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terça-feira, maio 10, 2011

Female-To-Male Transsexual People (Transmen) Have More Autistic Traits
A new study from Cambridge University, funded by the Medical Research Council, has found for the first time that female-to-male transsexual people have a higher than average number of autistic traits. The study has important implications for the clinical management of biological girls with gender incongruence that persists into adulthood.

Transgender ruling from the equality tribunal
In a recently published determination, the Equality Tribunal has recognised the inclusion of transgender people under the gender heading of the Employment Equality legislation*. The Tribunal also awarded €35,400 in damages after it found that the claimant had been discriminated against on the grounds of gender and disability.

Transgender held for attacking male lover escapes
A 27-year-old transgender, who was arrested last week for conspiring to eliminate his alleged lover of one year after the latter got married with a woman, escaped from police custody on Saturday. Kiran alias Anuja Narsingh Koli pushed the constable, jumped off the auto rickshaw while being taken to the lock up. Taking advantage of the bustling Shanipar Chowk he melted into the crowd.

New Miss Tiffany Universe crowned in Pattaya
A 21-year old student from Ramkamhaeng University was crowned Miss Tiffany Universe in the resort city of Pattaya on Friday night (May 6).

Training Provided for Transvestites
To improve the ability to be able to live independently and to reduce the number of social welfare issues (PMKS), Central Jakarta Social Agency provides guidance and training for 40 transvestites. Besides that, they were also given counseling about the danger of HIV/AIDS so they not become sex workers (PSK) anymore.

Due to Ban, Trans Man at Harvard Law School Cannot Serve in U.S. Military
Jack K., a third year student at Harvard Law School, dreams of serving in the military again.
One week each fall, members of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps visit Harvard Law School to recruit its next crop of military lawyers. For Jack, it’s one of the most difficult weeks of the year.
Despite his past military service, Jack is not eligible for JAG because he is a trans man.

Transgender woman takes on N.Y. over birth certificate
When Joann Marie Prinzivalli was born, she appeared to the doctor to be a healthy baby boy.
But that gender written on her birth certificate, and what it represents, continues to cause problems for her nearly 60 years later.
(Photo: Xavier Mascareñas/The Journal News - Joann Prinzivalli, a transgender woman, top, and Trudy Katz are photographed with their cat, Natasha, at The LOFT, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community services center in White Plains.)

SGN: Transgender woman says Capitol Hill assault was hate crime
An assault against a transgender woman earlier this month on Capitol Hill is being investigated as a hate crime, the Seattle Gay News reports. According to SGN, the woman said she was punched in the face by a man because she is transgender:
SPD Recommends Harassment Charges For Man Who Punched Transgender Woman on Capitol Hill
Transgender woman assaulted on Capitol Hill