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segunda-feira, abril 18, 2011

Sport Orgs Talk Gender, Hormone Rules
Female athletes who naturally produce high levels of testosterone, comparable to those of males, may not be eligible to compete with other women in sporting events, according to the International Association of Athletics Federations.

Puberty blocker for children considering sex change
Children as young as 12 are to be allowed drugs to block puberty while they decide whether to have a sex change, it has been revealed.
Case study: 'My son was six when he first demanded a sex change'
Children as young as 12 can block puberty whilst mulling over sex changes

Drag race will be highlight of pride festival
A Drag race will kickstart this year’s Oxford Pride festival.
And festival organisers have urged friends and family to attend the festival to show their support for loved ones who have come out.
The festival, which runs from June 3 to June 12, will feature artistic and cultural events at venues throughout the city.

[UK] [Commentary]
Newsflash: Transphobic Conference
Some very interesting news. I have heard through the grapevine that there is a reasonable possibility that the conference may be cancelled! It looks like the pressure is working, so it is time to maintain pressure and be ready to consider our next course of action. I wouldn't like to speak too soon but if this is true this could well represent a significant victory for trans people over transphobia, and we should be ready to make a big deal about it if it does.

[UK] [Commentary]
DSM-5: will everyday worries be medicalised into Generalized Anxiety Disorder?
Over the past three years I’ve written at length about the likely impact on TS/TG people of the revisions proposed for the forthcoming fifth version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). Although the DSM originates in the US, it is internationally recognised and the criteria it uses to categorise many medical conditions are generally adhered to worldwide. And although it is far from perfect, it also formalises access to medical services, including GPs, therapists, medication and surgery. For example, the comparatively few rights and protections that exist for people diagnosed as having Gender Identity Disorder (GID) are there mainly because they are in the DSM.

Agony of Super Falcons’ hermaphrodite
Former Super Falcons' striker, James Johnson, has cried out, begging Nigerians to come to his assistance and save him from the trauma of being a hermaphrodite.
James, still gruelling in anguish, told Daily Sunsports in an exclusive chat in Abuja that his ordeal began when he was 10 years old and realised that he had an abnormal discomforting hormonal imbalance.

Pulling through a gender bender
It happened just four months ago in Coimbatore. Prison authorities in the city were in a dilemma over which cell a group of transgenders arrested in a criminal case should be accommodated. In the absence of a consensus among officials, the issue came up before judicial first class magistrate, L S Sathiamurthy. The magistrate immediately directed jail authorities to medically exam the transgenders and they were found to "possess female qualities". The Magistrate ordered that the transsexuals be lodged in the women's' cell.

Transgenders celebrate their official day
Transgenders in Coimbatore came together here on Friday to celebrate the ‘Transgenders' Day' announced by the State Government.
A host of activities were organised by the Coimbatore District TAI (Tamil Nadu AIDS Initiative) Vizhudhugal Community Based Organisation in association with Native Medicare Charitable Trust (NMCT).
(Photo: K. Ananthan - A participant in the rangoli competition organised as part of the ‘Thirunangaigal Day 2011' in the city on Friday.)

Judges favour law for social acceptance of transgenders
The legal fraternity today suggested legislative intervention to end ostracising of transgenders in the society and accord them greater ''social and politica'' acceptance.

Thai military draft a lottery many hope to lose
Excerpt: Also spared from serving their country are transgender 'katoeys', or ladyboys, such as Kridsada Kumsombat.
"There are so many people and most of them are men. I'm afraid they might make fun of me," Kridsada said.
Previously transsexuals were exempted on the grounds of a "psychological abnormality", but that has now been replaced by a "misshapen chest".
"If they said I'm mentally ill it doesn't look good on my record. But this way it's ok. I feel like we have more rights because in the past ladyboys had to be soldiers but now that's changed," Kridsada said.
"I'm so relieved and I really want to go home now!"

LBGT group seeks justice for murdered transsexual
LBGT rights group Arus Pelangi is pursuing justice for Faizal “Shakira” Harahap, a transsexual shot dead in a robbery last month, saying transgender groups were frequently targets of violence.
Arus Pelangi program coordinator Widodo Budidarmo said the coalition had brought the case to the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) on Friday. “We hope the murderer will be apprehended soon,” he said.

Jamie to become a Janie as boy allowed hormone replacement therapy
A boy, 10, has been allowed to begin hormone treatment to halt male puberty so he can live life as a girl. The boy, named only as Jamie in a Family Court judgment, began identifying as female when he was a toddler, insisting on wearing girls' clothes and refusing to use boys toilets when he started school.
Boy, 10, gets sex change OK

WA trans men head to High Court
The High Court of Australia has granted two WA transgender men the opportunity to argue why the court should take their case.
The men — who cannot be named for legal reasons — were granted special leave by the High Court on Friday, April 8 to argue for a hearing.
If it is accepted, the case may be the first transgender-related case in history to be heard by the High Court.

Final C-389 Update
Dear Friends,
As you know, Parliament has now been dissolved and a federal election has been called for May 2nd. Sadly, this means that Bill C389-An Act to Amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (gender identity and gender expression) has died.

Gay Protections Bill ENDA Reintroduced In The Senate
A bill that would outlaw workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity (transgender protections) was reintroduced in the Senate on Thursday.

Abuse of LGBT Immigrants Alleged
LGBT immigrants are undergoing severe abuse when held in custody by the federal agency Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an immigrants’ rights group charges in a complaint filed this week, the Associated Press reports.
Denuncian abusos a inmigrantes detenidos en EUA por orientación sexual

[USA] [Commentary]
Do Painted Toes Make the Man?
You may have noticed last week's cultural kerfuffle -- brouhaha? -- over an emailed feature that showed J. Crew president and creative director Jenna Lyons laughing with her son Beckett, whose toenails are pink -- his favorite color.
[Commentary] Silly Wingers, Pink Is For Boys and Girls

[USA] [Commentary]
Radical Women Of Transsexual History And The Transgender Borg
What makes us radical? It is easy; we want to manage our own identity; we want to escape the oppression; we want our voices to be heard; we want the basic rights WE need, as women; AND as women of transsexual history. Woman + Woman of Transsexual History = Oppression X 2.

Trans Woman Attacked in San Francisco
The recent attack on a 20-year-old transgender woman has been labeled a hate crime by San Francisco police.
2 face charges in attack on transgender woman
2 remain in custody in alleged hate crime attack
2 Held In SF Attack On Transgender Woman
Community Rallies In Support Of Transgender Woman Attacked At 16th And Mission BART

Vacaville Inmate Sues State For Sex Change Surgery
A transsexual inmate at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville has sued the State of California to pay for surgery to complete his transition to becoming a woman.

GLAD Presents Groundbreaking Transgender Family Law Seminar & Webinar
Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) is proud to announce the educational series “Representing Transgender Clients in Family Law,” two free programs aimed at providing resources and training for family law practitioners representing transgender clients. The first is a Massachusetts-focused seminar at the Boston Bar Association featuring a roster of local legal advocates experienced in transgender family law and policy; the second is a webinar that is national in scope that also includes local and national experts on transgender family law and policy.

[MD, USA] [Commentary]
Maryland State Senate President Mike Miller: Transgender Civil Rights Are "Anti-Family"
How many of us who cared about what happened with HB 235 were aware of this attitude of the Maryland State Senate President?
[Commentary] SEIU Political Director and Progressive Maryland Board Member Calls Trans People “Circus Freaks”

Mainers at Public Hearing Reject Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill
A bill that would prevent transgender Mainers from being able to choose which bathroom they would prefer to use per their gender expression drew stiff opposition at a public Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday.
[Commentary] Video of JFB testimony to Maine Judiciary Committee

Police: Person of interest in Blahnik case
Monday marked the six-month anniversary of the murder of local transwoman Stacey Blahnik, and police this week announced a possible break in the case.

Acosta Award winner takes on leadership, trans issues
A local young transgender woman has made it her mission to help the trans community triumph over the challenges in their lives. This weekend, the Gay and Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative will recognize her efforts.
GALAEI will present its inaugural David Acosta Revolutionary Leader Award to Biancah Melanie Ortiz at its April 15 gala at City Hall, which will run from 5-7 p.m.
(Photo: Biancah Melanie Ortiz)

PA Senate considers nondiscrimination bill
State Sen. Larry Farnese (D-1st Dist.) last week introduced a bill that would ban LGBT discrimination at the state level.
Farnese’s SB 910 would amend the state Human Relations Act to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, public accommodations and housing.

LEGE UPDATE: Anti-bullying bills advance; Senate to consider trans marriage ban Monday
Excerpt: Elsewhere in the Senate, a bill to prevent transgender people from marrying people of the opposite sex cleared the jurisprudence committee on Wednesday. SB 723, by Sen. Tommy Williams, R-The Woodlands, would remove a court-ordered “change of sex” from the list of documents that can be used to prove identity when obtaining a marriage license. SB 723 would effectively ban opposite-sex marriage for transgender Texans.
ACTION ALERT: Tell Senate Democrats to vote against bill to ban transgender marriage
[Commentary] ALERT!!!! ACTION REQUIRED **NOW** [Texas SB 723]
[Video/Commentary] FIGHT NOW! KILL THIS BILL!
[Commentary] Legislative Intent and SB 723

[Belize/Trinidad and Tobago]
Transgender Belizean held up at Piarco
...when her passport was checked immigration officers questioned why she was listed as a male

En centros de salud, el 70% de gays sienten homofobia
Investigación: Los travestis se sienten más discriminados incluso por los que visitan el CDVIR.

Detuvieron a la protagonista de “Las Viajadas”, una miniserie sobre travestis
La actriz es Camila Saez y fue detenida por la policía en la Cuarta Sección. El staff de la serie en pleno hizo guardia frente a Contraventores.