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sábado, dezembro 04, 2010

Team Identifies a Genetic Switch for Determining Gender
The Y chromosome is supposed to genetically seal a fetus’s fate in terms of gender. Males have one X and one Y chromosome, while females have two X chromosomes. Yet, in some families a child is born with an X and Y chromosome and develops physically as a female, although she may not menstruate, and her brothers and male cousins may have underdeveloped or ambiguous genitalia.
Gene Could Play Role in 'Intersex' Conditions

Sex swap Fleetwood man fined for £3,600 benefit fiddle
A MAN who used to be a woman was fined £200 for failing to notify benefits officers of a “change in circumstances”.

MGRM welcomes court judgement
The Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM) welcomed the judgement of the Constitutional Court in the case Joanne Cassar instituted against the Director of Public Registry, which resulted in the right of transsexuals to marry being recognised.

Intersex convict to get Sh500,000
An intersex convict who lodged a landmark suit seeking legal recognition has been awarded Sh500,000 for being subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment at Kamiti Maximum Prison.
Court dismisses "double-sex" convict plea

[Canada] [Commentary]
The Road to Inclusion: Trans Rights Bill C-389 Moves Toward Third Reading
Canada’s Trans Rights Bill C-389 will have its first hour of debate at third reading on December 7. A vote on third reading is expected in early 2011.

Trans people make great strides over this year
College basketball player comes out as trans; LGPA announces rules change, and 1 trans judge elected while another is appointed.

DADT Report Reaffirms Ban on Transgender Servicemembers Serving Openly
While many LGBTQ rights organizations and allies are celebrating the results of the recently-released Pentagon study that concluded that “Don’t ask, don’t tell” could be repealed with little impact on military preparedness, few are calling attention the fact that report reaffirms the ban on transgender servicemembers, the National Center for Transgender Equality points out in its response to the report.

Victory! Healthy People 2020 prioritizes LGBT health issues
The US Department of Health and Human Services today released its framework for public health for the next ten years, Healthy People 2020, which specifically includes urgently needed recommendations about transgender health.While there are some areas that NCTE and LGBT health advocacy organizations would have liked to see spelled out in greater detail, overall Healthy People 2020 represents a very positive step for transgender people.
America's health agenda for 2020 includes new topics and goals
HHS announces the nation’s new health promotion and disease prevention agenda
Transgender Law Center Applauds Transgender Inclusion in the National Healthy People 2020 Report

LPGA Changes Female at Birth Policy Following Transgender Woman's Discrimination Suit
The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA), following a vote of its members, today changed its policy requiring that players be female at birth to participate in LPGA tournaments and events.
LPGA votes to allow transgender golfers to compete, changing "female at birth" rule after lawsuit
LPGA welcomes trans golfers. What's next?
Lana Lawless: Will She Ever Make the LPGA Now That She's Allowed?

Bosom buddies busted after tricking kid into having sex
Sex charges have been filed against two men posing as women at a fancy hotel and the investigation may get bigger.
Quinton Harris is charged with rape and Frederick Lamar has been charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

Tyjanae Moore: Mayor's Office Makes Clear Transgendered Woman Should Not Have Been Arrested For Using Women's Bathroom
Concerning Tyjanae Morre, the transgendered woman whose attempt to use a women's restroom in the downtown library got her tossed into the men's jail, and briefly threw city government into confusion, Mayor Annise Parker's office says the "misunderstanding" has been cleared up.

Malas noticias para Flor de la V: rechazaron su nueva identidad
La Procuración General de la Ciudad se opuso hoy a la decisión judicial que había autorizado a la actriz Florencia de la V a cambiar su identidad en sus documentos, donde figura con su nombre masculino.
El organismo del gobierno porteño solicitó la nulidad de la resolución tomada por la jueza en lo Contencioso, Administrativo y Tributario Nº3, Elena Liberatori, por considerar que el dictamen contiene irregularidades de formas. (Foto)
Revés para Florencia de la V en su lucha por ser reconocida como mujer

Dos proyectos de ley de identidad de genero en camino
Dos proyectos de Ley de Identidad de Género ya están en el Congreso. Uno impulsado por la Federación Argentina de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Trans (FALGBT) y otro por la Comunidad Homosexual Argentina (CHA).

Por primera vez, le entregaron un DNI femenino a un travesti
Tania Luna se convirtió en el único caso de América Latina. No tuvo necesidad de someterse a la cirugía de cambio de sexo. (Foto)
Sin operarse, Tania Luna consiguió figurar con su nombre en el documento

En Santiago del Estero, un transexual pidió el cambio de nombre
Se trata de Luisa Paz, dirigente de ATA, quien en el mediodía de este viernes fue entrevistada en Noticiero 7, junto a su abogada, doctora Teresa Roldán.
(Foto: Luisa Paz junto a su abogada Teresa Roldán en Noticiero 7)