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quarta-feira, abril 20, 2011

PB: Travesti é assassinada com 30 facadas, veja o vídeo
Em Campina Grande, câmeras de segurança flagram assassinato de travesti esfaqueada

Sabia que tem loja especializada em sapato para drags? Vem ver
São Paulo tem loja especializada em (bonitos) sapatos femininos para cross e travestis

Transsexual wins tribunal payout
A transsexual has won a 35,000 euro payout after her boss ordered her to switch from female to male identity to meet clients. (Photo: Louise Hannon)
Transsexual awarded €35,000 for workplace discrimination
Transsexual is awarded €35,000
Transgender worker awarded €35,000 over workplace discrimination
Irish trans woman wins £30,000 for discrimination
Transgender worker “absolutely delighted” with €35,000 award
Transsexual hails equality ruling

[Commentary] Ireland: woman wins workplace discrimination case

[UK] [Commentary]
From Farce to Fiasco: The Royal College of Psychiatrists conference debacle.
“The team at the WLMHT Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) at Charing Cross Hospital notes the apparent shift of emphasis in the Royal College of Psychiatrists Gay & Lesbian Special Interest Group conference, ‘Transgender: Time To Change’ on May 20th and feels compelled to withdraw on this basis.

Another trans murder in Izmir
Today, early in the morning at 02.30 a.m., a trans woman [R.B., 36] was shot to death in Izmir, Turkey.
She was taken to the hospital just after the gunshot, but she died before reaching the hospital. Other two transwomen - M.K. [26] and Y.E.[36] - were injured and were also taken to the hospital.
The attackers were caught by the police.
This is the info i have for now.

TN hamlet celebrates transgender festival
Hundreds of transgenders from various parts of the country and abroad have started congregating at the Koovagam village in Villupuram district to take part in the annual festival in a temple dedicated to Koothandavar (Aravan).

[India] [Film]
Will Bollywood Accept this movie? - Seema Biswas
When we see them we are scared of them, we try avoiding them and treat them indifferently. Even in Bollywood, the Hijra (trans-genders) community has often been portrayed either as villainous or as comical brash creatures, manically clapping hands, singing in unison with brazen voices. When will we get our recognition asks Laxmi the famous celebrity trans - gender.

Mak Nyah want to be heard
Often disregarded, ignored, or met with a range of emotions from disgust to shock, the misunderstood community is fighting for equal rights. (Photo)

Malaysia sends 66 boys to gay cure camp
Malaysian authorities have admitted sending 66 teenage boys thought to be gay to a camp to learn “masculine behaviour”.
Malaysian state sends 66 teenage Muslim boys considered effeminate to anti-gay counselling camp

Activists fierce in pursuit of ISGD rights
The activists of the Still Fierce collective are angry, proud and determined to make change happen.
The group is organising a protest outside the federal parliament in Canberra on May 11. It will be Australia’s first rally for the rights of intersex, sex and/or gender diverse (ISGD) people.
Celebrating gender diversity

Protest demands new inquiry into Aboriginal death in custody
Aboriginal rights and queer groups protested outside Glebe Coroner's Court in Sydney to demand an end to black deaths in custody and a new inquiry into the death of transgender Aboriginal woman, Veronnica (Paris) Baxter on the 20th anniversary of the Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody, April 15. (Photo)

[Australia] [Commentary]
Gender Centre – bullying
Transgenders are often bullied. We are not allowed to self-define and arrange for medical treatment to bring ourselves in line with our innate personalities.
We are forced to go to gatekeepers and ‘prove’ our transgender status to the satisfaction of ‘experts’, whose presence in our lives only emphasises to third parties that we ‘need treatment’.

The District Attorney, the Transgendered, & Bevan Dufty Rally at 16th St. BART
What happened to the 20 year old woman at the 16th Street BART April 1st. could have been seen as just another late night robbery. But after the two men took her cellphone they continued to kick her as she lay on the ground, and make derogatory comments about her status as a transgender woman.

Carlson Talks After Guilt Verdict
After being found guilty of first degree arson, possessing a hoax destructive device and indecent exposure on April 14, Citydesk talked to Catherine Carlson about her conviction.
“Well I expected it, and I didn’t expect it, and it blew my mind ... I [am going] to prison because I couldn’t transfer that title of that trailer into my name because I refuse to register as transgender,” said Carlson.

Md. Senate Pres. Called Trans Bill "Antifamily"
Maryland senate president Thomas V. "Mike" Miller, whom some advocates blamed for the setback of a transgender civil rights bill last week, deemed the legislation to be “antifamily" in the waning days of the legislative session.

Nevada Assembly passes transgender discrimination bill
In a monumental vote for one of the state's least-known minorities, the state Assembly Monday backed a bill that would outlaw job discrimination against transgender people.
Nevada Assembly approves measure protecting transgender people from employment discrimination

[NY, USA] [Film]
Eye Candy
Even among the Warhol Superstars, Candy Darling was a standout. Her spot-on embodiment of a ’40s-era Hollywood starlet — demure, mysterious, quiet — stood in contrast to the pretty-little-rich-girl routine of Edie Sedgwick, the drug-fueled silver-tongued cheek of Brigid Berlin and the Teutonic otherness of Nico. And the fact that she was a transgendered woman from Long Island only added to her mystique. Her fame spread via the Paul Morrissey films “Flesh” and “Women in Revolt,” and she was immortalized by Lou Reed in the songs “Candy Says” and “Walk on the Wild Side.” She died in 1974, from leukemia connected to unsafe hormone treatments, at the age of 29. (Photo)

Víctima una transexual de brutal golpiza
La joven recibió una paliza sin motivo aparente de parte de varios hombres en la 65 de Infantería
Una joven transexual fue objeto de una brutal paliza en la madrugada del lunes en una estación de gasolina en la 65 de Infantería, a causa de lo cual está recluida en el Centro Médico de Río Piedras con una fractura en la columna vertebral, denunció hoy la madre de la agredida.
(Foto: Francheska González asegura que le diagnosticaron fractura en huesos de la espalda baja y contusiones en el resto del cuerpo.)
Piden justicia para transexual que recibió brutal golpiza
Francheska está segura que la agredieron por ser transexual
Exigen investigar ángulo de odio en brutal golpiza a transexual...
Madre narra golpiza que recibió su hija transexual

Nash. 'Gen. identity' law could be reversed
The Tennessee House of Representatives is expected to vote soon on legislation to prevent local governments from enacting ordinances such as a controversial one approved by the Nashville City Council that protects employees based on their "sexual orientation" or "gender identity."

Texas Senate didn’t take up transgender marriage ban today — but may take it up on Tuesday
The Texas Senate adjourned today without taking up SB 723, the bill by Sen. Tommy Williams, R-The Woodlands, that could prevent transgender people from marrying people of the opposite sex in Texas.