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quarta-feira, abril 13, 2011

European parliament calls for special protection of gay and trans asylum seekers
The European parliament says that LGBT asylum seekers must be given special protection.

[Reino Unido]
Transexual abandona marido após conseguir visto
Após conseguir um visto para sua esposa transexual, o britânico Ian Younf, de 32 anos, foi abandonado por Fatine, 38, que nasceu Mohammed Fazdil Min Bahari. (Photo)

Blaenau Ffestiniog transsexual made girl, 9, watch porn films
A transsexual man has been given a longer prison sentence after he admitted making a nine-year-old girl watch pornographic films.
Elizabeth Joanna Rawley, formerly known as John, of Rhiwbryfdir, Blaenau Ffestiniog, was handed a 14-month prison term at Caernarfon Crown Court. (Photo)

[Czech Republic] [Commentary]
The "gay caveman" media mystery
A 5,000-year-old man sets off sensational coverage -- and shows how far we haven't come in gender awareness
'Gay' Caveman Likely a Media Myth
Scientists speak out to discredit 'gay caveman' media reports

Gender goof up' in census irks third sex
Eunuchs are upset that they were counted as "others" but listed as males in the just released 15th National Census.

Activists Blame Govt in Case of Imposter ‘Wife’
Rights activists on Friday said a man who was detained for forging his documents to pose as a woman was actually the victim, instead blaming the Indonesian government for forcing him to hide his identity.
Rahmat Sulistyo is being investigated by police for changing his identification to state that he was Fransiska Annastasya Oktaviany, or Icha, after his real identity was uncovered by neighbors who had become suspicious after he married a man.
[Photo: Muhammad Umar with his 'wife,' Fransiska Anastasya Oktoviany, before discovering he had married a man, Rahmat Sulistyo. Police blame poor eyesight. Rahmat is being investigated by police for changing his identification.]

[Australia] [Commentary]
Trans Prisoner Veronica Baxter Repeatedly Called For Help. When Her Jail Cell Was Opened, She Was Hanging
Veronica Baxter, a MTF transgender inmate who was housed in a male prison in Sydney, hanged herself in her cell back in March 2009. But lest you think the Department of Corrective Services is somehow at fault for having a female prisoner into a male facility, the coroner has decided to clear prison officials of any wrongdoing.
'Why did our sister die in a men's jail?'

Rocky road for transgender rights
For some people the fight for transgender rights boils down to one scary possibility — that bathrooms will never be safe again.

State Department identifies LGBT abuses overseas
The U.S. State Department published its annual report on Friday evaluating the state of human rights overseas and revealing that LGBT abuses continue to persist in many places abroad.

[USA] [Film/Television]
Evenings Out With the spirits of both male and female
Ten years ago, a horrible crime was committed in Cortez, Colorado. A 16-year-old was brutally beaten and left to die in the desert; his body was not found for five days.
He was described as gay. He was described as transgendered. He was Fred Martinez, and to his mother, he was nádleehí, the Navajo word for a two-spirit man.

[CO, USA] [Film]
Angie Zapata: Film about Greeley transgender teen's life and death to premiere tomorrow
In July 2008, eighteen-year-old Angie Zapata of Greeley was beaten to death by a 32-year-old man she met online. In April 2009, a jury found that man guilty of murder. What's more, they convicted him of a hate crime, finding that he had killed Angie because she was transgender.

Cook County has new policy for transgender inmates
Transgender inmates at Cook County Jail can now be housed, dressed and searched according to their gender identity rather than their sex at birth, under a new policy.
Cook County has new policy for transgender inmates
Jail to house transgender men with women inmates

[MD, USA] [Commentary]
Ashley Love's Senate Hearing Testimony On The Unjust HB 235 Compromise (Written & Audio)
Below is my written testimony each Maryland Senator recieved yesterday at the Senate Judicial Committee hearing regarding the Gender Identity "Anti-Discrimination" Bill HB 235. I was able to read most of it in the two minutes allotted, and then the Senators decided to have me stay after my time slot to ask further questions, after which I explained more about Tyra Hunter's sad story, explained what public accommodation were in depth (they are not just restrooms as the far right likes to propagate to spread fear), explained how the gay establishment is responsible for problematic (mis)education regarding the "transgender coalition" by failing to make a distinction between transsexual and intersex people from transvestites and cross-dressers, gay people don’t own TS/TG people, and that's high time that TS/TG/IS people represent themselves!
[Commentary] HB 235 Update-Jenna's Testimony
[Commentary] Washington Post Gets in the Act of Being Scrivener for ‘Equality’ Maryland’s Trans-Othering Narrative of Deception
[Commentary] Bilerico Spreads the ‘HB235 is Better than ENDA’ Lie
[Commentary] Equality Mondale

Anti-discrimination bills for transgender people advance
Discrimination against transgender people in public accommodations or in the purchase or rental of housing is prohibited under bills passed on party-line votes Friday by a Senate panel.

GCSO: Transgender Man Found Safe
The Greenville County Sheriff's Office said the transgender victim who was believed possibly kidnapped has been found safe.
Deputies were looking for Tony Silva, a 22-year-old Hispanic man who dresses as a female and has breast implants. (Photo)

Tennessee Moves Against Nashville's Gay Protections Law
The Tennessee Legislature is moving against Nashville's newly-approved gay protections ordinance.
Mayor Dean Signs Non-Discrimination Ordinance

TEA of Utah directors resign
A transgender woman said she was stared and laughed at by employees of the Utah Driver’s License Division and she was asked to remove her makeup while trying to renew her driver’s license last month. After reviewing surveillance tapes, the directors of Transgender Education Advocates of Utah issued a press release and said the DLD generally followed procedure. Some members of the gay and transgender community took objection to their statements and started a Facebook group calling for their resignation. And last week the directors of TEA, Chris and Teinamarrie Scuderi, resigned and apologized for comments they made that may have been viewed as non-supportive in a press release.

Movilh denuncia discriminatorios controles policiales a población transexual
Unas 10 transexuales denunciaron discriminatorios procedimientos policiales en Iquique y Santiago que incluyeron detenciones arbitrarias, así como abusos a la integridad psicológica en las comisarías, indicaron el Movimiento de Integración y Liberación Homosexual (Movilh) y la Falange por la Diversidad Sexual (Fadise).