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terça-feira, abril 19, 2011

Câmeras de trânsito registram morte de travesti em Campina Grande
Crime ocorreu na madrugada de sexta-feira (15), no Centro da Cidade.
Segundo a polícia, quatro rapazes participaram do homicídio.
Travesti é morta a facadas em Campina Grande
'Morte de travesti foi por vingança', diz delegado de Campina Grande

Transsexual activist attempts suicide in Turkey's Bursa
A transsexual activist and would-be parliamentary candidate in the northwestern province of Bursa attempted suicide Sunday but was talked out of jumping from the fifth floor of her association’s building.
Gökkuşağı Derneği (Rainbow Association) head Öykü Özen previously sent a text message to her friends and the press, blaming her husband for her decision to kill herself. While standing at the window of the association’s building, she reportedly said she had had enough and did not want to live anymore.
(Photo: Gökkuşağı Derneği (Rainbow Association) head Öykü Özen attempts suicide in the northwestern province of Bursa.)

Waiter in Dubai court for posting indecent photos on Facebook
Transsexual waiter admits posting indecent photos on Facebook to attract sex customers
Curvy Dubai criminal caught out in cop sting

Tax Day in Pakistan Includes Transgender ’Enforcers’
Pakistanis who fail to pay up on tax day might find a posse of transgender tax collectors at their door--a form of "enforcement" that relies less on muscle than on local attitudes regarding sexual minorities, attitudes that spell humiliation for scofflaws whom the trans tax collectors target, CNN reported on April 14.

Eunuchs to promote benefits of birth registration
The social networking skills of eunuchs in the national capital have caught the eye of social activists, who plan to use them to spread the message of the benefits of birth registration of newborns.

[India] [Film]
Movie on eunuchs to release on 29 April
Hindi movie Queens Destiny of Dance, which portrays Eunuchs (hijras) in a realistic approach, is set to have its all-India release on 29 April.

[Malaysia] [Commentary]
Being Frank: Off with your panties and bra!
A MALE-TO-FEMALE hairstylist transsexual was allegedly ordered to remove his panties and bra in full view of Malacca Islamic religious department officials, mostly male, soon after he was handcuffed and arrested for cross-dressing.
Abdul Qawi Jamil, 28, supposedly removed his bra from under his body shirt but refused to hand over his panties, a Being Frank enquiry into gender policing by the authorities has revealed.
Qawi had earlier purportedly handed over his jeans, high heels and other accessories, as required by the department as evidence that he was a cross-dresser — an offence under Section 72 of the Malacca Syariah Offences Enactment.

Gender therapy for Oz 10-year-old
An Australian 10-year-old who has been living and dressing as a girl for two years has been approved for puberty-blocking hormone therapy by the Family Court.
The Telegraph reports that the child, named Jamie and born male, has been through counseling, with parents and the family’s doctor agreeing that early doses of hormone therapy would halt male puberty and continue a feminine appearance.
[Commentary] How Young is too Young?

A New Tool for Treating Transgender People
Last week saw the release of a very important new resource for medical providers serving transsexual and gender-variant patients. The Primary Care Protocol for Transgender Patient Care is a web-based resource that goes beyond hormone treatment and surgery options to cover important topics such as sexual health and fertility, cancer and cardiovascular disease, patient intake and insurance issues, and harm reduction.

[USA] [Commentary]
Mom's the Word: Is your child transgendered and confused?
Poor 5-year-old Beckett, pink nail polish on his toes and a major brouhaha all around him.
Beckett is a cute little boy with long blonde curly hair and a penchant for pink. His mother is the stylish Jenna Lyons, president and creative director of J. Crew. The two were photographed for the company's latest catalog hawking Essie nail polish.

Transgender Woman Returns to Scene of the Crime
An assault victim returned to the scene of her attack to reclaim it as a safe place.
Two men attacked 20-year-old transgender woman Mia Tu Mutch April 1 in San Francisco's Mission District. She said she was sitting on a bench at 16th and Mission when the men started saying hateful things to her about dressing like a woman.

Hawaii Legislature Approves Transgender Protections Bill
The Hawaii Senate on Tuesday approved a bill that would ban discrimination based on gender identity (transgender protections) in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodations. The House previously approved a similar measure.

[NY, USA] [Film]
Eric Drath: Renée
As the first openly transsexual tennis player, Renée Richards made headlines—and history—both on and off the courts. Her story of identity is as relevant now as it was in the 1970s.

Gender stickers cause situation for SEPTA
Almost four years after Charlene Arcila accused SEPTA of preventing her from using a weekly TransPass because she did not appear to match the gender sticker, the issue has not gone away for her or the agency.
(Photo: Charlene Arcila, a transgender woman, says gender stickers have forced her to use tokens.)

Policía, institución más intolerante con población gay, revela encuesta
El 42.8 por ciento de personas con preferencia sexual distinta a la heterosexual consultadas para la Encuesta Nacional sobre Discriminación en México 2010 (Enadis 2010) consideró que la policía es intolerante con ellos; en segundo lugar, con 35. 3 por ciento, mencionaron a la gente de su iglesia o congregación.

Asesinatos por prejuicio: el caso de la población LGBT
La igualdad ante la ley avanza lentamente a favor de minorías como la comunidad LGBT, pero otras evidencias demuestran la persistencia de la discriminación y el odio contra ella. La punta del iceberg son los asesinatos por prejuicio, numerosos y brutales.