family Research Council (FRC) as well -- I am the answer to the question "What's wrong with this picture?" From the FRC's November 30, 2010 DADT press conference (at about the 33-minute mark of the press conference video):

Service honors Transgender Day of Remembrance
More than 100 people came together Nov. 21 at the Stribley Community Center's gymnasium for Stockton's second annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. The Day of Remembrance is held each November in cities all over the world to commemorate the lives of transgender people who lost their lives to murder and suicide. In Stockton, the service is hosted by Stockton Transgender Alliance in partnership with local churches, service organizations, political clubs, and numerous individual donors.

Transgender woman files complaint against officer
A transgender woman involved in a scuffle outside the Kohl’s Department Store in Jackson on Black Friday has filed a complaint against a Jackson police officer who responded to the incident.
Jonathan Cole, chairman of the Tennessee Equality Project, said Akasha Adonis, of Humboldt, filed the complaint against the officer. Adonis said the officer treated her disrespectfully when he noticed her photo identification listed her as Johnathan Quick. (Photo)
[Commentary] Another Day, Another Trans Person Jacked With

[UT, USA] [Film]
Chaz Doc to Premiere at Sundance
Becoming Chaz, a documentary about Chaz Bono, will have its world premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. The film, directed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, is described by saying, "born biologically female, Chastity Bono invites the viewer into a deeply personal journey as he transitions from female to male, embracing his true self, which is Chaz."

Transexual santiagueña pidió a la Justicia el cambio de nombre
La transexual Luisa Paz presentó un amparo al juez de Paz Letrado de 1era. Nominación de Santiago del Estero solicitando el cambio de nombre que contemple su condición femenina, tal como ocurrió días atrás con Tania Luna, a quien se le reconoció la identidad de género con el otorgamiento de un nuevo DNI, sin la necesidad de someterse a una cirugía previa de cambio de sexo.
“Mi imagen no condice con mi nombre en el documento”


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