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quinta-feira, abril 14, 2011

IAAF adopts eligibility rules for hormone cases
Female athletes with excessive levels of male hormones will require medical clearance to compete in women's events under new rules adopted Tuesday by track and field's governing body.

Europe Addresses Violence Against Women
A pan-European body is committing to prevent and combat violence against women, including those who are lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

Operações de mudança de sexo levam a criação de gabinete especializado
As operações de mudança de sexo vão começar em Setembro nos Hospitais da Universidade de Coimbra (HUC) a cargo da recém-criada unidade de cirurgia reconstrutiva genito-urinária e sexual, que integra 15 especialistas, revelou esta terça-feira o seu responsável.

Leandra Leal vai fazer documentário sobre travestis
A atriz Leandra Leal vai dirigir um documentário sobre a primeira geração de travestis no Teatro Rival, tradicional palco carioca.

A difícil e compensadora arte de ser drag queen
Um e-mail na minha caixa postal, um contato telefônico, acertos de preço, local e evento e lá vai Cindy Butterfly borboletear em mais um evento. Pega o modelão, meias, salto... Melhor bota, maquiagem, picumã, cílios, uma estola de pena que não pode faltar... Fita adesiva pra fazer "a borboleta" (se é que me entendem!), grampos, unhas postiças e brilho... Muito brilho. Soca tudo em duas malas e lá vamos nós... É, não posso negar: ser drag queen é algo formidável. O carinho que recebo das pessoas que acompanham meu trabalho, o sorriso que vejo no rosto de crianças e adultos e saber que posso ajudar alguém com minha experiência não tem preço. É escândalo... E eu adoro, meu bem!

Children of 12 offered gender drugs to prepare for sex change
Children as young as 12 are to be allowed drugs to prepare them for changing sex.
The controversial treatment halts puberty, stunting sex organs and preventing the growth of facial hair and sperm in boys, and breasts in girls.

'Bride born a man' dumped me after £12K fight for visa
A SCHOOL caretaker says his life is in ruins after he spent £12,000 battling to get a visa for his transsexual Malaysian wife – only for her to leave him after it was granted.
Ian Young claimed he was hounded out of jobs at three Derby schools by angry parents because of his love for Fatine, who was born a man.
Transsexual bride insists that she loved caretaker Ian
Transsexual wife ‘used me for a visa’
Man tells of heartbreak at being dumped by transsexual wife
Malaysian transsexual 'dumped British husband fortnight after getting visa'
Tranny Wife Got Visa And Dumped Me
Man dumped by ‘male’ visa bride

[India] [Film]
Hema Malini Supports Film On Transgenders
Although certain topics are considered a taboo in the industry even now, director David Atkins has shown courage and has helmed a film on transgenders called Queens! Destiny Of Dance, which got full support of actress Hema Malini, who came to launch the music of the film.

[South Korea]
SBS set to broadcast Harisu documentary about her 10th anniversary
Harisu, Korea’s most famous transgender celebrity, will be the subject of a special 10th anniversary documentary, which will air on SBS as “Harisu, 10 Years Of Her Dream“. The documentary will follow the steps she has taken from her debut until now.
Harisu shares a heartbreaking story about her pre-debut struggles

Beauty pageant with a gender twist
THEY came from all over the country to show their beautiful faces and smooth skin. They sauntered on stage like Grade A models and paraded in their glitzy gowns and costume jewellery.
However, it was a beauty pageant like no other, Harian Metro said.
The contestants of the so-called Miss Malaysia 2010 were transvestites.

A Transvestite's Journey To A New Beginning
'Mak Nyah' or 'Pondan' is the Malay term for transvestites or cross-dressers. Society frowns upon this group of people, though they may have their own reasons for living as the opposite gender.
This article dwells on the life of "Atuk", an HIV positive transvestite who has experienced sexual abuse, drug addiction and prostitution - but has now turned a new leaf to help those in the same predicament.

Life as a (special) woman
What makes a woman a woman? What makes a man a man?
For Lulukazyura Surahman (Luluk), 28, being a woman is a question of identity. It is all in the mind and in the way one behaves. It has little to do with one’s sexual organs.
“I’m a woman even though I have a penis,” she said. “I’m a woman, but I’m special.”
[Photo: JP/Arief Suhardiman - Dozens of waria who are members of a solidarity network gather for a protest at Hotel Indonesia’s traffic circle.]

The love life of transsexuals
For many transgendered women, loving a man means letting him go. Only few dare to wish for an everlasting romantic partnership.

'Woman Soul': A photo exhibit of Filipina transsexuals
French journalist Sebastien Farcis and photographer Romaine Rivierre, in a team-up with Alliance Française de Manille and the United Nations Development Program, recently launched a photo exhibit on Filipina transsexuals called “Woman Soul.”

Rally for ISGD rights
A community-based collective of intersex and sex and/or gender diverse (ISGD) people will rally in Canberra on May 11 to protest for equal rights.

Activists call for new Veronica Baxter inquiry
Aboriginal transgender woman Veronica (Paris) Baxter was locked in Silverwater prison on March 14, 2009. She was found hanging from a bed sheet tied to the top bunk in her cell at 6am on March 16.

Intersex and surgery
One of the most controversial and confronting issues for intersex advocacy is surgical interventions at the time an intersex child is born and the nine or 10 years after.

Fired transgender teacher rejects Alberta Catholic board settlement
A transgender teacher fired by a Catholic school district is rejecting a settlement offer because it would require him to keep quiet and drop a human rights complaint.
Substitute teacher who says he was fired for being transgender rejects settlement
Teacher fired over sex change operation to keep fighting
Local transgendered teacher rejects settlement offer

[Commentary] Catholics want transgendered teach to vanish

[USA] [Commentary]
Nikki Araguz Update 21-New Court Date Set
Well, have new info in this latest Nikki Araguz case update.
As you know from my last one she was recently deposed by the opposition attorneys in the case which was followed up by a snap press conference yours truly tried to make but missed (darn it) by a few minutes.

EQCA to Honor first openly transgender Judge at San Diego Equality Awards
Equality California to Honor Judge Victoria Kolakowski, and also Council-member Todd Gloria at San Diego Equality Awards

Valarie Jenness speaks about transgenders in prison
Study shows a tendency for transgendered inmates to act as females among males

Carlson’s next day in court is set for Tuesday
Tuesday morning, Catherine Carlson will have her day in court.
Carlson, a 53-year-old transgender woman, will be facing charges that could put her in prison for the rest of her life, including felony charges of first degree arson, unlawful possession of a bomb or destructive device and using a hoax destructive device. She is also facing a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure. The charges, if convicted, could lead to up to 35 years in prison, along with a $120,000 fine.
[Commentary] Her Own Payette Idaho Revisited

[IL, USA] [Commentary]
New Jail Policy For Transgender Detainees In Cook County, Illinois Jails
Via NBC Chicago's Jail Has New Policy for Transgender Inmates; Gender-identification, rather than sex at birth, respected under new policy:

Equality Maryland thanks supporters for the significant progress made in 2011 and vows to keep up the fight for full protections
Today, led by Sen. DeGrange, the Senate referred House Bill 235, the Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Act, back to the Judicial Proceedings Committee by a vote of 27-20, effectively ending efforts to pass vital protections in housing, employment, and credit for transgender Marylanders.
Maryland Senate fails to pass Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Act
Future of coed showers decided by lawmakers
Breakdown of Maryland Senate Vote to Send Gender Identity Bill Back to Committee in 2012

A Lawsuit’s Unusual Question: Who Is a Man?
What is a man? For El’Jai Devoureau, this is not a rhetorical question.
Mr. Devoureau, who was born physically female, is a man at the Motor Vehicle Commission, at the Social Security office, at home, at job interviews. But what about at the urinal?
(Photo: El'Jai Devoureau, 39, said he was asked by his supervisor if he had undergone any operations to change his sex.)
TLDEF Files Suit on Behalf of Transgender Man Fired from Male-Only Job

Activistas transexuales demandan a ciudad de Nueva York por exigir CRS para cambio partida nacimiento
Transgénero Defensa Legal, (Transgender Legal Defense And Education Fund, TDLF), organización de activistas por los derechos de las personas transexuales/ transgénero, presentó este 22 de marzo una demanda formal en contra de la Ciudad de Nueva York exigiendo se deje sin efecto el requisito de la operación de reasignación sexual para poder obtener un certificado de nacimiento corregido con el verdadero sexo que la persona solicita.

Famoso DJ niega acto con hombre transexual en público, Homo y Transfobia en el Hip Hop
Mr. Cee, DJ de la lista de los 97 mas solicitados de Nueva York, fue arrestado el miércoles pasado por participar en un acto sexual en un lugar público con Lawrence Campbell, un joven transexual de 20 años.

Trans Woman Elected Head of Okla. Dem Group
Brittany Novotny, a onetime challenger to homophobic Oklahoma politician Sally Kern, was elected president of the Young Democrats of Oklahoma on Saturday. (Photo)

En Mendoza esperan por la reasignación de sexo
Se trata de tres casos en los que se diagnosticó disforia de género. Dos testimonios sobre la transexualidad.

Avanza el reconocimiento a la identidad de las personas trans y esperan el debate de una ley
El reconocimiento de la identidad de género que lograron en los últimos meses al menos diez personas transexuales, a través de la justicia, con el otorgamiento de un nuevo DNI, se inscribe dentro de la lucha que emprendieron organizaciones de defensa de los derechos civiles, para la aprobación de una ley que reconozca este derecho.

Niega cambio de sexo a mujer trans porque “da escalofrío”
Se trata de una decisión del juez Miguel Güiraldes, quien consideró que la operación de reasignación de sexo “implica el transitar un camino sin retorno hacia la enajenación de sí mismo”. El abogado de la demandante criticó el fallo y lo calificó de “arbitrario y dogmático”.
Un juez negó cambio de sexo y DNI a transexual