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terça-feira, abril 12, 2011

TGEU becomes member of the social platform
The membership of the Social Platform has voted postively on TGEU's application for full membership at today's General Assembly.

Justiça de São Paulo nega alteração de sexo em registro civil
O Tribunal de Justiça de São Paulo acatou apelação proposta do Ministério Público Estadual e reformou sentença que havia autorizado um homem a alterar nome e sexo no registro civil.

More than 28 Years in Jail on Hate Murder
28-year-old transsexual İrem Okan was killed with 44 stabs with a knife in Bursa last year. Her murderer, Emrah Şen, confessed the offence and was now sentenced to imprisonment of 28 years and four months.

Transgender court win
The High Court has agreed to consider the case of two WA women who want to be legally considered as men.

[Australia] [Commentary]
Why no justice for Veronica Baxter? Why did Paris die?
Last Monday, 4th april 2011, after a three and a half hour Coronial Inquest was held as to the reasons surrounding the hanging death of Aboriginal transwoman, Veronica Baxter, also known as Paris to her many friends.

House ENDA Introduced
Seen by supporters primarily as an organizing and education tool rather than a viable bill in the Republican-controlled House, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act was introduced Wednesday evening with 111 original cosponsors, Rep. Barney Frank's office confirmed.
[Commentary] ENDA Reintroduced, 92 Fewer Co-Sponsors: Who's Missing?

[USA] [Commentary]
Washington Times: Transgender People Are ‘Messed Up, Mixed Up, Insane’
The Washington Times on Monday published an ignorant and downright offensive editorial criticizing transgender people as “messed-up,” “mixed-up,” and suggested they are insane, in response to a recent discrimination lawsuit filed against the New York City Health Department.

[USA] [Commentary]
Attitudes That Transgender Civil Rights Are Up Against
Below are comments left for the Baltimore Sun article Miller: Transgender bill unlikely to pass senate (March 29, 2011) from people against the bill. It's a taste of the attitudes against transgender people's civil rights -- not just for Maryland, but from what I've seen in comment threads for other articles, it's representative what other commenters have said about transgender people's civil rights in other localities accross the U.S. as well.

Pride week's drag show inspires acceptance
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Ally Alliance group hosted a drag show Wednesday at the Memorial Union for Pride Week.

New Transgender Policy at Chicago Jail
The Cook County Jail in Chicago has initiated a policy of using detainees’ gender identity instead of their birth gender to determine where they will be housed, making it one of the few in the nation to do so, Windy City Times reports.

Maryland Senate Kills Gender Identity Bill, Sending it Back to Committee in 2012
The Maryland Senate this afternoon sent the Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Act, House Bill 235, back to the Judicial Proceedings Committee during the bill's second reading, 27-20, killing the bill in this year's legislative session. The vote happened after Sen. James DeGrange (D-Anne Arundel), who was expected to vote against the measure, asked for the bill to be recommitted to committee.
Maryland Today (Transgender protection bill advances in Md. Senate)
Trans activists to testify for (and against) Maryland anti-discrimination bill today
Maryland Senate Prez Tells Advocates He Will Expedite Gender Identity Bill If It Passes Committee
Md. Gender Identity Bill Heard in Senate Panel

[Commentary] Maryland lawmakers have a chance to right a wrong on transgender bias
Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Bill Testimony Heard by Senate Panel
Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Law Passes House, Moves to Senate
Gender Identity Bill Put on Hold in Maryland, But Committee Vote Expected Saturday
Md. trans bill on ‘hold’ in committee
Gender Anti-Discrimination Bill Advances In Maryland Senate
Maryland gender identity act approved by Senate judicial committee
Maryland Gender Identity Bill Passes Out of Senate Committee 7-4
Md. trans bill clears crucial committee vote

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[Commentary] Trading Away Public Accommodations in Maryland
Maryland Transgender Protections Bill Clears Key Senate Committee
Legislators gear up for big issues on final day of session

[Commentary] Your assignment from the transgender lobby
[Commentary] State Gender Identity Bill Moves Toward Senate Vote
[Commentary] It's now or never!
[Commentary] Food For Thought (Assuming, Of Course, That The Public Accommodation Where You Would Like to Purchase Your Food Will Actually Let You)
[Commentary] …No One Was Really Poor – At Least No One Worth Speaking Of
[Commentary] Lavender Betrayals
Maryland Senate to Consider Gender Identity Bill Today, the Last Day of State's Legislative Session

[NY, USA] [Film]
The Anguish of Identity
“To Die Like a Man,” a ruminative exploration of gender identity, desire and aging, begins with a close-up of a young man’s face being daubed with camouflage paint by a fellow soldier in preparation for a training mission.

Trans activists speak at Commissioners Court
LGBT advocates urge Commissioners Court to add protections for transgender Dallas County employees to nondiscrimination ordinance
(Photo: Transgender activist Kelli Ann Busey addresses the Dallas County Commissioners Court, asking that specific protections for trans employees be added to the county’s policy.)
Texas House Committee Hears Testimony on Four Pro-Equality Bills

Council rejects gay rights ordinance
For the sec­ond time in six months, the Cedar City Council decided against passing an ordinance based on sexual orientation and gender identity for housing and employment.

Finalmente le entregaron el certificado de identidad a Claudia Vásquez Haro
La transexual Vázquez Haro logró su objetivo: que la foto del documento la muestre con su aspecto de mujer, más allá que figure su nombre de varón.

Jueza aceptó que travesti cambie su identidad en su documentación
La Justicia reconoció el cambio de identidad en su documentación, es decir el nombre y el sexo, de un travesti, quien a partir de ahora aparecerá oficialmente como mujer.